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I don't know what's happening to me, quite yet. It's strange... but neat. I kind of like it.

xxxxxA new kid plucked out of his southern surroundings and placed in a school full of people kind of like him, but not. A downright and normally polite, intelligent young southern gentleman. Really!


xxxxxLucas Martin was born in a Tuscaloosa-area hospital on March 10, 1997, to the parents of Martha and Nathan Martin. Born into a very typical, run of the mill family, his mother and father held normal jobs - a teacher, and an office worker, respectively. As such, Lucas lived the life of a typical middle-class Southern "urbanite," even with the economy as it stands. His homelife was decent, as was his school life - good grades all the way around through Elementary School and Middle School. In Middle School, he had taken an interest in sciences, particularly physics.

Things didn't start changing until he hit high school. That's when things started getting weird.

As his Academic career continued to advance, Lucas began to grow up physically. On top of dealing with puberty and the like, a new problem arose at the age of fifteen - his touch would cause things to begin heating. In the case of things with a low flash point or melting point, they would actually catch fire. This power was intermittent - and the control he could exercise over it was debatable. Before too long, it was getting hard to get through the day without setting his papers on fire at school, or causing burn damage to textbooks, or other items of importance. His family, unsure of how to respond to this, was at a loss; they had no idea where to turn. The talk of mutations being more and more common in this generation were getting more common. How to handle it, however, was a mystery... Until a letter arrived sometime after Christmas in the mail, addressed from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters...

It seemed like too easy of an out. But, replying to the message would lead to a meeting between the illustrious Hank McCoy in Mid-May, and with the school year being over for Lucas already... the decision for him to enroll for the Summer session was made. It is pretty possible that Professor McCoy's professional standing in the national spotlight as a whole and the fact the man emphasized that Lucas' mutation was not something to fear - but rather, embrace, learn, and control - was a huge selling point. Nevermind that Xavier's is, as it's been pointed out, a very prestegious boarding school that would help Lucas go //anywhere// he wanted afterward.


xxxxxLucas is a budding pyrokinetic who is beginning to learn the extent of his powers. At this point in time, Lucas' pyrokinesis is limited to that of being a walking heating eye, kind of like what you find on a cooking range. Placing a hand into direct contact with an object, he can bring them to their flast point in roughly two or three seconds. His pyrokinetic powers will eventually grow to where he can manipulate flames that already exist, and even to the point of being able to manipulate his surroundings in order to properly make his own flames within the palm of his hand. Of course, he's no where near there and it will take a deal of training to work that out.



  • Hank: Doctor McCoy. You're probably a major factor in ending up at this school. You've been... pretty great. I owe you a lot.
  • Sophie: We will never speak of the first time we met. In fact, we probably need a decent cover story.
  • Stanton: Roommate. Talks a lot. Very British. I'm also not a fan of 'dropping the bass.' Whatever that means.


  • Coming (hopefully not too) soon.

And everything in between

  • Holly: I'm very much out of my depth dealing with her. And I probably would've floundered if it weren't for Perry.


Lucas Martin
Codename None
Birthdate March 10, 1997
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Powers Pyrokinesis
Occupation Student
RP Hooks
New Kid Smell - He's new to Xavier's School. Come meet him!
Stranger Danger - Were you around the campus when it got locked down? He's that kid you heard about in the rumors.
Let's Play With Fire! - Are you pyrokinetic? Do you experiment with your powers?
Study Study Study - Lucas could use some familiar faces to study with on a regular basis. Maybe friends, too.
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