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xxxxxCatriona is shy and quiet, but she's trying to be more outgoing and to talk to people more, as she's lonely. Idealistic and naive, she's insecure and anxious about her self and accomplishments. Catriona was told she was a gifted child and that much was expected of her, and she's afraid she'll never measure up. She cares a lot about people but isn't quite sure how to accept unqualified affection. She's also trying to explore her own interests and her self outside of her parents' wishes for her. So far she knows she loves horses and neuroscience, reading trashy romances and westerns, and discovering new things.


xxxxxCatriona is a brunette, brown-eyed nineteen-year-old girl. She's a bit taller than average and a bit lighter than average, but she's rather forgettable in appearance. She dresses to accentuate this, in t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans all in bland colors, but if her parents are around she dresses considerably better, in tailored dresses, slacks, and button-down shirts, with jewelry. Daily makeup is either "no makeup" or actually no makeup. She has medium-length hair that she always wears up, either in a ponytail or in a bun. Catriona has a weakness for hair clips and hair decorations, and they're often the only eye-catching thing about her.


xxxxxCatriona is a student at NYU, where her classmates know her as brilliant but quiet. She is also starting to gain a reputation as "that girl who asks questions about mutants."


xxxxxCatriona is one of a set of twins, though she didn't know this until very recently. Her twin brother was visibly a mutant and her parents gave him up for adoption at birth. She grew up on a horse farm near Middleburg, Virginia and learned to ride before she could walk. She was also very sheltered, and raised in a very bigoted environment that she's trying to unlearn. Catriona was a good student, in all-female private schools for her entire education, but she didn't talk to many people and consequently didn't make many friends. The friends she has, though, are friends for life, and she is still in regular contact with high school friends Megan, Rosemary, and Alison. All her life her parents have pressured and helicoptered her, controlling her education, her activities, and her interests. After high school she took a gap year where she volunteered for Doctors Without Borders and shadowed local medical professionals. She is currently attending NYU, in her freshman year, and in her first real defiance of her parents, is taking a premed course with an eye to becoming a neurologist specializing in caring for mutants. She has begun a search for her brother, though all she really has of him is a single blurry picture, a screen cap from her birth video.


xxxxxNone. Catriona is your average vanilla human.


xxxxx She's an excellent rider, a good student with good research skills, and plays the piano very well, though she's almost entirely dropped the piano since she arrived in New York City.



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Full Name
Codename None
Birthdate February 29th, 2000
Birthplace Middleburg, Virginia.
Species Human.
Affiliation None
Alignment None
Powers None
Occupation NYU student
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Played By Alicia Vikander
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