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Players are welcome to create whatever types of locales suit their scenes, but there are some established locations in various neighborhoods that are recurring game favourites, collected here for ease of remembering. If you ever need a quick reference guide to what types of establishments are well established and where, this page is here to help with that!

Locations marked with a double-asterisk (**) are openly mutant-friendly. One asterisk (*) are locations that are not explicitly mutant-friendly but are known to ambivalent enough that obvious or known mutants will have less trouble there. Locations marked with a hash (#) hostile to mutants and will actively deny service to obvious mutants.

If you add a desc to the bot, please remember to add it here as well.

We keep a map of IC locations here to help give an idea of where these places are situated geographically around New York.


Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot code
Baohaus# Chinatown Chinese Long-time eighborhood hot pot establishment, cheap, delicious, mutants fuck off though BAO
Busboys and Poets* East Harlem Cafe (& Books!) Casual, popular with liberal-hipster crowd & spoken-word aficionados BAP
Dogtown Midtown East Hot Dogs, 24-hours Popular hole in the wall for junk food; businessfolk and tourists and late-night theatre crowd rubbing elbows at variable times of day DOG
Evolve Cafe** Lower East Side Cafe The Only Mutant Cafe In Town, you'll probably run into everyone you know there, may get firebombed over coffee but you can't beat that price EVO
Gioiello# Gramercy Park Italian, Upscale Three Michelin stars, super ritzy, might be full of mafia top brass, you'll probably see a celebrity here GIO
Harry's Hideaway** Salem Center Pub Cozy local pub, likely already know your favorite drink, especially if you are a longsuffering XS teacher HRH
Home** East Village Diner Great place for drunk food at 3am, great place for brunch at regular hours, local favorite for cheap but great diner food HOM
La Vie en Rose Astoria Restaurant (New American) Super fancy, super playful, upscale dining with a sense of fun LVR
Le Sanctuaire Astoria Cafe probably the next great american novel will be written staring, melancholy, out at the beautiful garden patio, with a delicious cup of tea to hand LSA
Liber T* East Village Occult Shop & Tea Cafe you probably have a shelf dedicated only to medicinal herbs if you are here LRT
Montagues* SoHo Coffee extremely serious about their coffee; great comfortable place to make your fake office MON
Russian Tea Time# Upper East Side Vodka incredibly swanky place to get drunk; you can even get solid russian food while you're there RTT
Sinkers and Suds** Salem Center Diner inexpensive and very friendly spot for x-kids to play hooky SAS
Smoke and Mirrors* Chelsea Lebanese Food & Hookah Bar delicious but costly meze and unmatchable mysterious smokey vibes SAM
Tick-Tock* Greenwich Village Tea Room intimate and meditative place to sip very good tea TEA


Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot code
The Bazaar Flushing Marketplace utterly chaotic, find anything you need from books to tailored clothing to firearms with the serial numbers filed off, all while enjoying delicious cheap street food. daytime vibes slightly (but only slightly) less chaotic. BAZ
Clothescycle Garment District New & Used Clothes expert-level thrifters' paradise CLO
Grand Street Market Lower East Side Sundries your friendly neighborhood bodega. pet the cats, get your baconeggandcheese, pick up your amazon packages GSM
Jin Hua Yuan* Chinatown Books JHY
Liber T* East Village Occult Shop & Tea Cafe LRT
Nat Tate's* East Village Art Supply Store NAT
Pandemonium Games Lower East Side Gaming and Nerdery PAN
Strand Books East Village Books STR
Three Lives & Company Greenwich Village Books cozy. intimate. bespoke bibliophile experience. TLC


Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot code
Boom Boom Room Chelsea Nightclub BOO
Caprice Hell's Kitchen Strip Club DAN
Down Under Morningside Heights Dive Bar cheap booze, questionable sanitation DOU
Evolve Nightclub** Lower East Side Nightclub only mutant nightclub in town so the crowd is all over the place. laid back, not pricey, if you are a gay freak probably all your exes are here tho EVN
Figment# SoHo Nightclub glitterati playground FIG
Mockingbird TriBeCa Fine Drinking Establishment serious about drinks, serious about dancing. break out your zoot suit and flapper dresses, get ready to be mocked mercilessly if you show up looking boring. MOK
Rock Bottom East Village Music Venue ROC
Q-Tip East Harlem Billiards great place to go if you have always wanted to dramatically snap a pool cue and then beat someone with it, that probably happens three times weekly at minimum QTP


Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot Code
Alleycats Little Italy Bowling & Pizza ALL
The Batcave Greenwich Village Laser Tag/Arcade BAT
Caper Hell's Kitchen Casino CAS
Creative Little Garden East Village Garden CLG
Croton Gorge Park Westchester Camping, Hiking, Outdoorsing CRO
Guerrilla Garden** Lower East Side Community Garden GUE
High Line Chelsea Park HLN
Le Carrefour Astoria Garden XRD
MoMA Midtown East Art Museum MOM
Riverside Skate Park Morningside Heights Skate Park RSP
Rolling Thunder Salem Center Roller Skating Rink ROL
Tompkins Square Park* East Village Park TSP
Tilt** Salem Center Arcade TLT
Washington Square Park* Greenwich Village Park WSP


Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot Code
BoM Safehouse** Lower East Side Mutant Safehouse any mutant in need can crash here if there's room. humans likely to get a beatdown for trying. SAF
Village Lofts* East Village Housing, Low/Mid-range all your art school friends ended up here after graduation LOF
One Sixty-Seven# Upper West Side Housing, High-End if you have to ask you can't afford to live here OSS
Sunrise Apartments Clinton Housing, Low-end & Subsidized please ignore the roaches the landlord dgaf SRA
Sunyata Lower East Side Squat anarchists and communists and punks and hippies just tryna get along SUN


Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot Code
Abandoned Warehouse** Brooklyn (Red Hook) Warehouse. Abandoned. WAR
Chimaera Arts** Brooklyn (DUMBO) Art Space not actually "an anarchist space" but DEFINITELY run by anarchists. come here to finish your magnum opus, learn to do pottery, get a training on protest tactics, or smoke pot around the bonfire with a bunch of drunk poi spinners CHI
Common Ground Clinic** Clinton Clinic (Free/Low-Cost) if you are uninsured, undocumented, a sex worker, a drug user, this may be the clinic for you CGC
Hellfire Clubhouse# Upper East Side Social Club not just a club for rich people, a club for the rich people who pull all the other rich people's strings. did your great grandfather have a membership? no? good luck getting one then. HFC
Hellhound Bikes** Brooklyn (East New York) Motorcycle Garage the mutant mongrels may fix your bike or fix you a burger, if you make it all the way out here to Possibly The Shittiest Neighborhood In NYC HHB
Inkline Studios* Lower East Side Tattoos & Piercings INK
Le Bonne Entente* Astoria Hotel very swanky place to stay the night or get a meal or do a crime deal. takes harsh stance against cops and violence. LBE
Mahayana Temple Chinatown Buddhist Temple MAH
The Mendel Clinic** Lower East Side Mutant Clinic if you are a mutant this is definitely the clinic for you. not a hospital, even if everyone wants it to be. MEN
Mount Sinai Hospital Upper East Side Hospital ACTUALLY a hospital, may not treat you if your mutant power is injured along with you MSH
NY Public Library Midtown East Library having fun isn't hard if you've got a library card! NPL
Roxy Hotel Tribeca Hotel ROX
Sweat# Greenwich Village Fitness Club SWT
Stark Tower Midtown East Stark Industries science STA
St. Martin's Church** Harlem Catholic Church catholic church for catholics who actually care about their community SMC
The Y Dumbo Athletic Facilities, Classes, Etc. YMC

Brotherhood Compound

Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot Code
Beachfront** Ascension Island Beach BEA
Gardens** Ascension Island Gardens GRD
Common Room** Brotherhood Lodge Lounge COM
Council Room** Brotherhood Lodge Meetings COU
Infirmary** Brotherhood Lodge Medical MED
Kitchen And Dining** Brotherhood Lodge Food KAD
Training Center** Brotherhood Lodge Fight! TRA

Hellfire Clubhouse

Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot Code
Athenaeum HFC Ground Floor Library ATH
Ballroom HFC Ground Floor Fancy Dancing BAL
Cabinet HFC Ground Floor Study CAB
Grand Foyer HFC Ground Floor Hellfire Clubhouse GRA
Terrace HFC Ground Floor Courtyard Gardens TER
Baths HFC Second Floor Sauna SAU
Bishop's Salon HFC Second Floor Lounge, medium fancy BIS
Bliss HFC Second Floor Spa SPA
FitRec HFC Second Floor Fitness center FIT
Black Chamber HFC Third Floor posh guest room BLK
Solarium HFC Third Floor sunroom, but swank SOL
Oubliette HFC Basement for pretentious torture DUN
Sanctum HFC Basement presumably where the inci calculatingly fingers chess pieces SAN

Morlock Tunnels

Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot Code
We All Float Down Here** Morlock Tunnels Sewers SEW
The Realm of Lost Things** Morlock Tunnels Morlock Supply Depot RLT
Welcome to the Freakshow** Morlock Tunnels Morlock den FRE
New York Below** Morlock Tunnels Subway tunnels BNY

