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Total Vengeance

xxxxxKate Bishop is your 'average' daughter of publishing magnate, Derek Bishop. She's a pre-Med student at Columbia University and donates her time and money to the less fortunate. She also uses her time and talents to destroy any vestige of the "Mutant Menace", blaming them for her mother's death. She won't rest until Earth is rightly back into the hands of normal humans.


xxxxxKatherine Elizabeth Bishop. More affectionately called 'Kate' by her friends and family, she was the second -- and youngest -- daughter of Derek and Eleanor, with her lone sibling being her older sister Susan. She was born into an affluent family, as her father was a successful publisher (owner of Bishop Publishing) which provided the household with more than enough to ensure a happy, successful existance. The girls were enrolled in private schools from their earliest years, to ensure they had the education they needed to survive out in the world. Derek had high hopes for both of them, hoping that at least one of them would be able to take over the business when the time came. Eleanor, however, was a charity worker and an activist, working regularly in soup kitchens and for other volunteer-work to help the needy. While Susan seemed to align herself more with Derek, Kate took after her mother and often went along to help when she was old enough to do so. At the same time, she was developing a keen intellect, and quickly developed into a level-headed youth.

xxxxxEver since the attack at the Statue of Liberty, the mutant menace has taken center stage, especially in her father's newspapers. When her mother died, it devastated her, but she continued to carry on the legacy her mother had tried so hard to build. Its said that the accident that took her mother's life was caused by a conflict between mutant groups. Kate continues to work for human charities, but she's also been openly anti-mutant and it is known that she's been placing her father's significant power behind these anti-mutant groups. Due to this, Kate has decided not to follow in her father's footsteps into the publishing business. Her father didn't dissuade her from it, although he was disappointed that she didn't have the inclination toward business that he, and Susan, had. Her mother's death consumed her so much that she became reclusive. This feeling of helplessness stuck with her until she stepped out of her therapist's office and she had seen a flyer in the trash advertising for martial arts classes. She'd been taking fencing and archery for most of her life, and has now added jujitsu, boxing, and other combat styles over the next few years, earning awards and trophies for her skill. She decided to take these skills and use them to help take care of this mutant menace.



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Katherine Elizabeth Bishop
Codename Hawkeye
Birthdate 21 Apr 1982
Species Human
Affiliation None
Alignment Lawful Evil
Occupation pre-Med Student; Would-Be Anti-Mutant Vigilante
RP Hooks
Society Girl - Kate's a part of NYC's upper crust and can be seen hob-nobbing at any of the more fancy clubs in the City, as long as its not a school night. If there's a party scene, Kate will be a part of it.
Columbia University - Kate's taking pre-Med at Columbia, so if you're a student, there's a good chance to run into her.
Giving Back - Kate's big on charity. She can be seen at many of the homeless shelters and clinics, especially the ones giving aid to humans.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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Archived Logs

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