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The future belongs to the brave.

xxxxxBoy Scout.


xxxxx5'11", athletic from plenty of regular training but lean rather than bulky. He wouldn't be particularly eye-catching; boy-next-door kind of looks, a neatly groomed crop of dark brown hair, bright green eyes. The wealth of scars he bears tends to stand out, though, twisted knotty and uneven down his face and the one remaining arm he has; his missing right arm tends to be noticeable as well.


xxxxxReputation has bloomed significantly after his death. In life he was a dedicated community member in many spheres -- X-Man, Prometheus raid team member, woodworking teacher at Chimaera, street medic, jail support organizer, Mendel Clinic guard, devout Latter-Day Saint -- but the uprisings that followed his death at the hands of police blew his reputation up to outsized proportions. Among NYC mutant community the way he has been talked about posthumously is practically beatified; among humans and generally any type of people who say they want Law And Order and immediately ask what the dead person was doing to deserve getting killed by police he's likely been heavily vilified as a violent terrorist.


xxxxxThe second-oldest (by eleven minutes) of a sprawling boisterous clan, Dawson grew up surrounded by a lot of noise and a lot of love. His parents moved the family from Idaho to Utah when he was quite young, and it was on the outskirts of Salt Lake City that he grew up. He came from a working-class family; his father was a carpenter (specializing in furniture making) and his mother was a librarian part-time. Love of books and learning was not so much drilled into the children as it was just easy to absorb with so much Knowledge always around for the taking. Dawson's mother took a strong interest in all their educations, and her early interest in reading to them and encouraging them to be curious gave many of his siblings a strong academic drive (for him, it didn't hurt that he was constantly in a friendly-ish rivalry with his twin sister Lily to see who could get the highest marks in school.)

xxxxxOutside of academics he was always an active child, heavily involved in sports and Scouts, fond of volunteering in a scattering of different pursuits. It was the development of his mutation the summer before high school that led his life on a starkly divergent path. His church -- the center of much of his and his family's social and support network -- was strongly outspoken about not wanting mutants in the congregation, and a combination of their own unease and the social pressure from their community led his family to kick him out of the house. He was out on the streets for a while, often targeted because his age and clear mutant status (his mutation, then, was poorly controlled) made it easy to single him out -- though his mutation also made it kind of hard to pin him down. He was fourteen when Prometheus picked him up and shoved him in a lab; shy of 16 when Jackson Holland's team broke him out and he joined them in their efforts.

xxxxxDespite the horror of the experience, Dawson is -- well, thankful would be the wrong word. But it was the labs that gave him the family he has today, and he wouldn't give that up.

xxxxxHe enrolled at Xavier's once he was back out, and after graduating (as salutatorian of his class) had a brief stint at BYU -- didn't last long there, transferred to Columbia where he graduated in spring of 2016. He continued on into med school at NYU and was nearly done with it when the coronavirus crisis precipitated his early graduation. In between doctoring, moonlights as an X-Man. Occasionally, maybe, squeezes in sleep somewhere, but it's rare to actually catch him at it.


xxxxxIncredible reflexes, very short-range teleportation. Tends to make a lot of very short, very fast jumps in quick succession. His teleporting is hard for most human eyes to properly track; the trail of afterimages this method of transportation leaves in people's vision is what earned him his name.


xxxxxGeneral nerddom. Board games, RPGs, M:tG; used to kick ass at video games but is having to relearn this with one arm. Basketball and rock climbing, same thing. Highly adept at CQC, decent enough with firearms, highly observant/attentive to his surroundings. Very proficient at carpentry/woodworking with a particular skill and love for crafting furniture, capable when it comes to many common household repairs.



  • Shane - Your will defines your destiny
  • Winona - The message veiled in mystery
  • Matt - I'm taking back my love
  • Taylor - Taking back my pride
  • Tag - Taking back my dreams
  • Tian-shin - This is the ground I will defend
  • Jax - A rage of angels bears the end
  • Spencer - I'm taking back my hope
  • Lucien - Perception works its alchemy
  • Blink - Transforming destiny
  • Polaris - We brace before the fates descending
  • Wendy - With resolution never ending
  • Leo - As Nike stands, her shield before me,
  • Steve - Sophia guide my hand
  • Melinda - There is no wisdom that we surrender
  • Hive - Breathless time can take no prisoners
  • B - I feel the wishfire burning cold
  • Dusk - Black wings to fill the sky unfold
  • Isra - And nothing takes from God his storm
  • Ryan - See the angels' eyes transform


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Devout Mormon, his ward has extremely split feelings on having him there.
  • The second of thirteen kids, though the youngest three were born since he left home and he has never actually met.
  • Has a twin sister, Lily, eleven minutes older than him.
  • Can often be found through the city zealously doing his part to green it up. (Ingress Agent name: GhostInTheMachine)

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Dawson Joel Allred
Codename Flicker
Birthdate December 29, 1993
Birthplace Boise, ID
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Sunny
Powers Blinkdog
Occupation Doctor
Registration Status n/a
Faceclaim Jonathan Bennett
RP Hooks
With one arm tied behind his back - Is a regular participant at the twins' weekly Fight Club; will happily kick some ass (or get his kicked) and then go out for cocoa afterward.
Watchdog - Works security at the Mendel Clinic since just about their opening, likely to be familiar to other employees or patients thereof.
In lumine Tuo videbimus lumen - Columbia U graduate.
Ex- - Labrat, once upon a time; has helped on every raid since, and bears the scars and missing pieces to show for it. Has garnered a reputation among Prometheans as sort of a boogeyman to the staff and myth to the inmates.
In Fellowship - Heavily active in the LDS church; will probably earnestly invite friends to come with him, given the slightest opportunity.
Chimaerical - A member of Chimaera Arts co-op, frequently found around the warehouse doing odd jobs or working on a project. Teaches woodworking when his class schedule will allow it.
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