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Violence And Alcohol
Dramatis Personae

Dusk, Charlie Torres, Isra, Regan, Egg

8 May 2015

(Preceded by an altercation and followed by a chat.)


<BOM> Garden - Ascension Island

Considerably reduced from what they must have been when this place was /actually/ running at full capacity, there is nevertheless a hefty amount of garden space tucked away behind the main cabin of the compound. Somewhat haphazard in its organization, the rows of plants -- mostly vegetables, with some herbs lining the borders -- seem to be chosen somewhat at whim. Despite the disorganized mishmash of crop selection, the ground seems well-tended, fielding the occupants a decent cache of produce three seasons out of the year. To one side, a fenced-in area with a raised coop houses chickens, often noisily squawking throughout the day.

Dusk is on the ground, still. One of his enormous wings is spread out across one of the garden beds; the other is pulled in, propped up to push him half-upright though he hasn't actually pulled all the way up into /proper/ sitting position yet. His hand rests in a loose splay across bare stomach, his jaw working slowly; his eyes are focused somewhere off in the distance. "Also," he's saying with a rueful grin, head turning to tip this over towards Isra, "Ion gets me beer after he decks me. /That's/ family."

Charlie is looking a little worse for wear at this point in her day, sweat from her run caking the dirt from her earlier stint at gardening into her fur. The grey tee she is wearing clings to her a little uncomfortably, the collar of it lightly speckled with blood where the Eggling has latched on just above her collarbone. Turns out that haste and running aren't the best combination for keeping a baby vampire in check. She returns in advance of Regan by virtue of being the faster runner, skidding to a halt near Dusk and Isra and depositing a shoulder-bag style med kit on the ground that she picked up somewhere along the way. "Hey...hey. Is everyone okay? What happened to Daken?" Once her hands are free, she uses them to coax the fangs out of her flesh. "/Not/ for eating," she reiterates firmly to the infant before looking back to its parents. "Also, just how poisonous were we talking here?"

Eridani had only managed to barely sink their teeth into Charlie, and seems superbly displeased at the removal of their prospective meal. Flailing a wing somewhat ineffectually at the hare-girl's face, they open their mouth wide to display bloodied fangs, emitting a rapid series of agitated clicks while doing so.

With Daken gone, Isra has slowly unfolded herself from where she crouched. The blood has begun to dry on her chin, one of her arms, and the front of her sky blue top. She kneels down beside Dusk and examines his chin, exploring it gently with the pads of her fingers. The wing she curls around him still feels tense. Her ears twitch at Charlie's approach, and her lips flatten into a line when she notes the biting. "Its effects resemble MDMA, but stronger." Her other wing stretches out and starts to coax Charlie over even while she rises. "Much stronger. You might want to sit down."

A distance behind Charlie, Regan approaches at a jog, slowing once she arrives at the outskirts of the garden beds. Her eyes skip from Dusk on the ground to Isra beside him, brows knitting inward at the blood on Isra's arm. "What happened, here?" is her first question, and, "where did Daken go?" There's a small twitch at the corner of her mouth. "I take it not to get beer."

Dusk snorts. "Not fucking likely. Goddamn asshole. Where the fuck did we pick that one up, seriously? He needs some goddamn /help/, ma." His head turns slightly at Isra's touch, chin tipping upward; though it's still somewhat difficult to /see/ under his scruffy beard it's possible to feel the swelling beginning where a puffy lump of bruising is developing along his jaw. "Hope they didn't get you too bad. A /good/ bite can knock you the fuck out. Just a graze, though, you get kinda --" His fingers waggle loopily up near his temple as though this should explain...something.

He shakes his head, finally, at the questioning. "We're fine. It was just -- fff. That dude's a goddamn loose canon, you know? I think we just made shit real ugly with him." His fist circles his heart, head dipping kind of apologetically to Regan. "Not trying to make your week harder."

