Prometheus NPCs

From X-Men: rEvolution

Project Prometheus is a widespread operation, with labs spanning the country and a large number of associated people, both on the scientist end and on the rescuee end. This is a list of NPCs associated with Prometheus, in various capacities.

Basically every NPC on this list is adoptable. Talk to Rasheed or Shane if you are interested in any of them! (An asterisk next to a name means that person is restricted and not available for general play. Anyone else on this list is free to be NPCd as needed!)

Labrats (Still in Custody)
  • Elijah Renfrew - In his early twenties. Shaggy brown hair, dark blue eyes, tall and thin with angular features. Elijah worked as an EMT, first for an ambulance company out in Denver but later, after his capture and subsequent rescue from a lab in Pennsylvania and re-assimilation into life, for the city of New York. Used to live with Halim and Joshua. Quiet and thoughtful, his calm exterior masks a whole lot of passion. Anger, mostly. But it's a focused anger. He wants to help. Elijah's mutation is recharging other people. Sort of like a human battery. Being around him makes people feel more refreshed and revitalized. With mutants, he lets them use /their/ powers far longer than they'd otherwise be able to. (Elijah is deceased, as of the March 2013 raid. RIP, Elijah.)
  • Halim* - Wiry middle eastern man. Might be in his early twenties. Has very little memory of his life prior to his years in the labs. Halim is a very powerful technopath. The constant glut of signal his brain is processing, though, leaves him pretty bad at processing most other things. He's bad at people. Sometimes he forgets things like eating if he's not reminded. Hard to tell if he has friends or not because he treats most of life with the same sort of robotic dispassion.
  • Maddy Henthorn - Quite noticeably a mutant, from her horns and tail and cloven hooves. She kind of looks like a satyr. She will probably not have wine and orgies with you.
  • Emily Steptoe - In her mid teens, Emily was plucked off the streets by Prometheus. She's pretty angry about it. Her power is accelerated speed and reflexes. That's it. She's /very/ fast. This carries over into a lot of things. She talks fast, moves fast, thinks fast. It doesn't carry over into having any extra energy, though. She's kind of ferrety, in that when she is awake oh BOY is she awake. But then she sleeps twenty hours a day. Maybe it's the teenager thing.
  • Taina Medina - Strikingly tall, with broad features and close-cropped black hair. Taina's power is that of persuasion. Talking to people generally can get them to do what she wants. Prometheus handles her very carefully after she once just asked them to let them all go.
  • Shyla Mitra - A short middle-aged Indian woman; has been with Prometheus nearly since its inception. Used to be very animated, energetic, friendly. These days is kind of quiet and dull. Her power is biological intuition; she can detect with a great deal of accuracy what is going on with someone's body. Useful for diagnosing sicknesses, or, for Prometheus's purposes, useful for identifying other mutants for them to target. She doesn't have a lot of friends among the other captives.
  • Carnage - Carnage. Bloodmonster. Widely presumed dead.
Mad Scientists (and associated workers)
  • Simone Bucek - Average height, dark hair, round face. Crisp and cool and professional, Simone is a lab tech at Prometheus. Unlike many of the actual doctors and researchers, she works closely with the test subjects during a lot of experiments. It's kind of hardened her to a lot of things. She's efficient about her work, and keeps to herself a lot outside of it, not going out of her way to get particularly close to any of her fellow workers, either.
  • Marieta Sandler-Rojas - A geneticist with Prometheus; a doctor who knew Rasheed from their med school days together at Johns Hopkins. Warm and friendly, to her colleagues, with a bright curiosity and a tendency to be solicitous of her friends and coworkers. Sees the work they do as having enormous potential to help humanity; has an especial interest in mutants with various healing abilities.
  • Tosh Nishimura - Dr. Nishimura is a biochemist, working with Prometheus and the U.S. military to try and render their findings into drugs. Not the medicinal kind, but the kind that can augment regular humans' abilities. So far with little success, but that is not discouraging him from trying! Not much discourages him, really; Tosh is a very wired person, energetic, easily excitable, prone to a lot of exuberance. Especially when sciencing. Or not sciencing. Pretty much always, really.
