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Sweet like sugar, Chaotic like a lovecraftian void

xxxxxRemi is a 16 year old Glucokinetic with a passion for spreading joy and being overall a squishy baby


xxxxxRemi stands at a tiny 5ft 2inches yet can often be seen bounding around Xavier's ground with a gazelle like hop in his step. This often causes his split-dyed (black and pink) butt-length hair to fly around like a magic carpet as he moves to his destination. He will often be seen with colourful makeup but never seen without a peachy blush along his cheeks and most importantly his nose. He has light freckles that can easily be missed.


xxxxxWhile Remi has only been at Xavier's for less than a year and isn't necessarily a rising star in any sense, he may be known as the cause of "fireworks" heard from the boys dorms as he practiced making small sweets go boom.


xxxxxRemi was raised human and only found out he was a mutant in February 2023 due to an accident that occurred when his powers manifested in which he leeched the blood sugar from a bully at his old high-school, causing said bully to enter a hypoglycemic coma. The small bundle of sweetness was raised by his mother (Japanese) and his father (American). Being extremely feminine from an early age he was often mistaken for a girl and eventually began dressing in feminine clothing because it was easier and his mother always smiled when he wore pretty dresses (she always wanted a girl but never pressured Remi into anything). His mother is a nurse and due to his idolization of his mother he always wanted to follow in her footsteps, dedicating his extra-curricular studies to biology and the study of the body, as well as listening to her matriarchal "mini TED talks" as he liked to refer to them.


xxxxxGlucokinesis (Control of sugar, both inside and outside of the human body). Remi can affect things containing sugar around him, currently his control of his powers are limited to simply making sweet treats explode and using his own glucose levels to create candy which he can also manipulate. When using his own glucose to create sweet treats, if he creates too much he must consume something high in sugar to replace what he used else he gets sluggish, tired, irritated and in worst cases, can begin shaking, much like a diabetic when low on blood sugar.


xxxxxWas raised playing the violin, he is no prodigy but he can hold a tune and is able to handle complex pieces if given enough time to practice. Remi can speak both Japanese and English fluently. This child can eat more sugar than anyone you've ever met (due to his constant need of sugar in order to use his abilities.)



  • He considers most people he meets to be his friends due to his annoyingly positive nature


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Gaétan scares him.
  • Is quite spiritual! (likes tarot cards, has a shrine to Aphrodite in his room etc.)
  • Absolutely despises anything sour. Lemon is his mortal enemy.
  • And more.

[[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Remi Takahashi
Remi portrait.jpeg
Codename Sweet Tooth
Birthdate 14/02/2007
Birthplace New York
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xaviers
Alignment Chaotic Good
Powers Glucokinesis
Occupation Student
Registration Status No idea!
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