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X-Men rEvolution is an X-Men Movieverse game set primarily in contemporary New York City. An unsuccessful but highly newsworthy 2015 attempt to attack a large gathering of world leaders by Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants has lead to a nation in tension. As awareness of mutant issues and pushes for mutant rights begin to take seed, so too does fear of this new evolution of humanity. On rEvolution, we’re looking to explore not just the interactions between superpowers and combat, but the interplay between human nature, social justice, and a city where one wrong interaction could push it over the edge.  Our game on rEvolution is:

  • Non-comics canon: The only canon media we strictly adhere to is the 2000 X-Men movie, with the events of our game picking up in the wake of the events of the movie. We welcome players who are die-hard comics fans or who know nothing about the comics at all -- it is not required to know years of comic backstory to play here.
  • Character-driven: We love a good fight scene, but the primary thrust of our RP is on rich character interactions and the complexities of social & political dynamics around the struggle for liberation.
  • Low- to moderately- powered: We have plenty of characters who are Badasses and plenty of characters who are not! Overall we steer away from the cosmic tier of comics canon and scale powers down to a somewhat more balanced range.
  • Not cleanly divided into classical "heroes" and "villains", but focused on the nuances of the choices people make for their safety, their communities, and their causes.
  • Collaborative and non-hierarchical: We have no staff here and the world is shaped fully by the collective decisions of the playerbase.