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Description: Micah is an average-looking guy of slim athletic build, standing an appropriately average 5’8” tall. He looks younger than his 28 years, often earning him “kid” status in casual descriptions. His shaggy brown hair picks up enough red highlights in the sun to qualify as auburn. He tends to wear it somewhere between “tousled” and “deliberate bed-head”, depending on whether he has mustered the effort required for Product. His manner of dress typically ranges from “country boy” to “Nice Jewish Boy”, with no real danger of anyone accusing him of having a refined fashion sense. In appearance, as in most things, Micah tends to get by on a smile: a warm, lopsided grin that usually wins him the benefit of the doubt with strangers.

Personality: Micah is a ball of perpetual energy that seems to run on little to no sleep. He is always on the move…and usually running his mouth as if he might forget to breathe should he stop talking. Fortunately, his quick tongue comes paired with a quick wit and a sharp sense of humour. An essential extrovert, Micah loves attention (though it almost always leads to blushing) and interacting with people in groups large or small. His “good idea/bad idea” algorithm doesn’t always work as well as it should…


Background: Micah was born in rural Petersburg, Virginia to an auto mechanic and an elementary school teacher. An in utero vascular event resulted in a congenital transfemoral (“above knee”) amputation of his left leg. He quickly settled into humour as his primary coping mechanism for handling his condition and all of the therapies, doctors, prostheses, and questions-from-other-kids that came along with it. Early limitations in his mobility led his interests in the direction of computer games and science fiction novels, and he has been waving his geek flag ever since.

Growing up around his dad’s auto shop helped him become rather mechanically inclined; it helped that he was always good with his hands. His medical needs also honed a keen interest in medicine and related fields. He was a perfect fit for the Master of Science in orthotics and prosthetics (MSOP) program at UVA, which he thankfully attended on scholarships, since money was always tight for his family. After a few years gathering experience as a CPO and general assistive tech professional around D.C. and NoVA, Micah has finally made good on his promise to “get the hell out of Virginia”. With seed money consisting primarily of investments made with leftovers from unnecessarily large student loans, he recently started a mobile assistive technology business based in New York City.

Skills: This kid’s business card touts a veritable alphabet soup of professional skills: Micah Zedner, MSOP, CPO, ATP (with “PYT” often handwritten on as a joke for when he uses his card to pass out information in a non-business capacity). Micah has fitted an accessible cargo van as a type of mobile shop and his base of operations for his start-up business, Gorilla Assistive Tech. His friend and business partner (not to mention former WoW guildie and current GM of their weekly gaming group) Janine, a young woman with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, serves as his “call centre” and medical billing specialist from her home. Micah is working tirelessly to maintain and expand his relatively new business. Since The Mendel Clinic opened its doors, Micah has started there on a consultative basis, specifically designing equipment to meet the needs of Genetically Enhanced individuals. His interests and efforts have focused more on this community, leading him to author several scientific papers and articles on the topic as he works toward a larger book project. Micah also moonlights as a mechanic at Jake's Auto Shop, puts in volunteer hours at the Common Ground Clinic, and has started consulting for companies such as Stark Industries on more commercial products with an eye to better serve the special needs community. In 2014, he joined the adjunct faculty at Xavier's, teaching three classes focusing on practical life skills (including personal finance, business finance, and navigation of the legal and health care systems--particularly as a person with special abilities).


Being at least 20% cooler.

