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Be an opener of doors.

xxxxxKind of a superhero, maybe?


xxxxxAt Sunyata where she lives, she is a good neighbor when she is around, though she seems to keep very busy. She's a ridiclously fast courier and some may know she is willing to shuttle goods (and people) discreetly. In the mutant community generally she's known as a friendly if nerdy weirdo (she always looks like she's cosplaying) who is often willing to lend a hand or a portal to help out. Other X-Men tend to think of her as friendly and a good team player. She is somewhat YouTube-famous (though only by her handle, BlinkingWithPortals) among gamers for her entertaining play videos of various physic-heavy platformers, but especially the various Portal games. Fight Club regulars know that she shows up rarely, but is a brutally effective fighter (for some reason this always seems to surprise people who haven't seen her in action).


xxxxxBlink was actually born in China and spent the first 11 years of her life there, but only her family and very close friends know. To everyone else, she is from Eleuthera in the Bahamas, growing up in an idyllic seaside settlement with her parents and younger sister. When she was barred from entering the only high school on the island, her family relocated to Miami, and later Pensacola so that they could remain near her while she studied marine biology at the University of West Florida. Though she got her degree, she could not get into field research as she had hoped, so she hitchhiked around for a while. When the second zombie plague hit NYC, Blink went there to look after her sister, who had just started college.


xxxxxBlink teleports by generating short-lived portals. She does not need a visual on her target location, although it's easier and safer if she has one. The difficulty of generating a portal increases with distance, and her accuracy suffers proportionally. Her portals are bi-directional and dual-faced, so anything passing through either side of a portal in either direction will be transported.

xxxxxIf one of her portals overlaps a solid mass as it forms or closes, it will sever that mass along the plane of contact. Blink herself is immune to this effect (if she drops a portal directly on herself, she simply passes through it, and if one starts to close on her it pushes her out one side or the other). Other people are not.


xxxxxGenerally athletic, and specifically pretty good at swimming and basketball. Knows how to sail, operate, and maintain many types of small boats and is proficient at marine navigation. Knowledgeable about marine biology and oceanography, trained in SCUBA diving. Good at math and handy with statistics. Can sew ok, just enough to supplement her own wardrobe. Excellent at video games heavy in spacial reasoning (she is somewhat Internet-famous for her ridiculously entertaining Portal videos). Fluent in Mandarin and English, and able to get by in Spanish.



  • Alice: Best friend and little sister.
  • Flicker: Fellow superhero.
  • Shane: Fellow gamer.


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Coming soon.
  • Blink's family is Afro-Bahamian and does not resemble her.
  • Her Internet handle (BlinkingWithPortals) is moderately well known in the video gaming community for her entertaining play videos of various physics-heavy games.
  • She speaks English with a blend Chinese and Bahamian accents.

[[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Clarice Marie Ferguson
Codename Blink
Birthdate 1995-07-16
Birthplace Tai'an, China
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment None
Powers Portal creation
Occupation Courier
Registration Status Mutant
Played By Fan Bingbing
RP Hooks
Amateur Hero - She doesn't get enough of superheroing as an X-Man and does plenty of vigilantism on her own. Need an exit fast? Blink has a habit of dropping in the rescue people from fires, cops, and occasionally even violent crime.
Unconventional Garb - She wears lots of long tunics, robes, and cloaks. Combined with her unusual appearance, people often think she is costuming (night elf, maybe?).
Pick Up! - She's a pretty decent basketball palyer, even without portals.
Delivery! - Blink works for not one but two courier services. Dynamex thinks she delivers via bike; NeedItNow knows she teleports and will specifically dispatch her on assignments that might be tricky for other couriers. She is really fast. Really, really fast.
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