From X-Men: rEvolution
''Earth-bender Style!''

xxxxxWhen bad things happened to Ash, he chose to take the Polyanna type approach of being good, being helpful, and being positive in response to tragedy. When extremely terrible things happen, the dial that gauged how much cheerfulness and positivity he displayed was cranked all the way up to eleven and then snapped off. He behaves excessively cheerful all of the time and focuses so much on being positive, he doesn't know how to stop anymore. He's pleasant. He's kind. He's helpful. He's also sensitive. In his sensitivity, he has a tendency to take people very seriously when they say they are upset and uses his excessive positivity to try to right things for the saddened individual. He needs to learn moderation, but he just got out of a terrible situation and needs to learn how to live again first.

xxxxxAsh also has an extremely independent nature. Yes, he loves to take care of people, but when its his turn to need help, he tends to go to the ground, spending time in nature and just enjoying himself.


xxxxxAshleigh Campbell was born in Los Alamos, New Mexico to wonderful parents, Jose Campbell and Parvati Cruz. Parvati was a sculptor and Jose, a geologist. They wanted to have lots of children, giving birth to Ashleigh first, followed by a younger sister and a younger brother. Unfortunately, there were complications in the delivery of Ash's brother and his mom passed away quietly when Ash was eight. His dad moved them all to Alamosa, CO so that his grandparents could help raise the kids while Dad was away working on wells and teaching at Adams State.

xxxxxAsh grew up to be helpful in the house and sort of fill in for his much loved mother's role in the family. He worked well with his younger siblings, cooking and cleaning when his grandparents were busy, baby sitting and getting the kids to burn childish energy that two senior citizens couldn't really handle. Dad was around, but busy trying to keep the whole family group fed and clothed.

xxxxxAsh developed his independent side as his younger siblings got old enough to play on their own, mostly with each other. The age difference of six years between himself and his younger sibling meant that the younger pair bonded and left Ash to his own devices a lot. He turned toward hiking in the Colorado Rockies and digging around in the dirt. He found out that he had a mutation after a while of mucking around in a river, but kept it away from his family for the most part, as he didn't feel like sharing.

xxxxxA habitual loner with a wanderlust, Ash had a tendency to miss school a lot. He would spend more time out in the middle of nowhere than he would in civilization and especially not in classes he felt no real attachment to. When he was abducted at the age of 17, in the summer before his senior year, people were definitely concerned, but it wasn't the first time he went missing for a while. After about two years of Prometheus captivity, he was finally broken out, and allowed back into the world. His family got a phone call, but he didn't explain much to them. He told his father he needs to stay away for their protection and his father accepted the news. The two of them keep the secret between them for the sake of the family's health, as his grandparents are older and more sickly now. He's chosen to stay in New York City around other mutants that he can help and can help him, keeping an eye on each other so no one disappears like he did years ago.



  • Jim - Dude broke me out and lets me get mud in the house. AWESOME.


  • Murphy - Boxing buddy. He gets mixed up in some crazy shit.
  • Hive - Headbuddy for a while. Now, semi-boss at the Mendel Clinic build.


  • Pretty much Prometheus right now
  • Razor - Uhhh. Shit.

And everything in between

  • Coming Soon

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Ashleigh Ricardo Raj Campbell
Birthdate April 20, 1993
Species Mutant
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment Nice 'n Good
Occupation Construction Worker
RP Hooks
Parks and Rec - Ash has a tendency to just plain enjoy the hell out of nature. Want to meet him, do something outdoorsy or with dirt. He'll be there.
Handyman - Ash will come fix stuff in your apartments if you need it.
Nice Noir - Ash finds himself living with a P.I. - will /likely/ get drawn into being the nicer face to that for some of the detectives on the game.
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Mutant Enemy Number One
  • (2019-07-10)
Signal Flare
  • (2019-06-09)

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