From X-Men: rEvolution
A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.

xxxxxIgnore the claws and mouthful of sharp teeth. Just remember, they are more scared of you than you are of them.


xxxxxIt is impossible to mistake this individual for anything but a mutant. There's a rather amphibious look to this teenager, from webbed fingers to the slitted gills that line the sides of the neck and ripple down the sides of the throat. The teen sports skin a deep blue, with a tendency to gleam and prone to shifting lighter or darker in shade at times.

Small and sleekly compact, diminutive height -- standing an inch or two shy of five feet -- and slender build lends a frail overall appearance. Pixieish features only add to that impression -- face drawn in androgynous lines of elfin delicacy, narrow features dominated by overlarge solid-black eyes that are set far too deep above high cheekbones; between lack of eyebrows or lashes, though, and the black eyes and slightly flattened nose and the outlined ridges that take the place of normal ears on his head, there's an uncanny-valley kind of surreality to the youth's facial compositon. The enormous black eyes bear a second clear set of lids that close sideways beneath the regular pair. In lieu of regular hair a spiky mess of black, harder and pokier than normal human hair, crowns the top of the odd water-demon head.

In build otherwise, the teenager is streamlined-sleek, whipcord-lean limbs that end in flat webbed hands and feet. In telling contrast to the delicacy of build, webbed fingers and webbed toes both end in dagger-sharp claws, black and pointed and small -- at least when fully retracted. The teen's smile proves just as telling, rows of razor-sharp shark-teeth gleaming white behind the curve of blue lips. Despite the fragility of appearance, there is a strength belied in movement, sure and powerful with an animal sort of grace.


xxxxxAt Xavier's, was known to be helpful, very friendly, and extremely studious. Often got flak when people mistook her for Shane. Which was often. Was a Model Student, praised by all the teachers, valedictorian, headed for MIT on graduation; kind of shattered the Xavier's Role Model image by giving more or less a Brotherhood recruitment speech upon graduation and immediately joining the BoM. She does not come to alumnae reunions.

xxxxxAround the Brotherhood has a reputation as a quiet and brilliant asset to the team, primarily in the tech department.

xxxxxIn the world outside Xavier's, has a small amount of fame from inventing hoverboards; owns her own ROBOTICS toy company (Mako Inc). Can be found in YouTube videos very shyly demonstrating the hoverboards with Tony Hawk. Is clearly a giant fangirl.

xxxxxGained a lot more notoriety in summer of 2020 when the Sentinel robots attacked the RNC, killing several prominent Republicans in attendance. As a lead architect of the Sentinel project, B was subsequently arrested -- though the case never went anywhere and after months in jail she was released, charges quietly dropped, though her public reputation as Potential Terrorist Or Potentially Just Hugely Incompetent Engineer has stuck. (One of those stings a lot worse.)


xxxxxIn and out of a lot of cages.





  • Anole - Cutest lizard.
  • Dusk - Best cuddles ever.
  • Hive - Borg!
  • Ion - Lightning god.
  • Isra - Brains AND claws.
  • Jax - Goes from cuddles to badass in nothing flat.
  • Kay - Fire and heart.
  • Peter - Geek squad.
  • Rasa - Sweet, shy, kind of dysmorphic? MAYBE SECRETLY /ACTUALLY/ HIS OTHER HALF?
  • Ryan - Roots rock rebel.
  • Shane - Better half.
  • Spencer - Junior GeekSquad.
  • TonyStark - TOTALLY bros now.


  • Eric - Makes Shane happy. :/
  • Iolaus - Like a really smart... goldfish.
  • Jim - Adult?? In theory??
  • Kisha - Girl Genius!
  • Kurt - Swashes all the buckles!
  • Melinda - Heart in the right place.
  • Regan - Fight club is GO.





  • Ian - Shadow King. <3
B Minh Holland
Codename None
Birthdate March 21, 1998
Species Mutant
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment Dawn
Powers Physical water adaptation
Occupation Stark Industries Researcher
RP Hooks
Bookworm - Library, bookstore, tucked up under a tree in a park; if they won't kick them out for their appearance, you might find them curled up away with a good book.
Under the Sea - Or next to it! Or the river. Or the reservoir. B loves the water, and is often found in the vicinity of places he can swim, whether they are supposed to be swimming in them or not.
Geek Squad - KIND OF A NERD. Heavily into robotics and programming. Will enthusiastically geek-out given the slightest provocation.
Natural 20s - See above re: KIND OF A NERD. Will also happily dive into tabletop games, be they board or card or RPGs.
Stark-in-Training - See above re: KIND OF A NERD. Employed as a senior researcher at Stark Industries; is the lead architect for a small A.I./robotics development team.
The First Rule... - Organizes and participates in a mutant-only Fight Club, Friday nights in the Lower East Side. Sometimes enjoys a good throwdown.
Babybiker - One of the newest inductees of the Mutant Mongrels MC.
Sisterhood - Been a member of the Brotherhood for several years now; though she isn't as gregarious or warm as some of the Brothers she has definitely proven herself a steadfast and valuable member of the family.
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