Friendship is Magic

Harbor Commons
  • Lighthaus
    • Jax: Sweetest. Person. Ever. The brightest light in my life. <3
    • Spencer: The best kind of nine-year-old is a geeky, hyper, adorable nine-year-old. With a TARDIS. And a robot.
  • Beachhaus
    • Shane: Something of a...sledgehammer of tact. More sensitive than his spikiness lets on.
    • B: Endearingly geeky. Extremely intelligent. Stronger than hir shyness lets on.
    • Daiki: Has a Thing with Shane. Kind of...one of my boys by extension.
    • Aly: Bright, cheerful, easy to see why she and Jax are friends. She couldn't have had more perfect timing in showing up to help re-open Evolve with Shane.
  • Geekhaus
    • Hive (aka Luna XD): Cute geek-boy and "Gaming Mistress". "Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever." There's gotta be a better way to help him.
    • Dusk: Wins the Cuddliest Vampire Award. Hands-down. /Seriously/ expert biting. Big Damn Hero--owe him so much. <3
    • Flicker: Quiet but bright, with the warmest smile. Might be a rival for the Worst Blushing. Sometimes /appears/ at awkward moments... Far too many friends are ending up as patients, too.  :(
  • Greenhaus
    • Melinda: My co-Xander for the NYC Scooby Gang. A deeply Good person.
    • Jim: Hive might be his Entwife one of these days... There aren't /words/ to express how much I owe him for saving Jax's life.
    • Ash: Very pleasant kid, kind of an Earthbender. Jim's roommate.
    • Tove: Ninja Turtle nanny. No, really. Okay, maybe he's not a real ninja, but he's /that/ cool.
    • Hanna: Perfectly delightful owner/operator of Happy Cakes Bakery. They have vegan goodies there! She seems to be about as sweet as her wares.
    • Jayna: She is the best of all lovely dryad baristas! (Nevermind I've only met the one...) Works with Hanna. Rocks a blueberry coffee. ^_^
  • Birdhaus
    • Ryan: Pretty boy anarchist rocker, good friends with Jax. Inveterate story-teller. Seriously, though, /why/ are there /so many/ drugs in his apartment???
    • Horus: Impressively bird-like. With wings! And so adorably cuddle-obsessed. Hope he's enjoying school at Xavier's now.
  • Funhaus
    • Tag (aka Rainbow Dash): ZOMG, Rainbow Dash is real! Like the way he makes Jax smile sometimes.
    • Joshua: So deadpan. Might just be Teh Ebils. Makes up for it with also being a good, hard-working person with some amazing healing abilities.

  • Aloke: Jax's co-worker, co-art teacher, and also co-light person. /Brilliant/ eyes. Great for travel! XD
  • Anole: Friend of the twins and Nox's ward. So skittish! Glad that he ended up at the twins' school. It seems a safer place for him. Hopefully he is able to reunite with his family, as well.
  • Corey: Shares his sugar /and/ cheerfulness. Interested in gardening, and studying to become an EMT--which should be an /extra/ good thing with his healing abilities. Also, pretties. All goodthings. ^_^
  • Doug: Knew there'd be trouble, because /teenagers/ with /crushes/. I never imagined it could go /this/ wrong.
  • Elliott: Cyborg Solidarity! Remarkably open-minded for the company she keeps.
  • Eri: Our baby, if only for a little while. Hopefully they will flourish in their new home and new...life.
  • Hank: The best of all fuzzy blue doctors, a pleasure as both friend and colleague. Takes care of the kids at the school while being a brilliant scientist in the meantime. Helped save Spencer, for which I am eternally grateful.
  • Iolaus: Superhero without superpowers! Like Batman! But also without the ability to line item a space station... Doc's braving the dark depths of /adminstratordom/ to run a clinic for the Genetically Enhanced. All while being extremely cute. And /not/ exploding. O_o
  • Ion: Real sweet guy who seems to find himself in one rough situation after another. /Sparks/. <3
  • Lucien: Good conversationalist, class act. Definitely a sweet guy and just hiding it under all that /grump/. Like a hedgehog. Helps keep me grounded. <3
  • Matt: Lucien's brother and an absolute ray of sunshine. Geek, gamer, all-around good guy. And /alive/, and home again! Though with yet another personal tale of Prometheus's evils.
  • Maya: Sweet girl with the doggiest of dogs and the most unusual of Dream abilities. Unending font of cheer.
  • Peter (aka "The Spider"): Kid has major ADHD, calls himself "Spider". Not sure that building him crazy-tech qualifies as a Good Idea. Hope he doesn't get himself /hurt/. Also has a Thing with Shane. There isn't adequate thanks in all the world to give for his role in saving Spencer.
  • Rasa: Ze is sort of...part of me now, or was. In the oddest possible way. If only ze can come out of this Perfectus madness okay...
  • Rasheed: An invaluable ally in the medical community, extremely generous with his time and resources. I don't even know what to think anymore.
  • Sean: Nice guy. Artist. Vegan. His power's more useful than I think even /he/ fully appreciated. Helping bring people home.
  • Trib: Poor judgement...on everyone's part, it seems.
  • Violet: Catgirls are adorable. It's a Law of the Universe. Some of them also come friendly, tortie, and /Southern/, which is just unfair, really.

