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xxxxxDespite his dark appearance, Kurt always tries to be positive about any situation. He is optimistic, adventurous, but also incredibly anxious. Due to his mutation, he has faced a lot of adversity and ridicule and because of that is terrified of ever being seen. But once you get to know him, and he lets you into his life, he loves cracking jokes and sometimes even pulling pranks.
xxxxxKurt appears somewhat demonic, with blue fur covering his lean body and a 3'8" long blue tail to match. Along with this, his legs also are mutated and he constantly stands in a semi-crouching position which leaves him at about 5'7". He only has two toes, which are longer than an average human, and his hands have three fingers including opposable thumbs. For his face, he has bright yellow eyes and sharp fangs. His hair is dark blue and stops a little after his shoulders, and is usually tucked behind his elf-like ears. Despite being lean, he is anything but weak -- having a similar musculature to that of an acrobat.

Kurt very much enjoys the aesthetic of the '80s and '90s and his fashion reflects this: with high-waisted, cuffed jeans, lots of layers and loose sweaters, and bright colors.

xxxxxKurt is one of the newer students at Xavier's, so he has yet to truly make an impression yet. However, he is one of the very few visibly mutated students at the school, and because of this, he is very wary about talking to people on campus or out of it.
xxxxxKurt was initially born out of an affair his mother, Mystique Darkholme, had with the mysterious mutant Azazel. Mystique was trying to get pregnant but the Count was infertile, so with the Count's permission, she slept with other men in an effort to get pregnant. Azazel found her and offered her what she wanted -- a child. It wasn't long before Mystique was pregnant, and the pregnancy was rough from the start. During birth, Mystique almost died, and a subsequent consequence of this was that she was unable to maintain her human disguise, reverting to her natural form. Along with this, Kurt was born with his mutation -- short blue fur covering his body, small tail, bright yellow eyes. There was no possible way they could pass it off as the Count's child. The deeply religious village quickly learned of this, and accused Mystique of being a witch and that Kurt was the devil himself. They formed a mob and were set to burn both Mystique and Kurt. She ran away as far as she could with Kurt, but she was cornered and threw her son into the river below to save him from the fate of the mob.

xxxxxMiraculously, Kurt survived this and was found by the side of the river by Margali Szardos. She was a fortune teller for Herr Getmann's Traveling Menagerie, a small traveling circus that mainly stayed within Bavaria. She took the child with her and he became apart of the circus family. He was naturally flexible and agile, and coupled with his appearance, made him a star act, known as "The Demon of Bavaria". It mainly consisted of acrobatics and aerial performances, although there were some sword swallowing and contortion. Max Getmann, the owner and ringleader of the circus, saw him only as a means of an income and not a person. After his performances, he would subdue him with drugs before placing him in an old tiger cage. Margali and her children, Stefan and Jimaine, became close with him and saw past his appearance -- everyone in the circus is a freak in their own way. But, Max Getmann continued his abuse against Kurt, and this caused an ingrained distrust of anyone except those close to him.

xxxxxEach year, Kurt brought in fewer customers, and in Max Getmann's eyes, it was becoming more of a nuisance to have him around. Arnos Jardine, a Texan millionaire with his own circus based in Florida, had seen one of the shows and had interests of buying the "demon" to place him in his freakshow. In 2018, Getmann and Jardine worked out a deal, without Kurt's knowledge, but Margali found out about it. Terrified of this, she devised a plan to have him escape. This plan did work, however, while running away, he knocked over a lantern and set the entire circus on fire. Max Getmann and his men followed Kurt into the forest with the goal of killing Kurt. They cornered the young boy, ready to kill him. He closed his eyes as tight as he could, and what he thought was the sound of a gunshot, opened his eyes. He was in the middle of the street, alone.

xxxxxKnowing he couldn't return to the circus, Kurt became homeless, constantly moving and trying to survive. With his newfound teleportation mutation, it was easier for him to steal or scavenge food and supplies he needed. Often, he would find abandoned buildings to sleep in for the night, but, it wasn't like he could be picky. One night, he coupled up in the attic of an old Catholic church. However, he was rudely awakened to Father Wagner discovering him after looking for some Easter decorations. Instead of kicking out the scared mutant, he allowed him to stay in the church and would bring him supplies and food. Kurt was at first wary of the father but he grew to trust him, and in December 2019, he officially adopted the boy. During this time, Kurt grew deep in the Catholic faith.