Charlie's hand rubs idly at the shallow bite marks. On Isra's recommendation, she does sit next to the gargoyle woman. Her hand switches its task to tuck away the little one's wing batting at her face rather easily. "Mmn, sounds like I'm in for a bit of a ride, then." Her lips curl faintly upward before her expression turns to one of concern. "Any of that blood yours, hermana? I brought the med kit. Well, also the doc, so she might help you better. I'm kinda a bare bones patcher-upper, you know?" Her head shakes at Dusk. "I didn't bring no beer, either. Got water and tea in the bottles over there." An incline of her chin indicates the discarded Nalgenes. "Sure can take you the common house /or/ my place, get you something better, though." Her nostrils flare, nose twitching. "That one done nothing but worry me since the first time he opened his mouth. Always organised crime this and drugs and guns that and kill everybody all the damn time. Running his mouth off to strangers. I just... I mean, I was never gonna take him up on all his offers to train 'cause I wasn't sure he wouldn't go nuts in /that/ context. But this is... I had hoped there was... It's family, you know?"

Eridani subsides, having accepted for the moment that they cannot eat Charlie. The clicking quiets and takes on a plaintive quality--almost purring, but sharper. Their long ears, still droopy at the tips, press back as they sink down into the carry harness, eyes half lidded as they bide their time.

"His blood, not mine." Isra settles back down when it seems evident that Charlie will not topple over just yet. "I did attack him, which I ought not to have done." Yet she does not sound particularly remorseful, only matter-of-fact. "He spoke of harassing Jax--who can certainly very well take care of himself--but also one of my...former students, who cannot." She shrugs the wing still loosely draped around Dusk.

The furrow in Regan's brow smooths out at the assurance that they are fine. Slightly. Very slightly. She comes to a stop nearby, arms folding across her chest. "He planned to harass these people, or already had? And you attacked him?" Her eyes cut to Dusk. "The both of you?"

Dusk slowly wriggles up into a proper sitting position. "Yeah, he's kind of put my hackles up since I met him too but I figured he just talked shit, right? But now I don't know. Fff. Like it's not just talk, there's just something not /right/ in his head." Dusk's head shakes. His wing stretches oooooout out out out towards the Nalgene bottles, hook-hook-hooking a wingtip around them to kind of bat them closer until he can get the water within reach.

"Already came to /my/ goddamn home and harassed /my/ goddamn housemate," Dusk clarifies with a soft growl in his voice. "Still /had/ plans to stalk the kid, far as I can tell. And yes. No. I don't know. I just jumped in because after it all started he was threatening to take Isra's head off and I didn't want a scuffle to escalate into God-fucking-knows what. I don't think he knows what moderation is. Then I was trying to fly him back down to the ground and he punched /me/ in the damn face and said that he was done playing nice and done pretending he wasn't a killer and he stalked off, so I'm pretty sure he's -- I don't goddamn know. Not looking to be any family of /ours/ any time soon."

"I didn't see much of the fight," Charlie admits a little distantly. "He was talking crazy and all about threatening and killing and all with Jackson and whoever Jack is. Isra /did/ lunge at him first, but... I took the baby and Dusk said to find you." This last comes with a nod in Regan's direction. Her doe-eyes go wider as Dusk describes his role in the tussle. "Oh, he hit you in the face? It's such a pretty face, he shouldn't do that." A fuzzy hand reaches up to pet-pat the cheek opposite Dusk's injury as she 'tsks' softly.

Eridani raises their head when Charlie shifts to pat Dusk. They brace one wing and one arm on the edge of the harness to lever themselves up, opening their mouth to not-very-steathily chomp down at Charlie's arm before she lowers it again.

Isra casually reaches over and redirects the hatchling's bite to the (already heavily toothmarked) leather of the harness. "I asked him to leave. He refused, taking it as some sort of a /challenge/, I suppose. I knocked him down, he broke his...pipe, I think?" Hairless brows wrinkle faintly. "I cannot recall what mouth-noises he made at that point, but he seemed quite upset. At any rate, he grappled me, I bit him and took off with him." She wipes at the blood on her chin, though most of it will probably not come away without washing. "Dusk intervened and I released him."

Regan's fingers tap slowly against the inside of her arm. "/You/ did not attack him, then?" she clarifies with an upward quirk of brow and a nod towards Dusk. Her voice is very level as she adds to Isra, "I would appreciate it if, in future, if you /have/ an -- unmanageable disagreement with one of your Brothers you bring it to me /before/ it comes to death threats. God knows I'm not here to police everyone's squabbles, but if he's incapable of /having/ a tussle without --" Her eyes turn up towards the sky. "Do you know where he went?"

