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Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of a wolf.

xxxxxNick resembles the werewolves of legend and popular media, except that he is permanently stuck half-way between man and wolf. Passionate and short-tempered, honest and blunt, he is not always the easiest person to get along with despite his highly social disposition. He alternates between hopeful attempts to make friends and disappearing into the woods for days at a time.


xxxxxBorn just outside of Cleveland, Nick is the second and youngest child of Connor Gleason and Grace Nguyen. An obvious physical mutant from birth, he developed more and more canine features as he aged. His parents loved him no less for his appearance, but his older brother, Daniel, loathed him from an early age.

xxxxxA six-year-old Nick landed his parents in legal trouble for biting a kindergarten classmate who had struck him, and gained such regional notoriety ("Rabid wolf boy rampages through local school!") that his parents decided to relocate to Chicago. Only two years later, his mother mysteriously lost her job after bringing him with her on Bring Your Child To Work day. Since Grace, a software engineer, made the bulk of the family's income at the time, they experienced significant finacial difficulty as a result, and eventually moved to Vancouver to live with her extended family in essentially a large group house.

xxxxxNick fell in love with the outdoors in British Columbia. He had trouble making friends and even more trouble earning the approval of his maternal grandparents, and so spent as much time away from home as he could manage. He taught himself to hunt and fish, making the most of his acute senses, superb agility, and natural weaponry.

xxxxxWhen he was thirteen, he got into a fight at school and landed his opponent in the hospital. He was expelled from school, charged and convicted of assault and battery, and sent to a juvenile wilderness camp for six months. Meanwhile his parents were sued by the other child's family for medical expenses. The incident angered his grandparents such that they pressured the Gleasons to move out. By this time, Nick's father had finished training as an auto mechanic. They relocated to Boston, where Connor started his own automotive repair shop.

xxxxxNick had less trouble in high school, perhaps because his increasingly wolf-like appearance began to frighten would-be bullies. Unfortunately, it also frightened everyone else, and the boy found himself more and more isolated. He began cutting class to wander through Arnold Arboretum, sometimes remaining there for days on end. He failed his sophomore year and spent the summer in remedial classes. By summer's end, he was preparing to drop out of school altogether and run away, but then there was this Xavier guy...


xxxxxNick possesses exceptionally keen senses overall, and reasonably good night vision. Powerful scents or loud noises can overwhelm him, and even less extreme sensory input can cause overstimulation. He is stronger, faster, more agile, and possesses better endurance than most humans, though it can be hard to determine how much of this stems from his mutation and how much from his active lifestyle. Owing to the full coat of mildly water-repellant fur (which grows thicker in winter), he has a high tolerance for cold. However, he does not sweat like humans and thus has poor tolerance for heat.


xxxxxNick has a passion for wilderness and has honed his outdoor skills since childhood. He knows how to navigate the backcountry, find water and food, start (and extinguish) fires safely, build shelters, treat common injuries, and gather some medicinal herbs. Some of these skills are specific to North American temperate forests, but others have broader application.

xxxxxAlthough he does not drive, he knows quite a lot about automotive maintenance and repair. He enjoys cooking and baking alike, though his culinary skills are fairly rudimentary. He speaks English and Vietnamese fluently, very basic conversational Mandarin Chinese, and (bad) high school Spanish.



  • Coming soon.


  • Anole - Knows how it is.
  • Paras - We're gonna start a band!
  • Shane - Tells it like it is.


  • Hercules - Nice guy, shares great cookies.
  • Jax - Nice guy, makes great cookies.
  • Lyric - So bubbly! So enthusiastic!


  • Coming soon.
  • He always wears a silver Saint Francis of Assisi prayer medal.
  • Yes, he has heard all of the Teen Wolf jokes. All of them.
  • He hates being called 'Nicky.'
  • He really likes Green Lantern comics.

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Nicholas Thành Gleason
Codename None
Birthdate 1998-08-01
Birthplace Cleveland, OH
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Wild but not free
Powers Werewolf
Occupation Student
Registration Status Unregistered
Played By Himself...?
RP Hooks
Call of the Wild - Nick loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time in the woods hunting, playing, and, yes, howling.
Fur will Fly - Short-tempered and stubborn, Nick rarely backs down from a fight and isn't above starting one, either.
The Wolf of Gubbio - A practicing Roman Catholic, Nick tries to go to church when he can. He even sang in the choir.
Gearhead - For someone without even a learner's permit, Nick is perhaps startlingly knowledgable about cars.
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