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Vampire Queens
Dramatis Personae

Anole, Nom, Sage




<XS> Great Hall

The largest room at Xavier's, the Great Hall is designed to hold all of the mansion's residents and then some. Built for the mansion's bigger functions, it serves as the school's dining halls on ordinary days, and ballroom when needed. On school days, long trestle tables stretch across the hall, high-backed chairs with plush cushions offering seating for the students.

It was the evening time, the air outside mildly cold. Students and teachers were flocking into the great hall for supper, and Sage was no exception. The teacher and X-Man was sitting at a table, a plate of food in front of her. She wasn't eating at this exact moment, looking over something in her red tinted sunglasses as she sat there quietly, her focus still keen, however.

Anole, on the other hand, looks like there is not much on his mind at the moment /except/ food. His tray is piled high, stroganoff ladled over a bed of pasta, broccoli on the side, a large glass of juice, two raspberry shortcake cupcakes next to that. He's wandering the room in search of a place to sit, dressed very blandly in Xavier's sweatshirt and plain jeans, sneakers; his tray is balanced a little bit awkwardly on his one oversized arm -- still, clearly, not quite /used/ to the newly-grown appendage.

He pauses near Sage, though, eying her untouched plate suspiciously. "... is something wrong with the food?" He sounds suddenly wary, looking down at /his/ overloaded plate with newfound caution.

Meanwhile, Nom has something that looks more like a PLATTER of food than a plate. Piled also with stroganoff over pasta, she's concentrated mostly on shortcake and meat where possible, piled quite high. She comes over towards Sage and Anole and sits without invite. Spoon and fork are the first things down her gullet. Then hands are used to begin shoving more food in her mouth. Between bites, she manages, to point at Sage's plate,"You eat? Me. Can eat."

As Anole asks about her food, Sage shakes her head. "No, I have never tasted bad food that happened to come out of that kitchen. I was watching a video on ATHENA.". Sage points to her glasses, before finally taking a bite to show there's nothing wrong with it. Sage's eyes glance over to Nom briefly, before back at her plate, as she speaks. "Hello there. I do eat, yes.". Her voice is emotionless and calm, as usual.

Anole sets his tray down in an empty seat at the table, wide green eyes focusing on Nom now with open curiosity. "... Hi." His voice is smaller, now, timid but not unfriendly. "I haven't seen you before, um, I don't think the -- fork is supposed to be part of dinner." He squints in mild confusion as she eats the utensils first, easing himself into a seat next to Sage and across from Nom. "Mostly just the, um, the meat and the pasta and stuff?" His heavy clawed arm curls around his plate almost protectively, other smaller hand picking up his own utensils. "Was it a /good/ video?"

Nom stuffs a handful of meat and noodles into her mouth, chewing with a loud and happy sort of noise: NOMNOMNOM. As Anole tells her the fork and spoon are not food, she merely shrugs,"Too late. Already ate." A poet, this one! "Video. Cartoon. Adventure Time?" Associative reasoning for fun and profit! Well, not for profit, but fun anyway. "Me Nom."

"It was a video on particle physics. Quite fascinating.". WHO KNOWS WHAT THIS MEANS. Sage takes another bite of food, as she tilts her head. "Nice to meet you, Nom. I am Sage. I teach Computer Science here at the school.". Sage then, without turning towards him, inquires to Anole. "How are you? It has been hectic lately, but it seems to be getting better."

"Oh man I /love/ Adventure Time." Anole's face lights up at this, at least, a bright grin spreading across his face. "We watch it up in the Rec Room. S'gonna be a new one tomorrow." He bows his head over his food, shoveling his dinner into his face kind of hastily. Slurping at the noodles without much pause for chewing. "Uhn. Nobody's eaten any of me this month?" He shrugs uncertainly. "Guess things are okay. I'm not failing class I think. -- When'd you get here where are you from?" He's less timid now than he was before. Perhaps liking Adventure Time passes some sort of litmus test.

"Typetype. No read. Like videos." She points at Sage,"Sage!" Then at Anole with a face that looks like she's drawing a blank. Nom frowns, then points at Sage again, then herself,"Sage. Nom." Still not over the brain damage yet. "Get here? Morning? Early. Meet B. Eat fish. Tasty. Friend." She hugs herself demonstratively. "Want be... Marceline." She makes a grr sound and holds her fingers up like claws.

"That is pleasant.". Sage doesn't know anything about Adventure Time (well she knows the premise but she's never seen it, she must fail the litmus test), so she's mostly just listening to them talk about it. "Sebastian is a good student. Many students here are friendly. Marceline is a vampire, correct?". Sage asks curiously, taking another bite.

