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Billy is far from a conventional hero; though good natured he is passive and does very little to help himself. There really is no one better to represent utter, total helplessness. He’s dependent on the support of practically anyone who comes into contact with him. Still, he is industrious, humble, and blindly obedient.


Not a mutant from birth, Billy was instead born with what one might consider a veritable catalog of allergies. Because of these delicate predispositions and munchausen by proxy, much of his early youth was spent with every runny nose being treated as if it were life threatening. He was isolated and homeschooled. His mutation began to gradually manifest itself at eleven, releasing him from much but not all of his previous medical hurdles and creating all new ones in their place. Still, because of his life up until then, his parents felt no hesitation in continuing to keep their only son sequestered.

By the time he was in his later teens, his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and Billy was entrusted to the care of the Xavier School for the Gifted. There, he finished up his High School years and learned the ins-and-outs of his powers in a safe environment. He moved off-campus and into the city, where he pursued a degree in early childhood & elementary education at Hunter. Being a mutant, Billy was unable to find placement at any other school to complete his student teaching so he returned to Xavier's to do so. During this time, the school lacked an early education program so he instructed older students. Since graduating, he has begun works to develop an early education curriculum within the school.


Billy’s body passively produces a chemical that behaves similarly to but is not identical to a chlorine-based bleaching agent. Distributed via his bodily fluids (i.e. perspiration, mucus, blood), it has both powerful antimicrobial and whitening properties. In addition to being a sanitizer, this bleach can act as a strong, however temporary irritant to the skin, eyes or respiratory system in larger organisms.

Under normal circumstances, Billy’s bleaching is gradual, slowly killing off bacteria in the air and on the surfaces he comes into contact with, as well as fading out any color. In stressful situations where his body would produce larger quantities of sweat for example, the effects increase to whitening almost anything instantaneously. Direct contact with a larger quantity of Billy’s bleach can cause a burning sensation to the skin and drastically lower visual acuity if affecting the eyes, capable of momentarily stunning any assailant. (Attack Range: Direct Contact / Touch)

The only lasting or potentially lethal effects of Billy’s mutation comes from very long term exposure to him, particularly in poorly ventilated conditions. As some applications of bleach can create compounds that act as carcinogens in humans.

Classes with Professor Sharpe

Up until recently, the Xavier’s curriculum has run from grades 6-12. Billy is actively working with faculty in developing Xavier’s Junior School with the goal of unveiling it next school year. The program aims to facilitate from-birth mutants in early and elementary education in a safe, social, nurturing environment that they may otherwise miss out on. Due to the rarity of very young mutant children, class sizes are estimated to be extremely small with Professor Sharpe as the primary teacher for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, and Health. Students would also be instructed in Art, Music, Physical Education and a Foreign Language by secondary teachers from those departments. In addition, due to the exceptional needs of young children, Xavier’s Junior School is a day school only and would require students and parents to live locally with the alternative option of a fostering/boarding program through interested local Xavier’s Alumni/Associates. The Junior School program promises the kind of individualized attention that would give any mutant child an educational leg up on the Manhattan elite.

Teacher’s Aids: A class credit would be made available for junior and senior students interested in child care or education. During their free period/study hall, they would be allowed to assist in daily classroom activities under Professor Sharpe’s supervision provided they maintain an acceptable GPA and meet ethical standards. (Please @mail if your char might be interested in getting involved!)

  • Bedside Manner


  • Arturo - Indulges Billy's Munchausen.
  • Dusk - <3_<3
  • Faelan - On the Level, Xer.
  • Flicker - Gamenight Friend, Xer.
  • Hive - Coffee Friend, Real-Real Realist.
  • Ion - Good Drinker. …Too Good.
  • Jack - Xavier's Student, Hard to See.
  • Jax - Xavier's Classmate, Xavier's Coworker, Idol.
  • Micah - Xavier's Coworker, Gamenight Friend, Puppy-Playdates.
  • Taylor Swift - Billy's Bichon Frise / Teacup Poodle Mix.
  • Teddy - Xavier's Coworker, Friendly Face.
  • Trib - I've got a blank space, and I'll write your name.


  • Anette - Xavier's Classmate. Bitch.

Everything in Between

  • Ash - Met in-passing, stick-up in Chinatown.
  • Daken - Old man from the Karate Kid.
  • Neve - Met in-passing, Dusk had his hackles up.
  • Shane - Xavier's Student, Half-Shark, Half-Child, Add a grain of salt.

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Fitzwilliam Herman Sharpe
Codename Bleach
Birthdate 03/03/1992
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's Institute
Alignment Lawful Good
Powers Whitening & Sanitizing
Occupation Teacher
Registration Status Delta (3)
RP Hooks
Xavier's Teacher - Billy returned to the school to do his student teaching last year and has since begun working to develop a curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th grade.
Obvious Mutation - Billy has a slightly more obvious ability. The clothes he wears and most things he touches fade to white.
Damsel in Distress - If you like playing the hero, Billy will always need to be saved.
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