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Plots make the world go 'round!

But, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of them or know how to plug yourself in! To that end, here is a repository for the various threads of plotting that are being woven through our game. If you want to add plot information here, please include what the plot is, how players might hook into it, and who to contact about getting involved.

Active TPs

Avengers, Assemble!
People just might need a little old fashioned.
Lean In
mother knows best.
Everyone's heard of New York's sewer gators, but lately there seems to be a lot more bite to these rumors.
Tensions in the city are boiling over again, leaving many mutants desperate for safe housing options.

Wrapped-up TPs

Some former XS alumnae have returned to town, bringing with them rumors of Xavier's telepathic misdeeds.
A Wrinkle In Time
somewhere in staten island, a portal have open up to a world a lot like ours, but a little bit sideways. thank goodness nobody goes to staten island anyway.

Every so often, someone in the government will propose a new and horrifying plan for dealing with mutants. Lock them all in camps. Execute them. Put them in labs to find out what makes them tick. As yet, the most extreme of these have all been shot down -- publicly, anyway.

Though it is kept extremely hush-hush and government involvement kept even moreso, the past years have seen a quiet rise in mutant disappearances. Some resurface, eventually, some do not, but stories have trickled out of mutants taken off to laboratories, locked away for months or years of grueling experimentation. Perhaps someone is trying to weaponize them, perhaps control them, perhaps just find a way to nullify their powers; whatever the case, it is certainly true that these labs are out there, scattered in hidden locations and leaving quite a few mutants with a lifetime of nightmares, if they are lucky enough to get out.

Prometheus involves doctors and scientists of all stripes, and there is always room to work it into people's backstories (or future stories!), either as experimenter or experimentee. Contact Rasheed or Shane for all your mad scientist (or labrat) needs!

Prometheus has many associated adoptable NPCs, as well, although people are welcome and encouraged to make their own chars with Prometheus ties! NPCs associated with Prometheus can be found here.