From X-Men: rEvolution
Vampire. Gargoyle. Baby.
Eridani Perl
Codename Egg
Birthdate 2 January 2015
Species Mutant
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment Hungry
Powers Vampire-Gargoyle
Occupation Infant
Registration Status Not Applicable - Underage

xxxxxBiological child of Dusk and Isra. Taken in by Jax and Micah after hatching, following a surprisingly short incubation period. Eri was later adopted by Kay and Ion and moved to live with the Brotherhood when their care proved too difficult for a typical household.


xxxxxBorn January 2nd, measuring 17 inches from crown to tail-tip and weighing 5lb 3oz, the hatchling resembles nothing most people would readily identify as a normal human infant. They maintain a body temperature just below human average, and thermoregulate remarkably well.

xxxxxFine, velvety black hair covers their slate gray skin. Though disproportionately large, their head seems too crowded with facial features: bulging eyes--bright green, very light-sensitive and sometimes covered with a visible nictitating membrane; pointed ears--long and drooping at the tips; a small, flattish nose; tiny, blunt horn buds on their temples; and a mouth that opens just a little too wide, already full of teeth, including prominent, sharp canines.

xxxxxTheir slender body looks almost emaciated, as do their limbs, of which they possess six. The arms look largely human. The wings that sprout from their shoulders appear batlike, with elongated phalanges and thin, membranous webbing, much too small for flight. Their legs look misshapen, with very short thighs and shins and extremely long feet--a digitigrade arrangement. Curved black talons tip all of their digits. Their tail, ratlike and knobby with visible bulges of vertabrae, measures about the same length as their legs, although it often looks longer for not curling up near their body.


xxxxxThough stronger than a human neonate (most especially after feeding; consuming blood augments their strength to a considerable degree), the hatchling has little coordination. They cannot crawl or roll themselves over, but do cling to anything in reach with their clawed digits.

xxxxxBoth their eyes and ears visibly respond to motion and noise, though they do not track movement very well. If fed and otherwise comfortable, they respond positively to speech, music, rocking, and light pressure. They flinch away from bright light and loud noises (including some outside the range of human perception). They strain toward any warm-blooded animal in a one-foot radius, using both wing digits and fingers to pull and grasp (largely ineffectually).

xxxxxThey vocalize primarily through a clicking sort of noise, which when rapid sometimes resembles growling or purring. They growl when hungry or otherwise uncomfortable, and purr when feeding or otherwise pleased. When startled, they may also generate a sort of high-pitched chirp or yip, but they never cry or scream in the conventional way.

xxxxxCurrently sleeps about sixteen hours a day, but in two- to three- hour bursts and displays no specific diurnal or nocturnal tendencies. Is always restless and often hungry upon waking, and will (fairly ineffectively, though with surprising strength) attempt to bite any warm-blooded creature who comes close. Though uncoordinated in limbs has a considerable bite strength. Like Dusk, their bite comes with a dose of “venom”, though not the sort that makes most humans sick -- it manifests in humans in a very similar way to MDMA, a brief but extremely potent feeling of warmth and euphoria.


xxxxxVampire-Gargoyle. Haematophage.

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