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Marrow is as prickly in personality as she is in appearance and most of the words people would use to describe her are synonyms for something obscene. Abandoned at a young age because of her mutation she has a lot of trouble trusting people, especially those without a physical mutation, but once someone earns her trust she is a fierce friend. Throughout her time with the Morlocks Callisto has been equal parts mentor and idol to Marrow. She believes strongly in Callisto's strongest is best philosophy and constantly seeks chances to test herself against stronger foes. However she also feels if you /are/ stronger you have an obligation to use that strength to protect those who are weaker than you. A fact which has played a big part in why she agreed to be one of the Morlocks sewer knights despite having to work with the usurper Tatters. Marrow loves any kind of aggressive metal, rock or punk music (or any combination of the three) and goes to great lengths to obtain t-shirts for bands she likes, even resorting to raiding the trash after concerts for any discarded/damaged merchandise.


The first thing anyone sees when they look at Marrow is her mutation. Her body has numerous bone protrusions jutting out, usually tapering to a sharp point. Her hair is an unruly mess of shocking pink and her skin has a slightly pinkish hue. Marrow is six foot tall and has a rangy build. Usually she tends to wear dark jeans, a few layers of t-shirts from metal bands and a dark leather jacket. Pretty much everything she wears has at least a few holes and rips in.


Marrow is a Morlock Sewer Knight. A position which is relatively unknown outside of the Morlocks but which holds a lot of respect within the group. Her main responsibilities cover protecting the Morlocks from outside elements and training people who are willing how to fight.

There are likely dozens of urban legends about a figure matching Marrows description attacking people (usually intent on doing evil deeds) in dark alleyways throughout the city. People who are involved in criminal activity, law enforcement or have spent time homeless in New York will have heard rumors about her.


The first six years of Marrows life were remarkably normal all things considered. Born to a young couple from Brooklyn, she was one of those rare mutants whose power manifested from birth, albeit in a minor form, and which than progressed as she got older. Born with a second heart Marrow spent a lot of time in and out of hospital. Slowly the medical bills, hospital trips and took their toll on her parents. When bones began sprouting through her skin it was simply too much. Her parents couldn't cope and decided to leave her in Central park concocting a story about a man kidnapping their daughter and carefully avoiding any mention of Marrows unusual bone growths. Marrow only has very vague memories of her life before the Morlocks or the parents who abandoned her after her mutation manifested. On those rare occasions she does think about her past she thinks she can recall a suburban house somewhere in New York state and the name Sarah. Her first real concrete memory is being lost and alone in Central Park, shunned because her bones had begun to grow through her skin. It was then she first met Callisto who found her crying on a park bench and offered her a place with the Morlocks. The first few months as a Morlock were hard on Marrow, her mutation left her in constant pain and life in the sewers wasn't easy, but as time went on the pain faded to a dull ache and even the stink of sewage became tolerable. Driven by Callisto she spent countless hours exploring the sewers, testing the limits of her power and training in physical combat. Over the years Callisto became increasingly militant and Marrow followed her example. Until the day when the Usurper came and everything changed. Her mentor was first beaten, then betrayed and left a ruin. Then in a final insult the Morlocks very way of life was changed. Marrow would have left if she hadn't been offered a position as a sewer knight, perhaps to placate those still loyal to the 'old ways'. Grudgingly she agreed to stay and protect those Morlocks who can't protect themselves.


Controlled Bone Growth - Marrow is able to enhance the growth of her skeletal structure with a limited degree of control. Causing bones to repair or new bones to grow out from her body. These bony protrusions can reach up to three foot in length and, if she is consciously growing them, can reach this length in moments. She has enough control to make specific shapes ranging from clubs, shields, blades or even to craft body armour. In general her bones are also much tougher than regular Human bone and are almost as durable as steel but much lighter. There are several downsides however, growing bones is very demanding on her body and she requires a considerable calorie intake to support her mutation. She is also unable to fully stop her bones from growing and new growths will sprout seemingly at random.

Healing Factor - In addition to her ability to grow bones Marrow has been gifted with a generally enhanced biological processes. Her immune system is strong enough that she's never fallen ill despite a decade living in the sewers. Small cuts will close within a few moments and larger wounds will at least stop bleeding in a remarkably short space of time. She isn't aware of it, but her healing factor is also the cause of the pink tinge to her skin, her pink hair and her irregular heartbeat (which is caused by a fully functional second heart). Because of these improvements Marrow is in exceptional shape and her physical attributes all tend towards the level usually found in Olympic athletes, with her endurance being especially good thanks to the improved flow of blood a second heart provides.

Skills & Resources

Brawler - From a very young age Marrow has trained in various forms of armed and unarmed combat which take advantage of her mutant abilities. She doesn't know any formal martial art styles, but has a lot of experience fighting (often for her life) against a variety of mutants and monsters. Her specialty is with bladed weapons, especially her bone daggers, and when armed as such most people would find her a formidable opponent.

Urban Ranger - Having spent a decade of her life living on the streets and sewers of NYC Marrow has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of how to survive there. She knows how to find food, shelter and the best places to scavenge for essentials.

Stealth - One of the skills most Morlocks share is being sneaky and Marrow is no exception. She knows how to move quickly and quietly without being seen, avoid cameras and generally get around without being noticed.



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Codename Marrow
Birthdate 1996-04-08
Species Mutant
Affiliation Morlock
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Powers Healing Factor & Bone Growth
Occupation Sewer Knight
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