Xavier's School

Establishment Neighborhood Type Vibes Bot Code
Back Patio** XS/XS Grounds Veranda PAT
Boathouse** XS/XS Grounds Boats BOU
Forest** XS/XS Grounds Forest FOR
Gardens** XS/XS Grounds Gardens GAR
Grounds** XS/XS Grounds Grounds XSG
Lake** XS/XS Grounds Lake LAK
Playground** XS/XS Grounds Playground PLY
Stables** XS/XS Grounds Horses STY
Treehouse** XS/XS Grounds Treehouse TRH
Workshop** XS/XS Grounds Workshop WRK
Auditorium** XS/XS First Floor Theatre etc. AUD
Classroom 1** XS/XS First Floor Classroom CLA
Classroom 2** XS/XS First Floor Classroom CLT
Computer Lab** XS/XS First Floor Computers LAB
Conservatory** XS/XS First Floor Plants CNS
Foyer** XS/XS First Floor Mansion entrance FOY
Kitchen** XS/XS First Floor Kitchen KIT
Library** XS/XS First Floor Books LIB
Study** XS/XS First Floor Shhh STD
Art Room** XS/XS Second Floor Art ART
Boys' Bathroom** XS/XS Second Floor Bathroom BBR
Boys' Hall** XS/XS Second Floor Dorms BOY
Girls' Bathroom** XS/XS Second Floor Bathroom GBR
Girls' Hall** XS/XS Second Floor Dorms GRL
Music Room** XS/XS Second Floor Music MUS
Rec Room** XS/XS Second Floor Chillin REC
Attic** XS/XS Third Floor Attic ATC
Chimera Room** XS/XS Third Floor Guest Room CHR
Dragon Room** XS/XS Third Floor Guest Room DRA
Manticore Room** XS/XS Third Floor Guest Room MAN
Phoenix Room** XS/XS Third Floor Guest Room PHX
Roof** XS/XS Third Floor XS Roof XSR
Visitors' Hallway** XS/XS Third Floor Guest Rooms VIS
Gym** XS/XS Basement Gymnasium GYM
Headmaster's Office** XS/XS Basement where xavier lurks HMO
Locker Room** XS/XS Basement for changing etc LKR
Medical Lab** XS/XS Basement fix u up MDL
Pool** XS/XS Basement swimmm POL
Scott's "Office"** XS/XS Basement cyclops' many forms CYC
Teachers' Lounge** XS/XS Basement no students allowed LOU
Cerebro** XS/XS Sub-Basement deus ex machina CBR
Command and Control Center** XS/XS Sub-Basement for x-men plotting CCC
Danger Room** XS/XS Sub-Basement misleading, actually quite safe DGR
Hangar** XS/XS Sub-Basement nyooom FLY

Personal Rooms

Establishment Neighborhood Type Bot Code
B's House Riverdale Private House BMH
Black House Ridgewood Private House BLA
Bruce's Lab Midtown/Stark Tower Private Apartment HLK
Chloe & Deanna's Apartment Harlem Private House CAD
Clint's Apartment Hell's Kitchen Private Apartment CLI
Elliott's Apartment East Harlem Private Apartment ELL
Holland Farm Georgia Private Home HOL
Hua Family Residence Chinatown Private Apartment HUA
Isra's House East Village Private Home ISR
Kitty and Marinov's Apartment {Cathaus} Lower East Side Private Apartment KAT
Rang Phueng Design SoHo Architecture Firm RPD
Tessier Residence Greenwich Village Private House TES
Sam & Steve's Apartment Harlem Private Apartment CAP
Tony's Penthouse Midtown/Stark Tower Private Apartment TON
Rasheed's Apartment Upper West Side/One Sixty-Seven Private Apartment DOC
Jax & Spencer's Apartment East Village/Village Lofts Building Private Apartment JAX
Nerdbro's Apartment East Village/Village Lofts Building Private Apartment NRD
Village Lofts Laundry Room East Village/Village Lofts Building Private Apartment LAU
Village Lofts Roof East Village/Village Lofts Building Private Apartment ROF
Anole's Sub-Terrarium Morlock Tunnels Morlock Private Room LIZ
Bug's Honeypot Morlock Tunnels Morlock Private Room BUG
Marrow's Boneyard Morlock Tunnels Morlock Private Room MAR
Lael and Marcus's Dorm Xavier's School Xavier's Dorm LAM

Plot-Specific Rooms

Room Neighborhood Plot Bot Code
W(rec)k Room Ohio Prometheus WRE
Cell Ohio Prometheus CEL
Library Chapel Ohio Prometheus GOD
Rec Room Ohio Prometheus REK
Cafeteria Ohio Prometheus CAF
Laundry Room Ohio Prometheus WAS
Elie's Office Ohio Prometheus ELI
Testing Room E-35 Ohio Prometheus POK
Testing Room E-38 Ohio Prometheus JAB
Conversation Room Midtown East FINAL BOSS: XAVIER PCR
Dining Room Midtown East FINAL BOSS: XAVIER PDR
Dorm Room Midtown East FINAL BOSS: XAVIER PDO
Fitness Room Midtown East FINAL BOSS: XAVIER PFR
Garden Midtown East FINAL BOSS: XAVIER PGA
Meditation Room Midtown East FINAL BOSS: XAVIER PMR