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xxxxxOverview of your character goes here.


xxxxxAn east Asian teenager with a heart shaped face, straight black hair, and warm brown eyes. Slight of stature though athletic, she is often read as younger than her actual age.


xxxxxJust arrived at Xavier's at the tail end of the spring 2020 semester, so doesn't have much of a reputation yet; came too late to even join classes. Still managed to start her time off on a bad foot -- she and her sister Kelawini caused a school-wide EMP/blackout their first night at the school that fried the phones and laptops of half the school and did not endear them to many people. Known to be Kelawini Māhoe's sister. It would not take a highly educated guess to surmise one of them was adopted, given they're not the same race.


xxxxxRaised in Hawai'i. Came to XS by way of Chicago during the Covid-19 crisis. Is extremely new to this whole Being A Mutant Thing.




xxxxxNanami plays many team sports and is particularly skilled at soccer and basketball. She is also an extremely competent swimmer, and while she does not do that on her own for enjoyment she does like surfing. She plays the cello, although not extraordinarily well, having only studied it seriously in the last year or so.

xxxxxShe's socially astute, skilled at observing dynamics between people, and seems to have a gift for animal handling. She is also a great cook within her currently limited range.

xxxxxThough not otherwise an exceptional student, she know an unusually great deal about astronomy. She is fluent in English, conversant in Japanese, and speaks basic but serviceable ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi.




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Nanami Māhoe
Codename None
Birthdate Oct 21, 2005
Birthplace Hilo, HI
Species Mutant
Affiliation XS
Alignment None
Powers Electrokinetic
Occupation XS Student
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Faceclaim None
RP Hooks
Game On! - A strong affinity for team sports; she loves soccer and basketball best but is happy to start or join in a pick-up game of just about anything.
Kilohoku - An avid (if amateur) astronomer, always happy to discuss the heavens or just spend time under the stars with other night owls.
Out of Water - New to so many parts of this world; barely ever been around other mutants, never before been in an environment that is majority-white, Nanami is learning... a lot. She will probably be more inclined to open up to other folks who grok the overwhelming weirdness of All Of This.
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