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A Delicate Touch Of Somber Description
Despite being only half Japanese, the majority of appearance is derived from the genes of her mother. This leaves Anastasia with prominent Asian traits outside of minor European features derived from her father like her dark blue eyes. Her long black hair trails down her back to below her bottom and frames her face with a slight bluntness to the bangs.She has almond shaped eyes, but situation has left prominent dark circles in a reddish tone under eyes.Her skin is unnaturally pale and has a slight grey tone to it. She has minor freckles to her face and upper body, but it isn't quite seen unless someone is up close. She also has prominent lash scars on her back.She is 5'3 and is underweight at an even 100lbs. Reputation
At the St. Augustine Covenant, Anastasia is known to be one of 'demon containers', but has no reputation otherwise. History
Further information on the character can be found here: [1] Logs
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Night Elf and Purple Finch
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