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xxxxxAn uncertain witch, a reluctant healer, and dubious about gender, Harmony is feeling a bit lost in the world. The only thing they're completely sure about is that they need community.


A skinny Chinese teenager with medium length straight black hair, dark brown eyes, and a perpetual suntan. Standing about 5'2", they are fine-boned and long-limbed in a way that suggests they still have some filling out to do. They are extremely androgynous looking, and their gender tends to be read largely based on how they are currently dressed.


xxxxxMost who know them from Xavier's assume they're a boy because they live in the boys' dorm. Teachers think they're an earnest and engaged student, if not a very good one. Among the students, they're known as that queer hippie kid who's always knitting or playing weird instruments or whatever. Also is a witch, or something? Weird.


xxxxxHarmony grew up on a hippie pagan commune in California, which you might think would be the best place ever to discover you have healing powers. It wasn't.


xxxxxThey heal people by touch, with a lot of caveats. Harmony isn't very forthcoming about this ability.


xxxxxHas experience and familiarity with a wide variety of farming/homesteading skills, but their personal strengths in that area are gardening, spinning, weaving, and knitting. Knows how to gather, process, and use medicinal herbs. Can carry out very basic nursing with a tendency toward folk/alternative practices. You might not realize it, but you definitely want them on your zombie survival team.

xxxxxPlays the mandolin quite well, and can carry a tune on a variety of other folk instruments. Is very good with small children and experienced in childcare. Adept at collaboration and compromise, and other aspects of working with groups. Speaks English fluently and Mandarin Chinese conversationally.



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And everything in between

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  • Their nickname was 'Harm' long before that became ironic.
  • They're not great at math. Or school in general.
  • There wasn't much media where they grew up, and it shows: most pop culture references go right over their head.

Fall term, 2019

  • English: Asian-American Literature
  • Ethics: The Ethics of Power
  • History: U.S., Colonialism - 1861
  • Math: Pre-Algebra
  • Religion: Paganism Through History
  • Science: Biology

Winter term, 2020c

  • English: Gender Roles in Modern World Fiction
  • History: U.S., 1861-1941
  • Math: Algebra
  • Physical Education: Acrobatics and You: The Physical Element of the Circus Arts
  • Music: Intermediate Theory and Composition

Spring term, 2020

  • English: Play Writing
  • History: U.S., 1941-Present
  • Math: Algebra
  • Social Science: Women, Gender, and Society
  • Science: Biology
  • Language: French
  • Music: Advanced Theory and Composition

[[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Harmony Sun
Codename None
Birthdate 09/23/2004
Birthplace San Francisco, CA
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment None
Powers Sympathetic healing
Occupation Student
Registration Status None, underage
Played By Lin Huimin
RP Hooks
Crafty - They love making things by hand, and can often be seen spinning and knitting outdoors. They especially enjoy crafting in the company of others.
An it Harm None - Raised in a neopagan community, Harmony doesn't advertise their witchery, but doesn't make a secret of it, either, and will happily answer polite questions.
Green Thumb - Harmony likes gardening and is quite good at it, and will actively seek out plots they can plant or at least tend.
Boy or Girl? - Most Americans tend to read their appearance as somewhat masculine, their name as somewhat feminine, and their fashion sense as somewhat neutral, so they end up in a lot of conversations about gender.
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