"Oh! Oh, I'm Anole," Anole introduces himself with a faintly darker flush of cheeks, his mouth still half-full of noodles and beef, "Sorry. Oh! B's great. And good at fishing. He gives me fish sometimes. Really fresh. Delicious." He grins again, bright as Nom holds her fingers up. "You could do it! You've got the teeth. /And/ the claws. I bet we could find you tall boots. You could be a vampire queen /easy/."

She pretends as if she is holding a guitar, and then pretends to wail on it,"Queen Mean! Undead band! Raaar!" She flashes her toothy smile. "Like fish. Wiggle fun. Taste good." She stuffs a couple more handfuls in her mouth. Then Nom points at Anole,"Green Finn!" She cackles as if this were the best thing ever,"Marceline, vampire queen!" She points at Sage to let her know that she is indeed correct.

Sage takes another bite, nodding. "We have a few vampires at the school. Perhaps they could teach you how to be a queen.".

Anole starts to headbang along with Nom's air guitaring, though at Sage's proclamation his eyes widen, startled. "Wait, we have vampires?" His tone is edging back towards timid. He pauses -- though only for a /second/ -- in his shovelling of food. His tongue swipes across his lips. "... do we have queens? You need to be /both/." He finishes up his stroganoff, ditching the utensils and just slurping his vegetables off his plate with a sudden THWIP of very long sticky tongue that shoots rapidly out of his mouth to nab the broccoli off his plate. "... at the least we /definitely/ have people who can teach guitar. Or, um, you could just play Rock Band that's basically the same, right?"

She nods emphatically as if Anole's logic is flawless. Then again, it's equally possible that Nom has an exceptionally poor grasp on 'normal'. When she realizes odd methods of eating are acceptable here, though, she holds out a hand, and it transforms into another large mouth at the end of her arm. She starts using that to mow through food,"Vampire. Queen. ME. RAAAAR. Video game. You show? Want play. Ultimate rockstar." She holds out a fist for Anole to bump.

Sage doesn't blink or really react at Nom's show of powers. She just continues the subject. "We definitely have people who can teach guitar, yes. I myself tutor Piano, there is a wide variety of instruments here for tutoring. Rock Band does not teach you how to play piano, in my experience, but I am not sure about guitar."

"I'm pretty much awesome on the bass," Anole says cheerfully, but then looks down at his new enormous-clawed arm. "... or I was." Frown. But he smiles again straightaway after this, peeling his cupcakes to slurp up the first one of /them/, too. Unlike Sage he /does/ react to this method of eating, wide-eyed and staring even as he thwip-licks up his cupcake. "Holycrapwoah. That's so cool /I/ know a Knight who can do that! Well kind of that. Not really that. I mean she doesn't /eat/ things like that but sometimes her mouth is in different places. Maybe not on purpose," he admits, after some thought." He lifts his hand -- the smaller one -- leaning across the table to return the knuckletap cherfully. "I'll totally show you. It's upstairs? Can meet you up there in a bit? I gotta stop by my room first."

Nom looks at Sage carefully, for a moment, then makes over-done 'piano-playing' motions with her fingers, then points at at her,"Like that? Me play?" Anole gets a sort of happy bounce as she watches him snatch food. She lets her free hand finish by eating the platter her food was on. Omnomnom. "Manyfood here. Meet there, play there, press pretty buttons!" That was downright verbose, for her.

"Like that, yes. If you ever wanted lessons, I could tutor you.". Sage nods slowly, before going back to eating quietly.

"Um -- you. Maybe possibly should only eat the food. And not the plates? I don't know." Anole crinkles up his nose, though he looks a little amused. "I don't think we have an unlimited number of plates. Though maybe. I guess that'd give the ceramics class something to do." He polishes off his other cupcake, washing the whole thing down with quick gulps of his juice before standing and picking up his /own/ tray to clear it from the table. "I'll see you upstairs, 'kay? G'night, Miss Sage."

Nom nods emphatically at Sage,"Lessons, yes! Yes, please!" She nods at Anole, as if he'd offered her some piece of great wisdom,"Ceramics! Plates, notfood!" She reaches up a nail to pick her food, then rises, holding her fists up in the air, and walking away in a manner as if she were pretending to fly,"Wooooosh!" She's even literally saying 'woosh'.

Sage just laughs quietly to herself at this. "Good night, Anole, Nom. We can schedule lessons, then. It was nice to meet you.".