Lost Friends
  • Gabriel: New neighbour whose mutation proved incompatible with life. A terrible shame he couldn't be helped more.
  • Ian: Shot by a cop for having /shadows/. It's a twisted world that isn't safe to go out for cupcakes in.
  • Liam: One of /entirely too many/ lost in the Lofts bombing. He will be sorely missed.
  • Nox: A truly amazing woman who suffered far too much. They imprisoned her /again/ and ripped the life out of her like she wasn't a person...some things can't be forgiven. She's supposedly still alive in Neve, but I don't see /her/ yet.
Random Encounters
  • Alexandrine: Pretty girl with a nice laugh, fellow member of the Ginger and Southern teams.
  • Billy: Old classmate of Jax's. Jumpy, but seems like a sweet kid. Um...probably not /actually/ a kid if he's a classmate of Jax's. >_>
  • Anette: Not afraid to say things in public that might be a little dangerous, and says she wants to be part of the BoM, besides. Rude to servers. Also says she doesn't like people in general. >_>
  • Anima: Hir body is still missing, presumed with Prometheus. Threats are /not/ the best way to get help with finding it.  :\
  • Arturo: Skittish new doctor at Common Ground. Hopefully he meets up with like minds...could be at Mendel, if he'd be open to it.
  • Banshee: Seems like a font of good tales and laughter.
  • Craig: Nice fellow, dancer, sharp tongue. Need to remember to look into that Don Quixote production to see if he's in it. And to get Jax workable tickets either way. ^_^
  • Daken: Creepy stalker. Definitely need to make sure he stays away from Jack.
  • Dan (aka Cap'n Crankypants): The guy's gruff in that ex-military way. Bark's worse than his bite, though. He's actually very sweet with his little one.
    • Colleen: Dan's little girl. SO adorable. She looks like a human-shaped Twilight Sparkle and keeps up a stream of chatter with the best of 'em.
  • Daniel: Hope he finds the help he's...sort of looking for. Occasionally on fire?
  • Deanna: Definitely not an ally.
  • Ducky: Nervous, polite kid. Friend of Horus, so definitely okay in my book.
  • Domino: Cool name, looks just a little bit like Ravenna from Evolve! Other than the eye 'patch', though I could see Rav trying it... Apparently keeps running into my family and interested in security at Mendel. Will pass her card along to Jane.
  • Dylan: Kid's gonna need a lot of help just to realise what he's capable of achieving.
  • Elizabeth: New doctor at Mendel, with impressive wings. Also rather impressive herself, having completed her M.D. despite the odds put up against her.
  • Eric: Helpful to know a police officer who is willing to back up the mutant crowd. /Chronically/ inappropriate creeper-type, however. Had a Thing with Shane.
  • Ezekiel: Alex's roommate. Helpful guy, if a bit...slippery? Also, he's twitchy...I don't think he's in on all the Village Lofts /Stuff/.
  • Howl: Hope he settles in well with the Morlocks. Such soft-looking ears! But new acquaintances aren't for petting. >_>
  • Isak: New face at the safehouses.
  • Isra: Teacher at the twins' and Jax's school. Rather shy. /Impressive/ wings. Invaluable help with the Harlem situation.
  • Ivan: Friend of the twins'. The kid's covered in fire ants...and grinning. Just sayin'.../covered/ in fire ants.
  • Jack: Invisible. Hopefully things work out for him here in the City. Think XS might be the best thing for him, if he agrees.
  • Jennifer: Works with Jax, though apparently it's 'complicated' working? Helped with the Big Rescue in Chinatown.
  • Jerome: Helped out in a bad situation, but over all, just seems lost.
  • Karrie: Bless the poor girl, she's been saving my family since before I met them.
  • Kate: A friend of Corey's who is also a healer. And a nurse in the meantime. /So/ much gratitude for their healing of Jax. And Flicker. And Rasa. I fear the list will only grow longer.
  • Kay: Probably wants me to die in a fire.
  • Kira: Seems kind of new to /everything/; Jax may be helping her out with this. Friend of Kay and Munch. Apparently she can figure out if you're a mutant just by looking at you?
  • Kisha: Gotta admire the chutzpah of a fourteen-year-old body armour crafting, drone making, defense experimenting girl!
  • Liza: Funny kid in that sarcastic way. On my Favourite Patients list, for sure.
  • Lucky: Ex-Army. Politican? Gamer? Apparently buys things using rare Magic cards.
  • Luke Cage: Seems to have his heart in the right place, and it's a big one at that. Wouldn't hurt to use a little more of his /head/, though.
    • Chelsea: So many kids get beaten down by the system. Hopefully things are looking up for her now that she's moved to Xavier's and Luke Cage is apparently her dad...
  • Mary: Brutally honest. Actually /liked/ Shane immediately, which is rare in a teacher. Even at XS. Putting forth a lot of effort to get to know and help the twins, which is /more/ than appreciated.
  • Mirror: Finally found a name of hir own. Well connected in the media realm.
  • Morgan: Well...that entire event was kind of unfortunate. I hope the guy getting away with her purse wasn't too terrible a tangle for her.
  • Morgan Brandt: Oh thank /goodness/, a person who doesn't bat an eyelash at providing medical treatment to even the most obvious of mutants. Potentially a very helpful ally.
  • Munch: Seems like kind of a Big Friendly Giant...Metalmorpher? Hopefully he doesn't get himself in trouble. /Weird/ bike.
  • Murphy: Kind of gets noir all over the room. But could be helpful in a PI capacity. He Knows Things. Friend of Jim's.
  • Noah: Up from Georgia looking for his lost parents. Seems a little overwhelmed. We'll do everything we can to help him out and keep our fingers crossed meanwhile.
  • Parley: Cat-boy! He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die. SO FLUFFY. Potentially dangerous, or so I am told.
  • Rasputin: May be a shapeshifter? Sometimes a cat, and sometimes a bird. At least that's the claim.
  • Regan: Beauty, brains, and a somewhat intimidating manner. Need to have shop-talk some time when the world /isn't/ imploding. Helpful with that...whole Malthus situation.
  • Rogue: Hey, it's another redheaded Southerner! Apparently she kills my Inappropriate Filter. >_> At least she's a good sport!
  • Sage: Colleague of Jax's, specifically a Computer Science teacher at XS. Kind of abrupt in demeanour. Superb memory.
  • Shelby: Score another point for the Ginger Team! So many freckles! /SO/ inappropriate... Had a Thing with 'Bastian. Not sure where she ran off to. Hope she's okay.
  • Tatters: Girl packs a hell of a punch. Plus witty banter. Like Buffy, but with less blonde and...uh...vampires. Okay, so only very peripherally like Buffy. Still awesome.
  • Teddy: The name kind of says it all... History teacher at XS.
  • Tess: Kid's all kinds of scared and mixed up. I hope she figures out what she wants to do.
  • Toru (aka "Bones"): Helpful kid, when he's not having a horrible day. Has a Thing with Trib.
  • John Sublime: The most horrifying thing I've ever...
  • Kyle: Somehow managed to seem like a decent person...responsible for so much /horror/, even after his death.
  • Malthus: Evil.
  • Masque: Psycho shoulder-breaking lunatic. Also, /rude/. DO NOT WANT.
  • Norman (aka Smarmodon): Something is /wrong/ with this guy... Okay, correction, /everything/ is wrong with this guy. Ugh. >_<'
  • Janine: Business partner, GM, bestie, and all-around awesomesauce lady.
  • Sam: Weekly gaming group member, Janine's S.O., modern artist.
    • Jake: Sam's brother, owner of Jake's Automotive Shop, where Micah moonlights as a mechanic.


