From X-Men: rEvolution
Dramatis Personae

Elli, Nessie, Samara


"It probably was disruptive. It doesn't take much to upset humans."


<XS> Gardens

From indoor gardens to outdoor, though without the protective greenhouse glass the back gardens do not last all year round. Still, the gardens out here are well-tended and well-worth spending time in, as well. The paths wending through the beds of flowers and herbs and vegetables spread out through the school's back grounds, tended by students as a credit class. Benches offer seating and a small pond is home to koi and turtles, as well as a few frogs. At the far back edges of the garden, a droning buzzing marks a few stacked white boxes as beehives.

Samara has been sitting on one the garden paths for a few minutes now, staring fixedly at a cluster of bright yellow-and-black calliopsis. The light from her skin is bright and flutters in rapidly cycling waves of purple and green. She is dressed in a light green t-shirt and blue jeans, both of which look just a little too big on her scrawny frame. One of her hands stretches out to gently touch one of the flowers, her fingers coming away dusted with fine yellow pollen.

Nessie is just coming up from somewhere distant in the grounds, emerging from the trees and stepping onto the garden path with a clickclickclick of pointed legs. She has on a large wide-brimmed straw hat wreathed in a riot of yellow and orange wildflowers (that are just beginning to wilt), a loose grey tank top, and a ratty canvas satchel slung over one shoulder. She's just tucking a pad of paper away into the bag as she heads toward the building -- and then stops, skittering a few steps backwards when she sees Samara. Her brows crease, her lips pursing, and at first she starts to scoot wide around the other girl. She stops, though, pulling her hat down further over her head. "Was wondering where you'd disappeared to."

As the door to the greenhouse opens, a very different room is briefly visible in the doorframe than is shown by the glass panes on either side of it. A wooden floor, a narrow hallway, with the faint sound of music coming from down the hall -- Hammer Damage, to be precise. "Yeah, yeah, suck my dick Andy!" Elli says, head turned around and sticking her tongue out at a barely visible figure at the end of the hallway. Laughing, she closes the door behind her with a slam -- and then immediately freezes as she turns to face forward, head swiveling from side to side and foot halfway in the air. "Oh, fuck!" Stomping her raised boot down on the ground, once, twice, fist clenching at her side. "God damn it."

"Hello." Samara looks up at Nessie, smiling, her light straying more heavily purple now. "I did not disappear. I keep finding new things in this garden. I like your hat. What flowers are --" She breaks off at Elli's sudden appearance, her light going dimmer and flickering a little, trending blue now. "The door is wrong," she says quietly to Nessie. "That is not where that door goes." There are flashes of pink in the blue, but all the colors dim even more when Elli slams the door and starts yelling and stomping. She takes a step back, closer to Nessie.

"I meant from the tunnels." Nessie takes several rapid steps backwards when Samara steps closer, putting more distance between them. She looks over to Elli, a deep frown pulling her brows inward. "She just. Does that sometimes." As explanations go, it's not much of one. Her arms cross against her chest, tail swishing briefly over her head.

Elli runs a hand through her (dyed blue) hair and sighs deeply, tugging a cell phone out of a pocket and tapping on it. "My mom's gonna kill me when I miss dinner," she mutters to herself, shaking her head. After a few seconds tapping out a text, though, she looks up and takes in the other two students. "Hey Nessie! And... hello, whoever you are!" The straps on the back of her jeans make little clinking noises as she steps over to the other two teens, grimacing once. "I guess it's what I get for not paying attention when opening a door, huh? Professor Wagner is gonna be so mad when he finds out." Her eyes flick up and down Samara, head tilting to the side once, and then extends her hand. "Elli."

"Oh. I am sorry." Samara immediately backs away from Nessie. "I thought everyone knew where I was going. Hello." She taps at the sides of her jeans with the tips of her fingers, staring at Elli as she approaches. "Do doors often go to the wrong place around here?" Her blank, glowing eyes are wide. "Why would your professor or your mom be angry about that?" She looks down at Elli's hand uncertainly for a moment, then gives a quiet, "Ah..." Awkwardly, she sticks out her hand, grips Elli's (a little too hard), and pumps it up and down several times. "Samara."

