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Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

xxxxxJust your average monstrous, stargazing terrorist with a trust fund.


xxxxxTall, sinuous, and completely devoid of hair, this winged gargoyle is not what most humans would consider an appealing sight. If not for her habit of broadly feminine dress, she might not be read as a woman at all. Her height varies by how she carries herself on long, digitigrade legs, but she usually stands around six foot. A pair of spiraling ivory horns sweep back from her temples above long, pointed ears. Slate gray when left to its own devices--which occurs rarely these days--her skin has an oddly smooth matte texture. When she speaks, her voice uncanny in its dual quality, it is often possible to glimpse her long, sharp canines; when she smiles she makes no attempt at all to conceal them. Her fingers and toes--and the elongated digits that form the spars of her wings--end in heavy talons which she keeps impeccably painted and keen. Though unusually green, her eyes are perhaps her most human-looking feature except when they catch and reflect light in the darkness.


xxxxxBorn in Ithaca, New York, Isra al-Jazari was the only child of wealthy Lebanese-American parents. Interested in science from an early age, Isra spent countless hours in the library of her family’s estate. Her liberal parents gave her anything she asked--books, telescopes, even her own laboratory.

xxxxxWhen she entered puberty, Isra underwent drastic and painful physical changes. Her bones became strong and light, her muscles dense and powerful, but she did not develop breasts. All of the hair on her head and body fell out, and her skin took on a tough, almost reptilian texture. She grew membranous wings and a tail, and her legs deformed such that she walked on elongated, talon-like toes.

xxxxxThough shocked, her parents did their best to support her. They hired private physicians and therapists. Isra withdrew from the private school she attended, citing a chronic ailment, and completed secondary education from home. When the transformations finally completed, her appearance was nothing short of monstrous, like a gargoyle or demon from ancient legend.

xxxxxUndaunted, Isra donned hijab to conceal her mutations and attended Cornell University to study astronomy. Though she excelled at academics, she kept her classmates at arm’s length for fear of discovery. A chauffeur conducted her to and from classes, and she never lingered on campus longer than necessary. Despite her trepidation at the prospect of living in a big city, she moved to New York City after graduation and went on to earn her Master’s degree in astrophysics from Columbia University.

xxxxxIsra taught for a time at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters while in a doctoral program at Columbia University. She was subsequently ejected from Columbia for "causing a disturbance" by way of attracting violence for her physical mutations. This, among other things, spurred her to join the Brotherhood of Mutants, which led to her dismissal from Xavier's.

xxxxxShe has since begun editing and publishing a scientific journal specifically aimed at providing better peer review opportunities for openly mutant research scientists. As well, she has resumed her pursuit of a PhD in protostellar dynamics from NYU.


xxxxxBirdlike bones and powerful muscles grant her extraordinary speed and strength. Even with no training, she can easily outrun most humans and deadlift her own weight. However, she rarely takes advantage of these abilities except under duress. Her wings and tail give her superior balance.

xxxxxThe least obvious feature of Isra’s mutation is also the one she values most: acute night vision. Only recently had she learned to take advantage of her wings and talons. At present, she is adept at gliding but unable to manage powered flight. Yet.



  • Dusk - Flight instructor, sparring partner, and lover. Full of passion, both sweet and sorrowful.
  • Flicker - Steadfast and delightful company. Deceptively good at games.
  • Hank McCoy (NPC) - The first non-Khalida physician Isra has seen her entire adult life.
  • Hive - Perhaps Isra's closest friend besides Khalida. Peculiar, brilliant, and far kinder than he lets on.
  • Iztali Choben - As obsessed with archeology as Isra is with astronomy.
  • Mallory Winthrop - Coworker and kindred spirit.


  • Jackson - A fine and caring man; stretched far too thin.
  • Micah - Affectionate and humorous; would get along well with Khalida.
  • Parley - Even harder to read than most.
  • Remy - A good samaritan.
  • Tag - An exuberant blur.


  • Deacon (NPC) - A ringleader among anti-mutant elements on the Columbia University campus. Made veiled threats.


  • Khalil al-Jazari (NPC) - Father, a biochemist working for the US government
  • Mariam Hayek (NPC) - Mother, a nuclear physicist with an energy research firm
  • Khalida Sa'eed (NPC) - Personal physician and confidante.


  • Anole - A bit overwhelmed, but eager to learn.
  • Arline - Helpful but hard to read.
  • Lyric - Enthusiastic, and a fine teacher in her own right.
  • Peter - Creative and driven, but gets a bit ahead of himself.
  • Rasa - Painfully shy.
  • Sebastian - An eager student with a wonderful imagination.
  • Shane - Curious, but needs unconventional guidance.

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Isra al-Jazari
Codename Enigma
Birthdate October 13th, 1979
Species Mutant
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment True Neutral
Powers Gargoyle
Occupation High school teacher
RP Hooks
Stargazer - On a clear night, Isra can usually be found on the grounds of Xavier's School with a telescope.
Devil with a Blue Dress - Though she looks less and less human as her mutation manifests, she has gained an appreciation for fashion and started to develop her own style.
Den Mother - Isra cannot abide seeing young people--especially visible mutants--bullied.
Frequent Flier - Living in Morningside Heights and visiting Ascension Island, the East Village, and the Lower East Side regularly, she can often be seen flying overhead in Manhattan.
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