  • Jakob Dickson - One of Prometheus's security guards, Jakob doesn't really pay a whole lot of attention to what Prometheus is doing. Retired Navy, he mostly just wants to do his job and get paid. He occasionally has vague feelings of discomfort with the whole ordeal, but thinks that mutants are Pretty Terrifying Really and this is probably a useful project to be doing. Even if it has kind of a high cost.
  • Troy Carpenter - An orderly at Prometheus, Troy also works closely with many of the inmates. He does not see them as human and has as much guilt over the whole project as he would if they were experimenting on lab mice. That is to say, okay, sometimes they're adorable and it's a shame they have to die but it's not like they're /people/. And it's for a good cause. Strangely, this makes him more rather than less kind on an individual level to his charges, attempting to make their lives between experiments as easy as possible. He is the orderly most likely to slip them extra food or cookies or smuggle in books and games etc.
Rescuees (out in the World now)
  • Flicker* - 20 years old. A devout Mormon, even though his family and his church have not wanted much to do with him since his mutation manifested. He was homeless a good while before Prometheus grabbed him. Somehow, he's still incorrigibly an optimist. He's often quiet enough people think he is a serious person, but he is really not. His mutation is very, very fast short-range teleportation. His reflexes are pretty advanced, too. Lives with Hive, Dusk (and formerly Ian); almost always joins the rescue squads. Undergrad student at Columbia, with a concentration in biology.
  • Ian Friedan - 19. In human form he is shortish, skinny, pale, pretty nondescript. He's often not in human form; his mutation makes him a living shadow. He's kind of a negative photokinetic, in that he is constantly sucking light from around him and turning it into shadow. It used to be easier for him to retain corporeal form, but Prometheus kind of messed with his head. He cannot manage more than the barest amount of tangibility in shadow form, but when noncorporeal he does have a low-level telepathy/empathy that he does not have when he is embodied. Lives with Hive, Flicker, and Dusk. He and Dusk kind of have a bromance. Also a pet ferret named Alanna. Undergrad student at Columbia. UNDECLARED. (Ian is DEAD, as of the June 2013 hostilities. RIP, Ian.)
  • Joshua Martes* - Mid-twenties. Tan skin, dark hair, dark eyes, average height, athletic. Originally from Arizona, one of many New York transplants after the Pennsylvania jailbreak. Used to live with Eli and Halim. Worked as a paramedic. Joshua's ability is power absorption. He can adopt the powers of other mutants he's met. He is capable of utilizing more than one at a time, but his strength with each decreases exponentially with each additional power he 'stores' simultaneously, so after three or so they become relatively ineffectual.
  • Rachel Nievas - Early 30s. Quiet and serious, but warm. Good with kids. Rachel is an RN, and worked as an ER nurse in Arizona until an altercation with a drunk patient revealed the very large black feathery wings she kept bound down under her clothes. Prometheus picked her up during her long stint of unemployment. She's in New York now, looking for work.
  • Rafaela "Peace" De La Paz - Californian by upbringing, and still not quite used to New York. Peace's mutation creates small localized explosive bursts. You probably want to stand back when she's having a bad day. (Peace is DEAD, as of the March 2013 raid. RIP, Peace.)
  • Horus* - Probably in his late teens, though he lacks identification and is not really sure. Was kind of half feral before Prometheus got him, and has not gotten much better socialized since. Is actually quite bright, although most people do not bother to get to know him enough to find that out. Horus looks more bird than human; talons, wings, feathers, narrow beaked face. He did have regular human arms at one point, but they were amputated at some point during his lab stint. Unfortunately for him, he lacks any sort of healing factor. He's just kind of birdy. His mouth and throat are not very well equipped for vocalizing; mostly just for squawking. He used to write a lot, but no arms made that harder. Very sweet, but extremely skittish around strangers. Lives with Ryan in the Village Lofts.
  • Brett Jardine - Fourteen years old, also got dumped at Xavier's after his family was unlocatable. He is very noticeably silver. His body is made out of some sort of metallic substance. Sometimes he melts down into a liquid. He is also diabetic, which has proven difficult to manage when his blood sugar can't ever be tested. Nobody's even sure if he has blood. Mutant biology is complicated.
  • Eloise Gibson - A fifteen year old student at Xavier's, small and blonde with dark eyes and a whole lot of bubbly cheer. Eloise is a healer, capable of healing even fairly severe injuries, though the more severe the injury, the more it takes out of her. It is fairly open knowledge at the school that Eloise is transgendered.
