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A stitch in time saves nine

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xxxxxJust a smidge over six feet tall and lanky-lean, Daiki is a slender beanpole of a youth, long-limbed though he carries his spindly height gracefully. Pale and dark-eyed, his narrow face is delicately composed and framed in jet-black pin-straight hair.


xxxxxQuiet and often reserved, what most people see in Daiki is a very polite, very driven young man, bright and hardworking and impeccably organized, studious and helpful. Calm. Softspoken. Listens more than he speaks. It's a rare few people he'll let his guard down around; for someone with an endless flock of admirers, he doesn't tend to keep many close friends. His powers have given him strong incentive toward discipline -- in his behavior, in his thoughts, in his temperament; he schools himself carefully, which can lead to the mistaken impression he's a mild and unassuming sort of person.

xxxxxWith those he trusts, Daiki is a warm person with a bitingly sharp sense of humor and a fierce passion, though the quirks of his mutation mean he often tends to keep these things a lot to himself. He has a lot of fire, though he's exceptionally careful the *ways* in which he shows it. His early life has been hard; he's determined that from here out he's going to see it be that much easier, for himself and his family, howsoever he can manage it. And he's a resourceful sort of person!


xxxxxBorn in Kyoto to a Japanese father and nisei mother, Daiki moved to the States quite young when his parents divorced and his mother moved home. He spent most of his early life in Seattle, having a rambunctious childhood. He enjoyed school and was always encouraged to take it seriously, but tended to gravitate more towards active pursuits -- he loved swimming, he loved soccer, camping and hiking and cycling. He especially loved doing these things with his older brother Michiro, who he was very close to.

xxxxxWhen Mich manifested telepathic abilities in puberty, it caused a lot of disruption in their family and shortly triggered the emergence of Daiki's own powers. Without any real understanding of what her sons were going through, to say nothing of support or resources, their mother's mental health deteriorated rapidly. She began having anger management problems that fixated specifically on Daiki and fed into a loop of guilt and despair, leading ultimately to her own suicide. The brothers went into foster care, but never stayed long in any one location owing to the negative impact of their uncontrolled psionic abilities. When their powers were finally discovered, they were referred eventually to Prometheus.

xxxxxMich and Daiki were kept together in Prometheus, where the researchers overseeing them took a particular interest in the interaction of their respective powers. This stress-testing caused horrific trauma to both brothers and led, in time to Mich taking his own life. After Daiki was rescued by Jax and Ryan's raid team, he went to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where he befriended other young mutants (some of whom were also Prometheans) and slowly learned to control his abilities.

xxxxxAs a teen he developed a passion for fashion and worked for famed designer Elias Covey -- though Elias is not publicly out as a mutant, a job he got through shared Prometheus connections. After graduating from high school, he entered the Columbia University school of journalism while also working for Shane Holland at the revived Evolve Cafe and volunteering at the burgeoning Chimaera Arts Collective. He received his BA in journalism in May of 2019, and has picked up some work as a freelance online journalist since then, though the bulk of his income still comes through his work at Halcyon Designs.


xxxxxThough most people often say his mutation is charisma, magnetism might be a better word for it. Wherever he goes people tend to be drawn to him; this can express, depending on an enormous variety of factors, in a wide range of ways. Amiable feelings, protectiveness, possessiveness, warmth, attraction, romantic or sexual interest, deep obsession. Daiki has very little control over this ability at its core; while he is capable of exerting effort to amplify the strength of its influence he has only minimal direct control over HOW it presents. Through many years of practice and coaching and scrupulous discipline, he can keep its influence manageable -- by staying calm and keeping his own emotions in check, although he can never suppress it entirely. The effect tends to increase with proximity and can become intense to the point of overwhelming with actual physical contact, so he habitually tends to refrain from contact in most situations. His mutation works on multiple axes -- it is neither wholly psionic nor wholly neurochemical, but a combination of factors; pheromonal changes, biochemical manipulating, and psionic influence. People who have resistance or immunity to any single one of these will find his influence less compelling, but generally still be affected on some level.

xxxxxThis influence has no remote effect (talking to him over the phone, e.g., or via webcam), but does have cumulative and lasting influence with prolonged exposure -- people who spend too much time with him tend to, over time, be gradually reinforced in their feelings towards him, whether or not he's actually around to exert this influence. It's hard for most people to say how much of that is brain chemistry and how much is just normal human behavior, though; generally you don't spontaneously *stop* liking people you've always liked just because they're not around. It's definitely at least part chemistry, though; too much hanging around him in people who are positively disposed towards him can lead to a somewhat addiction-like craving for more hanging-around-him.

xxxxxThough his powers are *not* purely charisma, in a practical sense that does frequently tend to be their most commonly seen application. This, too, is due in large part to careful habit and practice. Because his powers tend to be self-reinforcing (once people start feeling Some Way about him, unless he does something drastic to change this impression, the more they are exposed to him the more they cement this feeling in their minds) he can get caught in *extremely* dangerous cycles for himself and others around him if he accidentally kindles any negative or overly passionate feelings in people. For this reason, he does his best when meeting new people to be unassuming: polite, warm but not TOO warm, inoffensive, generally Just Pleasant, generally don't initiate interactions until people have already indicated that they're interested in having one. For the overwhelming majority of humans, people don't go out of their way to be unpleasant to each other, and don't take an instant dislike to people who have done nothing whatsoever to them -- so this approach tends to work out most safely for him, given that for the overwhelming majority of humans meeting a stranger, if they find themselves unexpectedly having a compelling feeling of being drawn to that person and aren't sure why, with no NEGATIVE input they'll tend to err on the side of concluding for themselves that they must be feeling warmly. And then the feeling just reinforces itself and -- bam, engineered charisma. It works the other way, too, however -- negative first impressions for him tend to be VERY negative and quickly escalate. Exciting first impressions can lead to a riot. Hence his attempts to stay on a relatively even keel and be exceptionally mannerly.


xxxxxDaiki has an excellent knack for administrative and organizational tasks. He is both highly organized himself and quite flexible and adroit at keeping track of many *other* moving parts. His work with Evolve, Chimaera, and Elias Covey's Halcyon Designs has taught him a lot about business management.

xxxxxHe also has an exceptional eye for fashion, and occasionally has provided his services (free, to newly liberated Prometheans, or at a cost to wealthier New Yorkers) as a personal stylist/wardrobe consultant. He has contributed ideas on several occasions to the design business he works at, is capable with a sewing machine and a decent hand with a sketchbook, and though he has no intention himself of going into the design side of fashion industry he does rather enjoy helping his friends with their elaborate cosplays in the height of nerd season.

xxxxxHe loves horseback riding and hiking; is an avid fencer who was competitive through college, and a skilled swimmer and diver. He is fluent in Japanese as well as English, conversational in Vietnamese, and can manage some halting, ungrammatical ASL.




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Daiki Komatsu
Codename None
Birthdate 17 December, 1997
Birthplace Kyoto, Japan
Species Mutant
Affiliation X-Men
Alignment Balanced
Powers "Charisma"
Occupation Journalist/Personal Assistant
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Played By
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