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xxxxxSurburbanite turned streetrat, Victor's not particularly used to the life he's living. He's adaptable, though. He's adapting. Slowly. It's tricky navigating the boundaries between survival in a rather rougher world than he grew up in and and holding tight to the values his parents instilled in him.


xxxxxMiddling average height and built wiry-compact, Anole's nondescript stature might make him overlookable if not for the deep green he wears from tip to toes. In lieu of hair his head bears a spiked hard carapace atop it, green as well. His skin has no hair, either, but does bear a sprinkling of green scales, rippled down his back, arms, and legs. Save these rather glaring differences, the young man's appearance is otherwise unremarkable; wide green eyes, a lingering trace of baby fat in dimpled cheeks, a wide mouth and even symmetrical features.


xxxxxAround the Morlocks, known to be a friendly and cheerful Sewer Squire, earnest but not very Fierce despite his Sewer Knight aspirations. Pretty nerdy. Super useful when it comes to supply-gathering, though.


xxxxxBorn in a small town in Illinois, Victor's early life was happy and unremarkable. His parents were comfortably middle-class, his siblings (all older) were close-knit. He excelled in school, excelled in sports, enjoyed basketball with his friends and roughhousing with his siblings and rambling explorations of the surrounding areas with the family dog.

This changed when he was thirteen, and his mutation began developing. His hair was the first thing to go, which prompted the family to bring him to a number of doctors -- dermatologists, more and more, once his skin began hardening atop his head as well. Once it started turning /green/ they realized they were not dealing with an ordinary illness. The more reptilian Victor grew in appearance, the more he encountered difficulty; in school, in town, in everywhere he went. Though his family was supportive, it became more and more a strain as mutant issues became more prominent in the news and the community shunned them. It culminated in an attack, one night, a fire started in their garage that spread to the rest of the house and landed his sister in the hospital. Though there were many witnesses to the arsonists, nobody ever stepped forward and there was no case brought against them. Fearing that the hostility would only escalate, Victor thought that the best thing for his family's safety would be to remove himself from the equation; one night he packed a bag, wrote them a note, and left, hopping on a bus to Chicago. From there he's been hitchhiking east, recently landed up in NYC at the word of a young purple-skinned woman who told him the city had a community for people like him and let him know how to find the Morlocks.

He found a warm and happy home in the sewers, but the Tunnels could not provide everything a teenage boy might need. At the encouragement of (...some, anyway) his new family, Anole enrolled in Xavier's School to finish his education. He's not entirely sure what use he'll put his diploma to, but there's still time to figure that out.


xxxxxlil lizard


xxxxxGreat at basketball; loves Ultimate Frisbee. Pretty decent on the keyboard. Passable in Spanish, though nowhere near fluent; was studying the classics (Greek & Latin) before leaving home, though hasn't brushed up on them since then. Is a pretty talented actor; his skills at blending in don't just extend to his skin.


New York Below

  • Jim - :\ :/ :\ -_-
  • Marrow - Sewer knight. Would like to be this fierce.
  • Sharkpups - May as well be Morlocks. Look like us, fight with us.
  • Tatters - Sewer knight. Would like to be this brave.
  • Taylor - Cuddlefish.


  • Isra - Rock solid.
  • Jax - Warmth and food. He can stay.

Unknown Entities

XS Schedule
Fall Term, 2013
  • English: AP Literature and Composition
  • Health: Human Sexuality
  • Mathematics: Algebra
  • Art (Theatre): Fundamentals of Acting
  • Computer Science: Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • History: The 20th Century
  • Sport: Fencing
  • Extracurricular: Movie Club
  • Extracurricular: Tabletop Society
  • Extracurricular: Student Newspaper
Spring Term, 2014
  • Art (Visual): Color and Light
  • Computer Science: Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • English: Expository Writing
  • Health: Health & Human Development
  • Language: French I
  • Science: Introductory Astronomy
  • Sport: Ultimate Frisbee
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players (Anthony Hope, Sweeney Todd)
  • Extracurricular: Tabletop Society
  • Extracurricular: Student Newspaper
Fall Term, 2014
  • English: AP Literature & Composition
  • Computer Science: Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Language: French II
  • Mathematics: Algebra
  • History: The Medieval Worlds
  • Phys Ed: Psionic Self Defense
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players (Puck, A Midsummer Night's Dream)
  • Extracurricular: Tabletop Society
  • Extracurricular: Student Newspaper
  • Extracurricular: Astronomy Club
Winter Term, 2014-2015
  • Arts: Intro Drawing
  • Computer Science: Algorithms and Data Structures
  • French III
  • Mathematics: Algebra
  • History: Classical Greece
  • English: AP Literature & Composition
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players (Jack, Into the Woods)
  • Extracurricular: Tabletop Society
  • Extracurricular: Student Newspaper
  • Extracurricular: Astronomy Club
Spring Term, 2015
  • English: Gothic Literature
  • Language: French IV
  • Language: French Theatre
  • Ethics: Bioethics: Humanity in the Post-Genomic Era
  • Science: Intermediate Astronomy
  • Science: Anatomy & Physiology
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players
  • Extracurricular: Tabletop Society
  • Extracurricular: Student Newspaper
  • Extracurricular: Astronomy Club
  • Extracurricular: Rock Climbing Society
Fall Term, 2015
  • English: Journalism
  • History: Pre-Colonial Africa
  • Language: French V
  • Mathematics: Geometry
  • Ethics: The Ethics of Power
  • Science: AP Biology
  • Sport: Fencing
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players
  • Extracurricular: Tabletop Society
  • Extracurricular: Student Newspaper
  • Extracurricular: Rock Climbing Society
  • Extracurricular: Mock Trial
Winter Term, 2015-2016
  • Religion: Judaism
  • History: Modern Africa
  • Language: French VI
  • Mathematics: Geometry
  • Ethics: Power and Social Responsibility
  • Science: AP Biology
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players
  • Extracurricular: Tabletop Society
  • Extracurricular: Student Newspaper
  • Extracurricular: Mock Trial
Spring Term, 2016
  • History: Modern Africa
  • Mathematics: Geometry
  • Ethics: Law and Morality
  • Religion: Paganism Through History
  • Science: AP Biology
  • English: The Art of Protest: Revolutionary Writings
  • English: Shakespeare
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players
  • Extracurricular: Tabletop Society
  • Extracurricular: Student Newspaper
  • Extracurricular: Mock Trial


Victor Borkowski
Codename Anole
Birthdate December 24, 1998
Species Mutant
Affiliation Morlocks
Alignment Skittish
Powers Pretty lizardy
Occupation Urchin
Registration Status n/a
RP Hooks
Underground - Morlocky. Pretty plugged into New York's streets, on them and under them.
Sporty - Plays a mean game of basketball. Ultimate Frisbee, too. Is generally up for a pickup game of most anything with people who want to play.
Geek Squad - Pretty handy with computers. The Morlocks' tech infrastructure may be lacking, but he's learning at XS.
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