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xxxxxOisín is an absentminded but kind teacher with the ability to control plant growth.


xxxxxOisín is tall at 6'2, but he's rather unintimidating. His slim frame reflects a long-standing habit of forgetfulness with self care rather than any training or effort, and this forgetfulness is the root of his scruffy facial hair as well. His large, round glasses soften his angular face with its sharp cheekbones and prominent nose, and his green eyes shine from beneath a curly mop of reddish hair. His brown skin is dotted with freckles, and while he is largely unscarred, his hands are calloused from a lifetime of writing and gardening.


xxxxxOisín used to be decently well-known in botanical circles, but his connections have faded with the years he spent as a teacher. Aside from this rather niche circle, Oisín is a nobody.


xxxxxOisín was born to immigrant parents in New York City. His father, Ricardo Diaz, was a Cuban fleeing Castro's regime, and his mother, Brigid Cassidy, was an Irish woman who moved to the States seeking work. Despite growing up poor, Oisín always had food and shelter. He shared a small apartment with his parents and started working at 16, graduated high school with honors, and went to NYU. His parents weren't exactly thrilled by his mutation, with his mother deeming him a changeling, but they didn't disown him or harm him in any way.

After graduating, Oisín became romantically involved with a colleague at the private high school he taught at. Said colleague, Thomas Moore, found out about Oisín's mutation when he absentmindedly revived a mostly-dead houseplant, but the harmless nature of the mutation caused Thomas to be relatively unconcerned. The two stayed together for several years, until Oisín's absentmindedness became too much for Thomas and the two split up on amiable terms. Oisín remained a teacher at the same school for another few years before deciding that his education as a teacher could be put to better use helping to teach young mutants who cannot attend regular school, at which point he came to work for Charles Xavier.


xxxxxOisín can accelerate the growth of plants. He cannot influence where they grow or in what shapes, etc, aside from the normal means of trimming and pruning. He cannot use plants as weapons aside from normal methods (hitting people with sticks, etc), and he cannot grow plants from nothing. There must be a seed or sprout at the very least for him to use his powers. He can only grow plants by touching them, and the act is taxing for him, especially if he has not eaten recently. Oisín can encourage a seed to grow into a healthy sapling in just a few minutes, or cause a fruit tree to bear an especially bountiful harvest, but he can't make an apple tree a pear tree or alter the species of plants by any means other than normal (grafting or budding). Oisín can accelerate a plant's growth by approximately two years over the course of two hours if he is well-rested and has eaten a full meal, but anything beyond that causes him to pass out. He can cause the growth of one part of a plant (i.e., just the fruit, etc), which is generally less exhausting than growing an entire plant. His powers do not apply to fungi, bacteria, or animalia and are largely useless in a fight.


xxxxxOisín has a masters' degree in secondary education, a PhD in botanical science, and a handful of credit hours in horticulture. He also has his teaching license for the state of New York. Oisín is fluent in Spanish on top of English, as well as working knowledge of Irish Gaelic and French. Oisín is CPR and first-aid certified.



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And everything in between

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  • Oisín is a bisexual trans man.
  • Oisín is an Irish name meaning little deer.
  • Oisín is pronounced like oh-sheen.

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Oisín Diaz
Codename None
Birthdate May 1, 1973
Birthplace New York City
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Neutral Good
Powers Controls the growth of plants
Occupation Teacher
Registration Status Unregistered
Played By Rhys C
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