  • Andrew "Vector" Kinney* - Once upon a time, Drew was a grad student at Columbia. Statistician. Tall and slim, pale grey eyes, light brown hair, freckles. Boyish. He's softspoken and calm, easygoing, though very intense when sidetracked onto subjects he cares about a lot. Given that that's usually statistics and math, it's often subjects nobody else around him cares about a lot, alas. Vector's power is to absorb, store, mutate, and also dispense pathogens. Prometheus does a lot of very illegal things, but some of their tests on him have been Bad Ideas. They are pretty terrified of him ever breaking out, in case it starts the next outbreak of -- well, everything. At once. Except mutated to be even more virulent than usual. Vector has no intention of becoming the world's most terrifying bioweapon. He kind of just wants to finish his degree. Freed during the October 2013 raid, subsequently caused zombie outbreak.
  • Reed "Zombie" Galati -Actually kind of pretty, for a corpse. Age unknown, though he looks like he might be late twenties, early thirties. In his past life, he was a doctor twice over, M.D./Ph.D. with a specialty in genetics. He had no idea he was a mutant until a few years back, when he died of cystic fibrosis. And then came back to life, which caught the attention of Prometheus's people. Given that he was already dead, making him disappear was easy enough. His mutation is, well, continuing to live despite the whole death thing. Most of his bodily systems have been arrested. Despite not needing to eat, he loves sushi. He does not have a taste for brains. Freed during the October 2013 raid.
  • Dylan "Switzerland" Pressel - Somewhere collegey. Switzerland is a very calm and even-keeled sort of person, mostly because his mutation works on him as well as on people around him. His mutation is a passive, always-on sort; he has no control over it. He has a limited power negation and limited empathy, both of which trigger reflexively in the face of hostility. He negates mutant powers if and only if they are used hostilely -- this takes into account intent rather than effect, so if they are used destructively but it's an accident, it will not trigger; if they are used with intent to harm, it will. His empathy works along the same lines, soothing over hostile emotions. He has not been in a fight since his power manifested. Freed during the April 2014 raid.
March 2013 Rescuees
  • Arjun, 15M. Locating Things (Was student at Xavier's, deceased during zombie outbreak)
  • Xerox, 16M, duplicates inanimate objects (Currently student at Xavier's)
  • Liza, 15F, crazymaking girl. Brainchipped. (Currently student at Xavier's)
  • Colton, 14M, compels honesty (Currently student at Xavier's)
  • Ghost*, 17F, wallcrawling, purpleskin, yellow eyes (Currently student at Xavier's) (PC)
  • Max, 14F, feeds off pain/turns it to energy. Kind of sadistic, kind of terrible. Brainchipped. (Currently student at Xavier's)
  • Angie, 14F, telekinetic. Brainchipped. (Was student at Xavier's, deceased during zombie outbreak)
  • Arshad, 13M, animal communication (Currently student at Xavier's)
  • Malik, 15M, muscle mimic (Currently student at Xavier's)
  • Benji, 15M, cryokinesis. Brainchipped. (Was student at Xavier's, deceased during zombie outbreak)
  • Kai*, 14M, DRAGON (Currently student at Xavier's) (PC)
  • Mirror*, ??, mimic. Brainchipped. (PC)
  • Parley*, 20M, empath (PC)
  • Joshua*, 24M, power mimic. Brainchipped.
  • Kay*, 31M, pyrokinetic. Brainchipped. (PC)
  • Thor*, ?m, crazysauce. Brainchipped.
  • Ash*, 19, earthbender. Brainchipped. (PC)
  • Roger, 19M, brunette, scarred face, steals willpower/emotional oppression. Brainchipped.
  • Sheer, 18M, Whiteskinned/nohair man, manipulates friction/velocity
  • Ion*, 19M, electrokinetic. Brainchipped. (PC)
  • Hanna, 40sF, memory erasure. Brainchipped.
  • Tove, 20M, mutant turtle (Currently living in Melinda's apartment)
  • Nzinga, 18F, sleep inducing
  • Miracle, 20sF, dehydration (dessicates organic matter) Brainchipped.
  • Kate, 30sF, environmental adaptation. Brainchipped
  • Tanya, 20sF, glows in the dark, now deceased but formerly possessed by:
    • Anima, 23, possesses people. (PC)