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xxxxxShy but friendly, Doug is a very earnest young man, devoting as much dedication to his friends and family as he does to whatever computer project has his attention. Cheerful and optimistic with a willingness to believe the best about people, he can still be resentful when his ability to perform on a level with his peers is called into question. Nevertheless, he is fiercely determined and loyal to those he calls friends. Those who he calls enemies had better hope they have good firewalls


xxxxxDouglas Aaron Ramsey is the only child of Phillip Ramsey, a government contractor, and his wife Sheila. For the first ten years of Doug's life, the Ramseys moved from town to town to keep up with Phillip's work load. Because of this, Doug became a study in contradiction: he was shy, being the perpetual New Kid, but he made up for it by being extra friendly to those who made the effort to be his friend. Not that there were many. As a result, Doug spent a lot of time playing video games by himself.

When Doug was eleven, the family moved to New York, where his father was beginning a new job. It was around this time that Doug found that he had a gift with computers. He could get a computer to do just about anything, given a little time. Even machines that he'd never seen before seemed to respond to him. He began to spend more and more time in cyberspace, researching video games and beginning to start to create games of his own. So what, if the harder the computer system, the more his head hurt? What was a couple of migraines compared to being the next Miyamoto?

A couple of years passed, and Doug's performance in other academic areas began to come up, too. English and Math soared, and he walked through his Spanish classes all four years. With a little hard work in the areas that didn't see such a rise, he managed to earn his way on the honor roll, and graduated from high school in the Salutatorian position. Again, so what if it came with migraines and the scorn of most of his classmates? A little accusation of 'brown noser' didn't sting so much when you're holding a full scholarship in your hand.

Now that he's starting his first year of college, he's started to notice that he's beginning to understand other languages. Whether this is aptitude or related to his regular migraines is something he's yet to determine.


xxxxxDoug is a polyglot and a mild technopath. His powers allow him to understand and communicate in any language, including computer code. The more complex the code or language, the longer Doug needs exposure to it in order to translate it. For example: simple ASCII coding would take Doug a couple of seconds to parse, whereas a complex binary string might take him up to an hour. The more he can concentrate on said language, the more clear his ability to communicate in it. If he /studies/ the language, he can retain it. Otherwise, as soon as he stops speaking/using it, it will fade within a short time, usually within an hour. Unfortunately, as his mutant power is still emerging and developing, he also suffers serious migraines at times, usually when he's been working with something truly complex. These migraines range from mild pressure to raging torments that drive him to his bed. In the future, perhaps his gift will come without the heavy toll.



  • Anwyn -- Former NPC Roommate
  • Shelby -- Cute and kind of fun. Interesting.
  • Jackson -- Nice guy to know. Very sweet. Marrying Micah.
  • Alexandrine -- Pretty and smart. Good source of free food.
  • Spider-Kid -- aka Peter Parker. Guy's smart, but an idiot. Way hyper.
  • Lucien -- Guy at the gym. Interesting job. Thought he was a jerk at first, but he's turning out to be kind of a good friend.
  • Micah -- ARGH.


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Shane -- Blue, scary neighbor. Complete prick, even for a kid.
  • Sebastian -- Shane's twin brother. Infinitely less dickish.
  • Jim -- Private investigator. Seems all right. Might be Hive's boyfriend.
  • Hive -- Total jerk. Tried to be his friend, and got kicked for it.
  • Iolaus -- Shelby's doctor friend. Pretty cute, but he's too old.
  • Murphy Law -- No shit. The guy's real name. Hope it's not prophetic.
  • Eric -- Hot cop. Good time. Big mouth. Kind of skeevy, after the fact.
  • Ryan -- Friend of Jax and Hive. Really cute, but Hive says he's a ho.
  • Mirror -- Equally the coolest and freakiest power I've ever seen. Not sure I've seen hir real face. Not sure ze has, either.
  • Jamie -- Huh. HUH. Hmm.
  • Emma -- She's already set Mom on edge, so points in her favor.
  • Anole -- Jumpy kid, but probably with good reason. Nice, though.
  • Parley -- Cute. Quiet. His power is sort of like mine, which is cool. So confusing.
  • Samuel -- Holy crap. It was like meeting a celebrity, only nerdier.
  • Dorian -- Good guy. Who doesn't love otters? Hope we can get him back into school like he wants.
  • Dusk -- Hive's roommate, and mutant vampire. I'm never really sure where I stand with him, but I like him. Good kisser.
  • Phillip Ramsey -- Father (NPC)
  • Sheila Ramsey -- Mother (NPC)

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Douglas Aaron Ramsey
Codename Cypher
Birthdate 1994-06-19
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Live and let live.
Powers Polyglot/Technopath
Occupation College Student
RP Hooks
RP Hook - Father is government contractor.
RP Hook - Family lives in Salem Center.
RP Hook - Freshman at Columbia University.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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