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Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. - Albert Einstein

xxxxxLogical, socially inept, and rather intelligent, Sage is a good teacher and a good X-Man, but still has some ways to go to learn to truly become a good 'person'. Recently changed legal name from Kira Kirova Alkaev to Tereza "Tessa" Sage.


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xxxxxBrainiac: Sage's primary mutation is a purely mental one. Her brain processes like that of a computer, allowing her to come to realizations and notice things much faster than that of a normal person, retains memory and allows it to be pulled up in a flash, and various functions of it can be tasked to a variety of tasks, allowing her to multitask quite easy and keep several conversations going at once. Due to the large control over her brain, she is also aware whenever a telepathic intrusion is made. However, due to the large amount of taxing her passive power does to her brain, she suffers from frequent migraines, seizures, and nosebleeds, especially when there is more things to process than normal.

xxxxxGeneticist: Sage's secondary mutation is a touch-based one: she can detect the X-Gene via touch, it just flicking up in her brain. Whilst this works most of the time, various powers are immune, mainly nullifiers and those who can control their genetics. This ability also taxes her brain in rapid use and as such must be used lightly.



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Tereza "Tessa" Sage
Codename Sage
Birthdate April 9th, 1989
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School, X-Men
Alignment Logically Heroic
Powers Kinetic Mind
Occupation Comp Sci Teacher
Registration Status Delta (3)
RP Hooks
Teacher - Teaches Comp Sci at XS. Perhaps you're in her class or just want some help with tech or something?
Hero - Member of the X-Men, tries to help people whenever she can, especially children. Most of her strategies lean towards the logical rather than the creative, heavily infact.
1-800-GEEK - Offers freelance tech support..for a price. Works either at your location or via TeamViewer.
Past Life - Was formerly known as Kira Alkaev, daughter of Kir Alkaev, a wannabe with ties to various gangs, up until he killed his wife and got incarcerated. Perhaps you knew her from back then or her father.
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