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xxxxxNahida has sprouted up tall in recent years, a willowy teenager with brown skin, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair generally always kept covered when in mixed company. She tends to keep herself well-put together when she's able; an expert thrifter with outfits and accessories eclectic but always quite flattering, flawless makeup, impeccably draped hijab.


xxxxxOne of the M-Kids, hugely popular with Mutant Teenagers on social media for their videos of Teenage Superheroing, widely known around Xavier's School for whisking several X-Kids off on adventures that were successful until they extremely drastically were Not.


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Nahida Azmin
Codename None
Birthdate February 15, 2008
Birthplace Dhaka, Bangladesh
Species Mutant
Affiliation M-Kids, Prometheus
Alignment None
Powers None
Occupation Superhero Influencer/Labrat/Student
Registration Status None
Faceclaim None
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Date Title Cast Mentions
  • (2024-05-24)
Of Memories and Modesty (Or, Small Blessings) Bryce, Dallen, Kavalam, Nahida, Sriyani
  • (2024-05-24)
M(i/a)croaggressions Ford, Quentin, Roscoe Dallen, Sriyani, Nahida, Sera
  • (2024-05-23)
Tomorrow will bring / whatever, really. who knows. / I know we'll have jokes Natsumi, Roscoe Nahida, Leonidas, Sriyani, Sera, Gaétan, Lucien
  • (2024-05-23)
Just Small Bryce, Dallen, Joshua Hive, Quentin, Nahida, Jax, AJ, Rocket, Sriyani
  • (2024-05-22)
In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. AJ, Leonidas, Quentin, Tok Bryce, Dallen, Nahida, Nevaeh, Avi
  • (2024-05-20)
Your hands are shaking / Mine, too. Eyes wide, hearts pounding. / Fear, or bravery? Natsumi, Roscoe, Sriyani, Falcon-cameo Nahida, Nevaeh, Quentin, Dallen
  • (2024-05-20)
He Protec Dallen Nahida, Quentin
  • (2024-05-19)
Right Treatment AJ, Ford Leonidas, Nahida, Natsumi, Quentin
  • (2024-05-18)
The important thing / is knowing: not the answers / but when to pretend Ford, Quentin, Natsumi Nessie, Scott, Charles, Nahida, Naomi
  • (2024-05-18)
Meetings & Murky Pond Water AJ, Nahida, Tok Quentin, Sriyani
  • (2024-05-16)
What? Yeah, sure, I'm good / sounds like you've had it rough, though / thank god that's not me AJ, Natsumi Roscoe, Leonidas, Nahida, Naomi, Lael, Avi, Charles, Harm
  • (2024-04-29)
Red Flags Harm, Joshua Nahida, Naomi, Lael, Avi, Jax
  • (2024-04-27)
The seeds of friendship / like new flowers sprouting up / amidst the rubble Nahida, Natsumi, Roscoe Sriyani, Naomi, Lael, Avi, Charles, Quentin, Scott
  • (2024-04-27)
Escort Missions Nessie, Sriyani, Quentin, Roscoe, Nick, Bryce, Elizabeth, Dallen, Ford, Kurt, Joshua, Emilia, Scott Nevaeh, Taylor, Dawson, DJ, Nahida
  • (2024-04-24)
Rush Edition Harm, Nessie, Naomi Nick, Taylor, Charles, Jax, Nahida
  • (2024-04-19)
Of Paganism and Pedagogy (Or, Holy Wars) Kavalam, Nahida, Bryce, Roscoe, Quentin, Naomi, Avi, Dallen, Sriyani, Ford
  • (2024-03-31)
Here (Could) Be Monsters Nahida, Quentin, Roscoe Jax, Nevaeh, Sriyani, Erik, Scott
  • (2024-03-27)
Of Ramen and Reunions (Or, Torture Memes for Lassi-Teens) Kavalam, Roscoe Joshua, Nessie, Jax, Gaétan, Lucien, Matt, Nahida
  • (2024-03-07)
Not Heat Resistant Ford, Nahida Ryan
  • (2024-02-28)
(eX)-M-Kids Nahida, Nevaeh Sriyani, Scott
  • (2024-02-20)
Xavier's On Ice Avi, Scott Nahida, Kyinha
  • (2023-10-02)
(It Goes Like) NaNaNa Nahida, Nanami, Naomi Scott, Charles, Jax, Matt, Erik
  • (2023-08-13)
In Which Some Patches and Some Labrats Are Heading Toward Becoming a Colorful New Quilt Joshua, !Karrie, Karrie, Daiki, Echo, Nahida, Naomi, Sriyani, Taylor Dusk, Spencer, Avi, Roscoe, Naomi, Nevaeh, Hive, Gaétan, Leonidas, Lael, Nick, B, Shane
  • (2023-07-28)
New Strategies Echo, Roscoe Jax, Gaétan, Nahida
  • (2023-07-23)
Prometheus: TITANFALL - eXtraction Nahida, Sriyani, Nanami, Dusk, Nevaeh, Ion, Alma, Blink, Ash, Echo, Hive, Matt, Gaétan, Spencer, Avi, Naomi, Harm B, Lucien, Jax, Lael
  • (2023-07-06)
Extra Credit Dimension Avi, Naomi Echo, Nahida, Lael, Jax, Maya, Kyinha, Shane
  • (2023-07-05)
Thoroughly Mediocre Wonderland Echo, Nahida, Sriyani Erik
  • (2023-07-04)
Of Riots and Rethinking (Or, Best Laid Plans) Ryan, Sriyani, Nanami, Lael, Nahida, Lily, Nevaeh, Spencer, Roscoe, Rainy Ogden, Queen Bee, Beau, Gaétan, Kelawini, Naomi, Harm, Echo, Kavalam, Joshua Jax
  • (2023-07-03)
Of Buddies and Bait (Or, The Very Devout Members of the Lassiter Chapel Youth Group) Avi, Echo, Gaétan, Kavalam, Nahida, Nanami, Naomi, Roscoe, Spencer, Sriyani Jax, Matt, Leonidas, Lael, Asva, Harm, Remi, Kelawini, Elie, Nevaeh
  • (2023-06-10)
Of Performances and Prizefights (Or, Spencer Fucking Holland) Gaétan, Harm, Kavalam, Nevaeh, Nahida, Roscoe Spencer, Leonidas, Avi, Naomi, Lael
  • (2023-05-08)
Xyzbca Roscoe, Sriyani Nevaeh, Nahida, Ryan, Steve, Jax, Erik
  • (2023-05-04)
Of Raids and Realizations (Or, The Children’s Crusade) Sera, Spencer, Gaétan, Sriyani, Nanami, Echo, Remi, Avi, Lael, Naomi, Asva, Beau, Kelawini, Kavalam, Brendan, Nahida, Elie, Nevaeh, Scott, Shane, Roscoe, Harm
  • (2023-05-04)
EMpty chairs Nahida, Nevaeh, Sriyani
  • (2023-02-11)
Date? Interrupted Harm, Naomi, M-Kids Nahida