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xxxxxAnastasia is a fifty something teacher of social sciences at the Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters. She is a woman known for her calm and patient attitude, while also being able to be strict if such behaviour is needed. Anastasia has a history of mutant radicalism, stemming from the murder of her mother at the age of 20 which lead to Anastasia joining a radical mutant rights group. The fiery passion and anger from these times can still be seen partly in Anastasia, partly in her occasional temperamental bursts and partly in the scars decorating her skin. Anastasia is also someone who promotes a calm resistance towards bigotry, having herself seen how much destruction wild passion can cause


xxxxxAnastasia is a fairly tall and lean but muscular woman, someone who keeps in shape despite their age. Anastasia has long, dark red curly hair which have a few grey streaks mixed in, her face always carries a kind and understanding face, and rarely strays from this lest serious matters are being attended to. A notable point in her looks is also the fact that Anastasia has multiple scars from her pyrokinesis on her body. Her right hand being almost completely scarred up, some along her right arm and her chest on the right side and a few smaller ones on her face


xxxxxAnastasia isn’t the most well known person around, but in the Xavier school she’s generally known as a level headed teacher. In her field of teaching, she has garnered a reputation for being quite solid at argumenting, never losing her cool, even if talking with someone obviously bigoted


xxxxxAnastasia was born in Moscow Russia, and spend the early years of her life there, eventually moving to the US with her parents at age 4, in search of a better working environment. At first it went quite well, Anastasia befriended people at her new school, she was rarely bullied, her parents were happy and thus Anastasia was happy. Around the age of 12 Anastasia gained a great interest in social studies and the study of sociality and such, partly inspired by her mutant mother, Anastasia started to research the subject, and after 2 years of study, it was made the focus of her studies as she proved quite gifted. Then around age 14 she manifested the power of pyrokinesis, and though she burned her pinky with it by accident (it activated whilst she slept and burned the covers and her finger), she was hardly deterred, only diving deeper into her studies. She graduated at age 20, however just a few days after that her mother was killed in a mutant rights rally. Furious at this, Anastasia spiralled into a spiral of grief and anger, leading her to join a radicalist mutant group, with which she spent many many years, participating in raids and such, even finding a girlfriend in the organisation. Then one day, during a raid, something went wrong, someone just happened to say the wrong thing which infuriated Anastasia, so she doused them in flames, failing to see a gas line behind them, resulting in a large explosion that killed around four people, among them a dear friend of anastasias, and injured many more, including Anastasia herself. Though the explosion was never blamed on her, the guilt she felt was deep, and opened her eyes to the damage this radicalism could cause. Eventually, she left, went back to school, graduated as a professor of social studies and joined Xavier’s staff, Xavier being the man who once warned her of the dangers of this path when she was young.


xxxxxAnastasia has the mutant power of pyrokinesis, meaning she can create and control fire as she wishes, however, doing so gradually drains her natural immunity to fire and heat, and with enough use her immunity would fully vanish, only returning after some time of not using her ability. The size and intensity of the flames she creates or controls change how much Effort and resistance controlling and creating them takes. As well, elaborate flame constructs take significantly more out of Anastasia, like a lion made of flames is much harder to keep up then a twice it’s size fire ball


xxxxxAnastasia is a skilled teacher, able to present her subject of teaching and opinions in an interesting and usually calm manner, she also has a high amount of knowledge about the subject she teaches and surrounding subjects, making her in some ways an expert of the field. Besides these school related skills, Anastasia also learned a bit during her radical days, such as how to drive a car, how to pick a lock and how to build a pipe bomb. Besides all these she also can play the violin, it being a way of unwinding for herself



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And everything in between

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  • Anastasia has the worlds Third largest collection of wombat themed matryoshka dolls
  • Anastasias activism didn’t stop at just mutant rights, she also protested and fought for lgbt rights and the rights of immigrants
  • Anastasias guilty pleasure music is Taylor swift

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Anastasia Rivers
Codename Kindling
Birthdate 28.09.1966
Birthplace Moscow, Russia
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier’s School
Alignment Good
Powers Pyrokinesis
Occupation Teacher
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Played By Arcticwombat
RP Hooks
Radical past - If you steer towards radicalism and are young, Anastasia probably wants to talk to you.
Out of control - Anastasia takes special interest in those who have lost control of their powers, and might wish to help you if this is your situation
Argumentative - Anastasia hardly ever minds a constructive debate on rights, societies and the nature of hate and doubt and many other subjects .
training - Though Anastasia is generally combat adversed, she likes training and finds training students or with teachers who can withstand her flames, though she keeps out of real combat, she sees it needed to be always ready for combat
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Terrorism Fatigue
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Patient Zero
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