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xxxxxUnreliable, untrustworthy and unequivocally skeevy son of a gun. And ugly, too! Masque is the guy you go to if you're very desperate for very specific services. You'll probably regret it. On the upside, though, he is very good at what he does.


xxxxxMasque's early life was not an easy one. He was born with facial deformities. Though they caused him little physical discomfort, they continued to be a focus point throughout his childhood, playing a large role in helping him to grow from an overly self-conscious child into a bitter teenager, and then an even more jaded young adult. His real parents hadn't kept him for long, and he didn't fare much better with the many foster families afterwards due to severe behavioural issues involving violence and seemingly random acts of spite.

While others tried to figure out whether his behaviour was the result of his condition or whether it pointed to yet deeper issues, Masque had more important things on his mind. When his mutation first manifested, the first thing he could think of was that this was his calling. Finally, he would belong. There was a place for him, and this dictated where.

It may not have been pretty, but that place was the Morlocks. There were more people like him, and some of them were even sort of screwed up, just like him! Some were even physically screwed up, just like him. And those that weren't... well. He didn't like them very much.

Though Masque was readily welcomed into the Morlock tunnels after cutting all ties with his previous life, he did not use his time there wisely. Warnings followed several of his attempts to practise his abilities on other unsuspecting Morlock members, but leader Callisto took pity on him when he explained that he had merely meant to make them ugly so as to make them stay. As a gift! He followed through on her demands to turn them back to normal- at least the ones that weren't too afraid to come back.

But that was not the end of his adventures in the tunnels. After years of failing to follow orders and gradually outliving his usefulness in the group, respect for him had dropped to an all-time low. Fortunately for him, a new leader was then elected through combat with Callisto, allowing him a fresh start.

Unfortunately for him, new leader Tatters didn't take too kindly to Masque using his ability to cripple Callisto out of spite after she had ordered him to help her recover from her injuries. He refused to fix what he had broken, and was promptly banished from what had been his only yet ungrateful family for years.

Now convinced there is no better way to live than on his own, he has been living on threats and bribes ever since. Mutilating people's faces in order to convince them to do things for him, either through the promise of turning them back to normal when they did, or through threats to leave them that way if they didn't. Who needs a group of misfits to protect you when you can get things done by scaring the pants off of people all by yourself?


xxxxxMasque has the ability to manipulate skin, flesh and bone through touch, as if it were clay. Years of perfecting his skills have paid off and he is able to turn supermodels into Elephant Man lookalikes, and vice versa, though the latter is less common. Trying to reshape a face into a specific someone's likeness is harder, but certainly not impossible for him to do. It will never be one hundred percent perfect, of course, but enough to convince anyone not looking too close. His only limitation is that his ability does not work on himself, hard as he may have tried in the past.



  • Anole - Bears potential. Defies logic.
  • Callisto - Suffered the consequences.
  • Nox - Little spy. Defies reason.
  • Tatters - Headstrong. Like a donkey.

Of little importance

  • Jackson - Southern drawlin' little worm.
  • Jim - Detective-wannabe. Got shot and stabbed by. Seems incapable of rational thought. Good.
  • Shelby - Brat. Got what was coming to her. Memories are a little fuzzy on the second meeting.
  • Trib - Guarded. Seems appropriate, considering. Not too bright, or hides it well.
  • Peter - A walking conglomeration of weaknesses. If he ever sits still long enough.

Due for a makeover

  • Hive - He will beg for his life to end.
  • Lucien - That face. It just begs for it.
  • Norman - His hands will be warped and his face will boil. Nothing but a matter of time.

Masque 01.jpg
Real name Unknown
Date of birth 10th of March 1959
Species Mutant
Affiliation Unaffiliated
Alignment Neutral evil
Ability Organic manipulation
Occupation Creep Extraordinaire
RP Hooks
Need a new mug? - Masque can fix that face up for you. Money may or may not be of interest, but surely you have something more interesting to offer...?
Don't like someone else's mug? - That's easily rectified. Swing on by and Masque will see what he can do. And, more importantly, discuss why he would do such a thing.
Oh, those fine years in the dark. - Having spent a good amount of years living with the Morlocks, there's a good chance that if you are one of those tunnelling rats, you might have come into contact with Masque firsthand. There may have been threats, or he may have plain ignored you. There's not much in between.
Fancy yourself a big damn hero? - Masque's got a bit of a reputation, after all. Ain't got all day, let's hear your sob story about why he should be off the streets. Oh wait, there's something on your cheek let me just get that for you.



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