"... so mad? Do we -- know the same Professor Wagner?" Nessie's frown hasn't quite vanished. Her arms stay crossed over her chest, though her tail ceases its swishing. "It does kind of seem like, um. Why would you ever just go through a door without -- looking through it? Were you. In danger? That you. Had to escape?"

"No, no danger. I just... I wasn't paying attention. I was talking to my brother, and it hasn't just happened for like months. I thought I had it under control enough..." Elli's teeth worry at her bottom lip, one a little bit crooked and digging further into the pink flesh than the other. "Okay, yeah, fair point, Nessie. It'll be worse -- he'll be so disappointed. I'm the one who's mad. Projecting, as my mom says." This comes with a roll of her eyes. Parents, huh? "Good to meet you, Samara. Welcome to the madhouse."

Samara's eyes have only grown wider. "Control? Do you -- break doors?" Her light turns vividly blue. "Project -- doors?" Her blue light bleeds into uncertain purple, then suddenly a dim gray. "Madhouse? Marrow and Jax said this was a school, even though it doesn't look like a school. I don't want to live in a madhouse."

"I think it can be a little bit of both." Nessie shrugs a shoulder, looking away from Samara and down to the flowers instead. "It's definitely the school part, though. Once you're buried under homework that'll be pretty clear." She lifts a hand, fidgeting with the brim of her hat. "But you don't have to live here, either. If you don't like chaos. It's got a lot of chaos."

"I teleport, but through doors. Like... I connect doors to other places. Sometimes nearby, and sometimes... well." Elli trails off in her explanation for a moment. "This isn't as bad as the time I ended up in Texas, at least. I'm only a couple of states over." Elli's eyes flick over Samara as her colors change, and she glances to Nessie with a somewhat panicked look on her face. "Uh, I mean, yeah. It's a school, just... a school with a lot of mutants, so it tends to get a little hectic and stuff, you know?" Elli blurts, trying to take her foot out of her mouth but mostly cramming it about in there. "Still, it's nice being around other people who know what you're doing, you know? I mean, know what you're going through? Like, at my public school, people would freak if I just walked out of the greenhouse from Ohio. Not that my public school had a greenhouse, but."

"I really don't like chaos," Samara says quietly, her light slowly pulsating. "But I am not supposed to complain about that." There's no resentment in her voice. "Teleport. Oh! You. From Ohio." Her light goes blue again, faintly. "I don't know. Because I've never gone to a school with a lot of mutants. I went to public school, and I don't think there were any other mutants. They said my glowing was disruptive." She frowns, looks down at a clump of oxalis growing nearby, plucking at the seams of her jeans. "But, they said I was disruptive before I started glowing, too."

"It's a school where everyone is mutants," Nessie replies slowly, "it's chaos a lot of the time." Her lips just press together at Samara's talk of public school. She shrugs again. "It probably was disruptive. It doesn't take much to upset humans."

"Nothing wrong with a bit of disruption. You ask me, the world these days needs some shaking up." Elli grins, thumbs sticking into her pockets and slouching slightly to one side. "You get used to it much faster than you think you would. The first couple of times someone walks through a wall, or jumps a couple of stories tall, it's a bit surprising. But it quickly just becomes... school."

"Is it chaos because of the teleporting doors, and people going through walls?" Samara asks hesitantly. "Sorry to ask so many questions. I have never gone to a mutant school. Or high school. Sometimes it's hard for me to get used to things, but maybe it will be better if I prepare." She stops picking at her seams and presses her hands flat against the sides of her legs. "Do you like it here? The school?"

Nessie lifts her eyes from the flowers -- but only to give Samara a long and blank look. She blinks once, shakes her head. A couple flowers dislodge from her hat, tumbling down to the ground as she looks back down. Her voice is largely flat when she replies, "... It's school."

"It's alright." Elli says, shrugging her shoulders and tugging out her cell phone. "I mean, it's lots of studying, homework, social heirarchies, gossip, all the most lovely parts of dealing with barely pubescent boys." Her eyes roll. "S' School." She pockets the phone and sighs, running a hand through her hair. "Looks like I'm gonna have to see if I can crash here for a couple of days while my parents figure out how to get me home."

Samara looks from one girl to the other, her expression blank. "Okay," she says finally. "Thank you both." After another hesitation, she adds, "I hope you do not get into very much trouble, Elli. With your parents or your professor. Good bye." She wanders away into the garden.