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xxxxxNahida has sprouted up tall in recent years, a willowy teenager with brown skin, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair generally always kept covered when in mixed company. She tends to keep herself well-put together when she's able; an expert thrifter with outfits and accessories eclectic but always quite flattering, flawless makeup, impeccably draped hijab.


xxxxxOne of the M-Kids, hugely popular with Mutant Teenagers on social media for their videos of Teenage Superheroing, widely known around Xavier's School for whisking several X-Kids off on adventures that were successful until they extremely drastically were Not.


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Nahida Azmin
Codename None
Birthdate February 15, 2007
Birthplace Dhaka, Bangladesh
Species Mutant
Affiliation M-Kids, Prometheus
Alignment None
Powers None
Occupation Superhero Influencer/Labrat/Student
Registration Status None
Faceclaim None
RP Hooks
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RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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