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"Don't let me slow you down on your one-man race to out-fuck yourself."

xxxxxIf he comes off like a snide, angry, vindictive bastard, that's only because he is. But for all of Murphy Law's vitriol, he's not a bad guy--he just has issues. Lots of issues. One of the most agonizing things for him is repetition, and as far as he can see, *everyone* around him is just repeating themselves. This leads to a lot of hostility.

xxxxxBut if there's one thing Murphy can respect, it's pain and suffering. As hostile as Murphy acts, he genuinely doesn't want anyone to get hurt.


xxxxx As far as anyone can tell, Murphy Law grew up outside Philadelphia, joined the Marine Corps--served with honor and distinction--and was later honorably discharged for reasons that are described as 'classified'. He did a short stint in a detective agency before quitting (under duress) and pursuing work on his own.

xxxxxHe is known among dangerous people in power as being a 'person of interest', particularly in regards to what he knows about the military and its 'prohibition' on mutants. Just how much he knows is something only Murphy Law knows--and he's not talking.


xxxxx Perfect recall. Murphy Law's brain is like a computer. Everything he experiences--touch, taste, sight, sound--is permanently stored and can be searched, sorted, and retrieved with absolute clarity.

xxxxxDespite this, Murphy Law does not possess *muscle* memory--while he can recall all the steps to perform an action perfectly, he cannot necessarily *reproduce* those steps.


Some People He Knows

  • Eric - If he ever wants to fuck something up, all he's gotta do is call.
  • Nox - Classy shadow dame. Threatened Murphy. He likes her style.
  • Jackson - Real nice. Murphy doesn't do nice.
  • Jim - Forget about it. It's Chinatown.

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Murphy Law
Codename None
Birthdate 02-02-1982
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Chaotic Asshole
Powers Perfect recall.
Occupation Private Detective
RP Hooks
Sniffing Out Clues - As a private detective, Murphy is very good at finding things out. His power makes him *particularly* good at finding things people don't want him to find.
Top-Secret - Before he left the Marines, he laid his eyes on some very important government documents concerning top secret projects with mutants. His head contains some very dangerous secrets--and he *never* forgets.
Helping Strangers - Murphy has a weak spot for anyone who's in a lot of trouble. Particularly kids. He'll go out of his way to help someone in trouble--whether it means giving them something to eat, lying to cover their butt, or even just letting them crash on his couch.
Big Nose - Because of his power, Murphy is constantly on the look out for new information. Anything strange or out of the ordinary catches his interest--and he has a tendency to stick his nose where it's not welcome. Even when he's not being paid to do so. He'll take a beating just to find out something he's not supposed to know.
No Guns - Despite being ex-military--and despite being one *hell* of a shot--Murphy has a strong aversion toward firearms. He never carries one, never works with one, and any gun that's left alone with him for longer than five seconds is likely to be promptly broken.
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