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xxxxxLean and lithe, Natalie carries her 5'8" with confidence. Her build is trim, athletic musculature softened by a slim padding of curves. Her face is round and symmetrical -- full lips, pert nose, wide green eyes; her hair falls to shoulder-length, framing pale skin in coppery-red waves.


xxxxxWithin the Brotherhood and the Mutant Mongrels, known to be uncannily good backup in a pinch. Outside of it, not known as much of anything.


xxxxxOriginally from upstate, but moved into the city young enough that she just says she's from there. Her mom was a maid, her dad -- who knows. Life in South Jamaica wasn't luxurious -- her family moved, a lot, sometimes in apartments, sometimes in motels, a few short stints in shelters when money was really bad -- but poverty or not she wouldn't say her life was miserable. Her mother was caring, she and her sister very close, and they learned as most people do to make do.

In school she did well -- most of the time, though a difficulty focusing and propensity for hot-headedness made her disciplinary record spotty even if her academic one was strong. Discovering an aptitude for gymnastics helped channel some of her excess energy into something she was /good/ at; after that mooost of the disciplinary issues settled down. More or less. She won several school-level competitions -- and then went on to continue winning things; local, state, /national/. Her bright run would probably have continued if her sister had not gotten sick -- acute myeloid leukemia which required quite a lot of Treatment. When her treatment required a stem cell transplant, Natalie of course was glad to see if she was a match -- but in the course of the extensive screening to make sure she was a compatible donor (which, as it turns out, she was) it came out that she was also, in fact, a mutant -- her rather phenomenal athletic capability low-key enough to have chalked up to natural talent before the testing.

Her sister's treatment was successful, that much was a blessing. Her gymnastics career, though, was over. She told herself it wasn't all that bad -- joked about how in her late teens she'd have been at the end of her career anyway -- and went back to a pretty mundane life in Queens. Coaching kids at the Y, bartending at night. The tumult and unrest in the city following Magneto's attack, and the subsequent hatred that was fomented during the presidential campaign to follow, shook her life up still more. Her sister was killed -- "accidentally", or so it was ruled, by human supremacist protesters during a wave of demonstrations. Displaced from her admittedly shitty slum of a house after some looters crashed the place, Nat made her way to the Lower East Side, where she spent most of the summer crashing at a safehouse, and starting to put down roots for the first time in a mutant community she had only conceptually knew existed before. Now a member of the Brotherhood and a mutant biker gang, she is finally starting to feel like part of something for the first time in a long while.


xxxxxAgility, reflexes, stamina, balance, coordination.


xxxxxA fair hand at automotive repair, handy in a general sort of way at basic home maintenance. Fluent in Spanish, muddling through learning ASL. Is a phenomenal gymnast. Great bartender.




  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Rides a Stark electric motorcycle that she's put a lot of custom work into; some people scoff at the idea of electric bike but her baby can FLY.
    • Not literally fly. It's not a hoverbike.
      • Alas. :(
  • Searching online, her name comes up as a medalist in several state gymnastics competitions and even several national ones, round about a decade ago; at one point she was even in the running for the women's Olympic team, though was disqualified on ethics grounds that are unmentioned.

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Natalie Anne Farrell
Codename None
Birthdate November 21, 1986
Birthplace Syracuse, NY
Species None
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment Still Searching
Powers Agility
Occupation None
Registration Status Unregistered
Played By None
RP Hooks
Still Evolving - Was taking shelter at Evolve during the zombie crisis; though she's looking for more permanent housing now, she has also been glad of the friends and support she found there and is looking to get more involved in the local mutant community.
Fast and Furious - Devotes more love to her motorcycle than she does to most people. If she's sometimes cavalier about the rules of the road, well, those speed signs are suggestions, right?
Leap Before You Look - Sometimes a little brash, sometimes a little Gryffindor, has a bad tendency to rush headfirst into a problem or a fight without necessarily asking if someone needs or wants her help.
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