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Lost in Translation

par·ley v. To hold conference with opposing sides to discuss terms.


It's always the quiet ones. Parley is polite, organized, curious and generous... To start. It can't all be an act, right? But there's something hard to place about him, a sort of hard underlying pragmatism, political ruthlessness, grayscale morality and an almost reckless willingness to compromise himself that makes it difficult to tell just which side he's on. If even his own.


One of the many labrats liberated from the Prometheus laboratories, though seems intent on distancing himself from the connection. His new life keeps him busy enough!

Communications consultant for Claire Basil, part time PR rep at Heroes for Hire, off-and-on insurance claims agent for Brent MacNeil's insurance firm, he picks up occasional interpretation work through the HellFire Club... when they're willing to hire an open mutant. Between New York's public mutation ban and subsequent client consent forms required for his above-the-table work, it's an uphill battle to keep steady employment. So he keeps his fingers in a number of pies.

Currently, he's studying to become a certified legal translator in Japanese. In between trying to wean himself off sleep. Has it down to one eye at a time.

Has a weakness for sweets. And soft things.

Presumably, he also has a personal life.


Parley is an empathic conduit. Rather than reaching into other people's minds, he tends to take their surface forebrain sentiments into his own. He can't dig into or manipulate other people, but what goes in one side comes out the other -- and streamlined down to a starkly-clean crystal clarity. Useful for overcoming language barriers. Also works as a lens for other psionic beings that work through him. He knows when you LIE.

...It does sort of washes out his own presence in the process though, creating a sort of psychic camouflage that makes him hard to notice in a room. Or on the psionic grid. Kind of like trying to find a glass of water when it's been turned into a fog bank. Useful if you don't want to be noticed. Makes it rather hard to command much attention.

This camouflage manifests physically as well... to mixed results. He tends to move in a balanced silence with a subdued creeping sense of weight -- less successful are the markings. In a savanna, rosettes and tawny fur go a long way to breaking up your shape. On practical application, against New York pavement and subway tunnels, not so much. No gold star for that mutation.



  • Mirror - Cellmate. Roommate. Mystery. ...<3.
  • Emma Frost - She'll use me. But to her own betterment or mine?
  • Claire Basil - A lighthouse over turbulent waters.
  • Shelby - Has learned to serve herself. A useful skill to have, really.
  • Hive - Hungry mind.
  • Micah Zedner - Keeps his head under fire. AND can tend the wounded. Should have one in every house. Like a fire extinguisher.
  • Kurt Wagner - Level-headed. What shadows kept, behind such easy smiles.
  • Brent MacNeil - Nothing if not pragmatic.
  • Dusk - What is the phrase. When he's hard, he's soft. And when he's soft, he's hard?
  • Lucien - Does not seem to mind riding the rails full tilt into self destruction. In a pinch.


No Comment

  • Jennifer Walters - 'Means well'.
  • Luke Cage - Prudence and heroics seem to be mutually exclusive.
  • Peter Parker - Has a good head; in over it.
  • Murphy Law - Walking Hazard. Also: irritatingly useful.
  • Cameron Calesewood - Director of the Daedalus Group. Gives good science.
  • Jackson Holland - So many bright lights to cast a shadow.
  • Nox - A lost kindness in the dark.
  • Doug Ramsey - Lonely little man.
  • Kai - Fellow former labrat. Translated for him... or should I say 'them'?
  • Trib - Watchful in all the wrong places. No sense of boundaries.
  • Regan - A voice not yet heard...
  • John Smith - Some guy. Survival - unlikely? Well, stranger things have happened...
  • Shane Holland - Pure has a way of being defined as merely innocent. Here is the other kind. The kind you find only in the wilds.
  • Dorian - So much to learn.
  • Dr. Iolaus Saavedro - In a different era, he would have been a scandalous missionary, visiting foreign heathen lands to save their savage people with advanced medical understanding and well-meaning arrogance.

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Einen Lewis Turner
Codename Parley
Birthdate 1994-08-22
Species Mutant
Affiliation Myriad
Alignment Up For Interpretation
Powers Empathic Transference
Occupation Communications consultant... of sorts.
RP Hooks
True Neutral - Balances scales. Meddles as needed.
Your lips to his... - Parley works as a communications consultant and interpreter. He'll say it if you will.
Link in the chain. - Collects and disseminates information - to discriminating ears.
Both Sides of the Microscope - Before he was a labrat, he was a lab intern... and *volunteer* test subject. Doesn't make him popular among his fellow escapees.
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