"Fff hell no I just went up to separate the two of them and make sure he didn't splat on the ground. 'course then he punched me in the face so kinda -- splat -- anyway." Dusk shrugs, more in his wing than his shoulder as he unscrews the top of the water bottle. The growl in his voice lowers to more of a purr with Charlie's patting, his mouth hooking up in a smile. He nuzzles into the patting hand, fuzzy beard rubbing into fuzzy hand. "Beard'll hide it. It's just, what the hell." He shakes his head. "Stormed off. Who knows. Probably to kill someone. That's all he ever talks about. Hopefully not Jax, or /I'll/ goddamn wreck him, he goes and starts trouble in my fucking house."

"Don't know as he's capable of having a /sandwich/ without it coming to death threats, much less a disagreement," Charlie opines with a god's-honest /giggle/. Probably that promised loopiness from the gremlin bite is hitting fairly hard by now. "Oh, he's bitey!" It's fortunate that Isra seems to be handling the bite-redirection, because Charlie doesn't so much as think to move her arm. "Takes after mama. Papa, too. Fangs all around." A little amused hum comes from her throat, her hand continuing to pet at Dusk's cheek. "S'all fuzzy." One to talk, she is. "Oh, purring. Do bats purr? Purr-bat."

Isra inclines her head toward Regan. "Of course. I certainly have no excuses to make, and should have removed myself promptly." For all that, her tone remains equable. "I cannot say that I have any enthusiasm for reconciling with him, but I will make an effort if you think it possible to even reach him--but no, I do not know where he went. That way." She points in the direction of his retreat. "Perhaps we should not leave the sharp bundle of happy venom strapped to Charlie, also." This last as she scritches behind Eridani's prodigious ears, coaxing the gremlin to make a sound almost like purring, if harsher.

Regan's head turns in the direction Isra points. She pulls in a slow breath, and then nods. "If I reach him, I'll let you know." She steps around the trio, slipping out of the garden and away across the grounds.

"Now I'm just picturing him waving his claws at a mountain of pastrami on rye." Dusk continues to nuzzle into Charlie's hand. He doesn't really have any drugs to blame; he doesn't need any to enjoy soaking up the pettings. "Maybe not /all/ bats." His wing curls in around Isra, and after taking a large drink of water he sets the bottle down to free up his hands for bundling Egg+Harness away from Charlie and into his arms, settling first the leather padding and then the infant against his chest. "How about we get /you/ back to your cabin, huh?" He bumps his cheek lightly into Charlie's palm.

“Pfft, he did stab his pork like he had forks coming out of his arms, first time I met him.” Charlie chuckles a bit at that. The nuzzling is all the encouragement the hare-girl needs to keep petting at Dusk. “Oh /man/, you all got a purr-baby, too. All purring.” She is readily compliant with disentangling herself from the infant and harness and passing them on to Dusk. “Yeah, we go to my place. Look at some flowers. Drink some beers. I got some rum and some vodka. All kindsa drinks.”

Eridani objects to their removal from Charlie with several loud clicks--though still rather quiet by most infants' standards. The complaint stops abruptly as they turn their snuffling and gnawing to Dusk, courtesy of a very, very short attention span.

"Dusk asks before he bites, though." Isra's humor may not show in her voice, but she does allow a smile at that, just a peek of fang tips. "So do I, usually, and I really should clean up." She tugs the collar of her bloodstained crop top, already drying stiff in the warm sun. She rises, offering one hand to Charlie and the other to Dusk, though given she has one wing around each they could just as easily lean on those. "Come. You can introduce us to your mutant tulip army."

"I'm a monster, that doesn't mean I have to be /rude/." Dusk's fangs flash bright. He clasps at Isra's wrist /and/ leans back into the wing, levering himself to his feet as his other arm curls carefully around the Gremlin. "/All/ kindsa drinks?" The purring is returning to his voice. "Now that you mention it, I'm feeling pretty thirsty."

"See, that all sounds pretty proper-like. Mostly I'm just objecting to being baby food. Got no designs on nursing no infants one way or /another/, you know?" Charlie gives a little chuff of laughter, puffing her cheeks and twitching her nose. She finally leaves off the Dusk-petting as he pulls away, somewhat stumbly as she gets herself to her feet. "Mmhm, all kinds. And we get you cleaned up, too, hermana. No worries."