xxxxxDespite Father Wagner's best efforts, it was impossible to try and give Kurt a normal life. Knowing he deserved better than what he could offer, he reached out to Charles Xavier, desperate for help. They arranged for Kurt to come to school at the beginning of the Spring 2020 semester, but Kurt couldn't leave the church out of fear of other people. Xavier and Father Wagner tried to assure him he would be safe, but, this did not quell his anxiety.

xxxxxAfter many talks and conversations, Kurt, Father Wagner, and Xavier came to an agreement about the best course of action. Xavier would put up mental blocks in his head regarding the abuse he suffered at the hands of Max Getmann as well as on the streets. In Kurt's mind, anything would be better than what he was going through right now, and if erasing some of his memories would give him a chance at a normal life -- he would take it. This was intense for him to handle physically and was weak for months following the procedure. But, sure enough, the procedure had worked. Now it was Summer Break, and shortly, Kurt was enrolled and living on campus at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters as a transfer student.

  • Kurt can teleport anywhere in a 2-mile radius. This teleportation automatically displaces liquids and gases, but not solids, which can potentially cause him to materialize within solid matter and causing serious harm. Because of this danger, he typically only teleports to places he's been before, knows the layout of, or are in his direct line of sight. While teleporting, he has innate spatial awareness that allows him to track his movement and pinpoint locations for blind teleporting. When he teleports, a small puff of smoke is left in his previous position, and the smell of burning brimstone is also present. His teleportation also makes a clear *bamf* sound, both appearing and disappearing. He can take people/objects with him, however, the larger the object is or if he takes multiple things with him, the harder it will be for him to teleport it. He uses the Brimstone Dimension to teleport, hence the smell/smoke.
  • He can see in low to no light.
  • His prehensile tail can both carry the weight of himself and others.
  • He can stick to objects with his hands and feet, allowing him to climb on surfaces.
  • Because of both his blue fur and his connection to the Brimstone Dimension, he has limited camouflage abilities. In dark light or dim light, he can blend in easily with his surroundings.
  • Kurt is incredibly flexible and agile due to both his natural ability as well as the time spent in the circus.
  • Kurt can speak both German and English, although his English is still limited.


  • Mystique Darkholme [Biological Mother]
  • Azazel [Biological Father]
  • Margali Szardos [Adoptive Mother]
  • Stefan Szardos [Step-Brother]
  • Jimaine Szardos [Step-Sister]
  • Father Wagner [Adoptive Father]

Nah Doch Fern

  • Stefan Szardos
  • Jimaine Szardos (Amanda Sefton)



  • Hive - Hellseher machen mich nervös...
  • Jean - Sie will helfen?
  • Xavier - Ich kann dir nicht vertrauen.


  • Max Getmann - Ich will mich nicht erinnern.
  • Kurt's favorite food is a double-patty cheeseburger with extra onions.
  • Kurt loves soap-operas, romcoms, and chick-flicks.
  • He enjoys reading upside down.
  • Kurt is a devout Catholic.
  • He's ambidextrous and can write with his tail.
  • English: Expository Writing
  • Mathematics: Integrated Mathematics (1/3)
  • History: U.S., Colonialism - 1861
  • Science: Chemistry
  • Language: English as a Second Language
  • Health & Human Development
Full Name Kurt Wagner (formerly Kurt Szardos)
Codename Nightcrawler
Birthdate October 21, 2003
Birthplace Bavaria, Germany
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Playful Good
Powers Teleportation, Prehensible tail, night vision, enhanced flexibility, super human agility, super human reflexes, wall climbing
Occupation Student at Xavier's
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Art by Monty!
RP Hooks
Outgoing - Although Kurt is apprehensive at first, he will not mind heping out people he sees need help.
Torn - Kurt still has issues with his self worth and appearance, and because of that, he can be very critical of himself and his mutation.
Mischevious - Kurt loves messing with his friends and pulling pranks on them!
Demonic - Kurt is very visibly a mutant, which can cause conflict.
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For we do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, of the affliction we experienced