From X-Men: rEvolution
when I'm near you it all gets out of hand
Daiki Komatsu
Codename None
Birthdate 17 December, 1997
Species Mutant
Affiliation X-Men
Alignment Well-balanced
Powers Charisma
Occupation Student
Registration Status Unregistered

xxxxxA transplant from Japan to the US in elementary school, Daiki's life was quiet until his mother died and Prometheus plucked him and his elder brother out of foster care and into the labs. He'd been at Xavier's since his rescue in 2010, though graduated (as class president -- though he never actually ran for the office -- and valedictorian) with the class of 2015 and moved on to study at Columbia University while training with the X-Men. Has worked since the age of fourteen as Elias Covey's assistant in one capacity or another and has quite a lot of business savvy accumulated from the job experience. Helps Shane run the business side of Evolve Cafe and is a familiar face around there.


xxxxxJust a smidge over six feet tall and lanky-lean, Daiki is a slender beanpole of a youth, long-limbed though he carries his spindly height gracefully. Pale and dark-eyed, his narrow face is delicately composed and framed in jet-black pin-straight hair. In dress he tends towards neat put-together elegance, well-tailored clothes with often Vietnamese inspiration in the cut and designs of the long tunics and light trousers he favours.


xxxxxQuiet and often reserved, Daiki is a warm person with a bright sense of humour and a fierce passion, though the quirks of his mutation mean he often tends to keep these things a lot to himself. What most people do see is a very polite, very driven young man, bright and hardworking and impeccably organized, studious and helpful. Calm. Softspoken. Listens more than he speaks. It's a rare few people he'll let his guard down around; for someone with an endless flock of admirers, he doesn't tend to keep many close friends.


xxxxxThough most people often say his mutation is charisma, magnetism might be a better word for it. Wherever he goes people tend to be attracted to him -- like his company, want to be his friend, enjoy having him around; this can express, depending on an enormous variety of factors, as anythings from amiable feelings to protectiveness to possessiveness to romantic or sexual interest. Daiki has very little control over this ability; while he is capable of exerting effort to amplify the strength of its influence he has no direct control over how it presents, and though he can keep its influence manageable by staying calm and keeping his own emotions in check, he can never suppress it entirely. The effect grows with proximity and becomes somewhat overwhelming with actual physical contact, so he tends to refrain from contact in most situations. Though this influence has no remote effect (talking to him over the phone, e.g., or via webcam) it does have cumulative and lasting influence with prolonged exposure -- people who spend too much time with him tend to, over time, be gradually predisposed to liking him whether or not he's actually around to exert this influence. It's hard for most people to say how much of that is brain chemistry and how much is just normal human behavior, though; generally you don't stop liking people you've always liked just because they're not around. It's definitely at least part chemistry, though; too much hanging around him can lead to a somewhat addiction-like craving for more hanging-around-him.

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