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xxxxx Joy Maserati is a bright, friendly, extroverted person who will talk to literally anyone.


xxxxxJoy is of medium height, about 5'8", curvy, with a dancer's muscles. She has blond hair to her shoulderblades, brown eyes, and a bright smile. She likes to wear t-shirts and jeans or knee-length dresses, sometimes her boyfriend Noah's shirts. Things she can move and dance in, though her style at work is quite different (read, skimpy). She's also two months pregnant, though it's not showing yet.


xxxxxIf you're fond of strip clubs, you'd know Joy as Miss Kitty of the purrfect tits. Otherwise, you probably haven't heard anything.


xxxxxJoy is the daughter of an economics professor and a historical novelist, the only child out of several pregnancies to survive. She was definitely spoiled as a child, though she's grown out of that a little. While she did reasonably well in school, she never went to college, choosing instead to dance first on Broadway and then as a stripper and burlesque dancer, a career she greatly enjoys. At 22 she undertook a working trip around the United States; she met and fell in love with Noah on her stop in Georgia. They maintained a long-distance relationship until she completed her trip and moved to Savannah to be with him. Four years later, her friend Hope Walsh opened a new club and asked her to move back to NYC to help. She and Noah have lived there for six months. Joy discovered her pregnancy about two weeks ago, but hasn't told Noah out of fear that she'll lose the baby.


xxxxxJoy's power is a sort of super-charisma; when she's in the same room as people, they like her and are drawn to her, and thus more likely to do as she says (though this is not mind-control, she cannot MAKE them do anything). This effect doesn't last once they're out of the same room (or a ~20 foot radius, out of eyeshot, basically). She must be physically present; her power will not work over the phone or in writing. She doesn't know she has this power yet but it WILL freak her out.


xxxxxDance: Joy has taken a variety of dance classes from a very young age, ranging from ballet to jazz to tap. It is by far her favorite thing to do. If she has a specialty, it's modern dance, but she keeps up with just about every style except ballet.

Money-Savvy/Kind of a Miser: As the daughter of an economics professor, Joy was taught how to handle money as a child and has only improved in it as she's gotten older. She is extremely unlikely to find herself short but is also unlikely to lend it out to anyone but really close friends.



  • Noah Hunter. Boyfriend and love of her life.
  • Hope Walsh, aka Sierra. Best friend and boss.


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Coming soon.
  • Joy is Lutheran.

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Joy Maserati
Codename None
Birthdate 08/26/1992
Birthplace Philadelphia, PA
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment None
Powers Charisma
Occupation Exotic/burlesque dancer.
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Played By Sarah Porchetta
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RP Hook - Explanation.
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