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Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.

xxxxxMalthus possesses an extensive military background, the majority of which is classified. For the past decade, he has been a soft -- but constant -- voice in favor of proactive policies regarding the rising threat of mutants to social stability.

xxxxxHe is known to have little to no political ambition; a man of few words, all of which seem to be unfailingly gentle.


xxxxxWhat is known: Malthus joined the Marine Corps at the age of 18. He served with distinction in Grenada; shortly after this, he disappeared into the void of Special Operation Forces. He recently became the head of HAMMER (Homeland Agency for Mutant-Related Military Emergency Response), a subdivision of the Bureau of Mutant Affairs -- tackling the various logistical problems mutants present for law enforcement agencies with a decisively militarized slant.

xxxxxUntil recently, HAMMER has been largely regulated to administrative duties; however, with the recent rise of mutant terrorism, Malthus has acquired both extensive funding and access to highly trained personnel -- both of which he is putting to use.

xxxxxRumors have also circulated about a side project Malthus is running; something to do with human augmentation. He is known to regularly show interest in recruiting disabled veterans for this program -- particularly ones who are suffering from terminal conditions.






Subjects of Interest


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Malthus Rogers
Malthus, minus eye-scar
Birthdate 1965-03-12
Species Human
Affiliation HAMMER
Alignment Lawful Classified
Powers None
Occupation Department Head
RP Hooks
HAMMER - Are you a mutant? Do you break the law? Malthus would like to have a word with you.
Science - Malthus is intensely interested in mutant countermeasures /and/ human augmentation.
Weapon X - Malthus is very much 'in the know' regarding mutants and military projects.
Fencing - Malthus is an active fencer; he'll never pass up an opportunity to play.
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