From X-Men: rEvolution
No life can escape being blown about by the winds of change and chance
Codename Horus 2.0
Birthdate January 12, 1997
Species Mutant
Affiliation Citizens
Alignment Twittery
Powers Twittery
Occupation Flighty
Registration Status Registered (2)

xxxxxHorus was pretty feral even before Prometheus got their hands on him; their severe mistreatment didn't help matters. These days he sticks pretty close to the few ex-Prometheans he trusts, as well as Ducky; outside his tiny cadre of trusted friends he's mostly terrified of all humanity. But he's slowly trying to get better about that; Micah getting him a device that actually lets him communicate has done a world of good for helping him make steps towards getting somewhere semi-functional.


xxxxxStanding around four feet tall when he bothers to stretch to the top of his taloned legs, which is not often, Horus makes a small person, but a very large avian. Though well-muscled, it's hard to tell beneath the coating of feathers that cover most every part of him. Predominantly along his head and back and enormous wings they're speckled white and brown in patterning, with some grey shading and black tips at his wings; there's more brown at his back and more white at his chest. His eyes are large and dark, huge black pupils ringed in reddish-brown; the enormous sharp beak they perch above looks to be powerful and very stabby. His digitigrade legs end in sharp talons. Though there are vastly more avian physical qualities about him than human, there /are/ telltale signs there, for the /very/ observant; the sloping curve of shoulders, when he spreads his wings, though there's just a snarl of scar tissue arms might once have been, an almost human definition to the musculature beneath the feathers of his chest, though the feathering is thick enough it can be hard to make out. A keen alertness to his expression that is sharper than your average bird.


xxxxxIncredibly skittish around strangers, but kind of incredibly a sweetheart around his friends. Just tends to have a hard time making those because he's scared of basically everyone. Has boatloads of energy and a world full of curiosity; likes to explore, likes to read and learn and get out and Do Things. So long as those Things don't involve new people because aaah terrifying. Can actually be pretty snarky when you get to know him and has a pretty sharp sense of humor, most people just don't find that out because of the thing where he can't talk. Or couldn't, until Micah gave him a communication device and unleashed him on Twitter. Now he never shuts up.


xxxxxIs a giant bird. He kind of got the short end of the stick, powers-wise. He doesn't have any powers other than -- pretty much what's visible. Horus is extremely physically mutated to resemble a giant bird far more than he resembles a human.

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No Place In Heaven
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