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As long as we don't die, this is gonna be one hell of a story.

xxxxxLived here before it was cool.


xxxxxTall and lean, light skin with just a hint of tan. Max looks like he's aiming hard in a hipster direction, his thick wavy hair kept long and often tied up in intricate buns, his close-trimmed beard and mustache clearly given SO much grooming. He probably has special beard wax. His eyes are a light brownish shade, his features forgettably Boyish. He has resting Concerned Face but a warm smile that banishes it easily enough.


xxxxxNone to speak of!


xxxxxBorn and bred in New York, Max is Brooklyn to the core. He has been getting into trouble here since before it was cool. OK, maybe not quite that long -- but still! Raised the middle child in a cosy middle class family, he was and still is quite tight-knit with parents and older brother and younger sister both. Even if they are more often than not exasperated with him. School was rocky -- "so much potential", his teachers often lamented. "Gifted but unmotivated". Though he was bright and /interested/ in so many things, it was always a task and a half for his parents to keep him on target; he'd get an A one semester in a class with a particularly engaging teacher but fail half the rest of his classes. Ultimately he ended up dropping out of high school to pursue -- well, hypothetically he's trying to be a writer. Maybe a photographer. Maybe a bicycle mechanic? Maybe his band is going to make it big. He's still figuring that part out. He shares an apartment with his older brother, who DOES have a steady job, and has intermittent stints as an event promoter for a couple event spaces in Brooklyn or gets a bit of cash here and there from selling a short story or some pictures to a magazine. He's not sweating it too much; his family is footing most of his bills.


xxxxx100% human baby!


xxxxxPlays the banjo and the keytar. Makes soap. Good at crochet. Rides a motorcycle. Good at bicycle repair (not motorcycle repair, though.) Good at unicycle riding and juggling. Excellent photographer. Thinks he's a good writer. Homebrews many things. Is getting much better at fighting and shooting, lately.




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Max Fitzgerald Kinney
Codename None
Birthdate April 19, 1994
Birthplace Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
Species Human
Affiliation None
Alignment None
Powers None
Occupation Aimless
RP Hooks
Tragically Hip - Brooklyn born and Brooklyn-raised, he laments what Williamsburg has become these days... while still selling his homebrew kombucha to the local deli. He's generally happy to show newcomers around or tell folks all about what places are The Place To Hang Out any given night.
Through The Lens - A talented photographer and occasional freelance photojournalist, he and his camera can be found all kind sof places around the city when he's trying to get a good shot and make a buck or two.
Fixie - Social cyclist, enjoys meeting up for group rides.
Pure - Also a social biker, in that he gets together with his bros to ride their Harleys around and beat up mutants. That's sort of a club too, right?
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Doing Quiet