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Micah Holland-Zedner
Codename None
Birthdate November 6, 1986
Birthplace Petersburg, Virginia
Species Perfectly Normal Human Worm-baby
Affiliation Citizens, Mendel Clinic, Xavier's, Harbor Commons
Alignment Neutral Good
Powers Being at least 20% cooler.
Occupation MSOP, CPO, ATP, PYT
Registration Status Human (0)
Player Linarien
RP Hooks
In a van down by the river - Micah is probably best known for driving around all of Creation in a TARDIS-blue converted cargo van with his company logo of a gorilla propelling a racing wheelchair emblazoned on the side. It is occasionally towing a small trailer unit painted up like a short, squat AT-AT. It stands out a bit.
Got a machinehead - Micah moonlights as an auto mechanic and is generally pretty handy at fixin' things.
Not /that/ kind of Doctor - Got a medical license? Know someone who does? Clearly you need one of Micah's business cards...Here, take twelve.
I ran (so far away) - Micah is fond of switching over to the ol' sports foot and going for a run.
Hail to the geek - Gaming? Sci-Fi? Anime? Endless memes? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!
The sound of music - Micah is /that guy/ who will break into song for no apparent reason, all the time.
Our house - Micah lives at the Harbor Commons with husband Jax and their adopted son Spencer, in the same building as their adopted twins Shane and B and Shane's boyfriend Daiki off to one side and Hive, Dusk, and Flicker on the other.
Elements of Harmony - Micah has a tendency to create unlikely alliances and is particularly /meddlesome/ when there is a friend in need. He has been known to ply his trade in crafting medical tech/devices (and, perhaps more unfortunately, first aid) for those in the Genetically Enhanced community who cannot find help elsewhere. With varying levels of secrecy, he has been involved with groups including the Morlocks, the resistance group in Harlem, The Mendel Clinic, and Xavier's.
Almost Famous - Micah's face and story have become more public knowledge as media focus has drawn to his mutant activist husband, Jackson.
Teacher, Teacher - As of Summer 2014, Micah has taken up teaching a few /practical/ classes that were missing at XS: Citizenship in Summer and Winter, Personal Finance in Fall, and Business Finance in Spring.
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