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From X-Men: rEvolution
Calling on Favors
Dramatis Personae

Murphy, Jackson





Ring ring! Goes Jackson's phone.

It is answered promptly! There's background noise; the rush of traffic, people-voices. City street. "-- Hello, this is Jackson?" He sounds very faintly out of breath.

"Murphy," comes the immediate dark-growl. "Need to ask you to keep an eye out for something." In the background is the muffled sounds of the city; as if Murphy was indoors, or inside a car. "S'kinda important."

"Murphy -- oh," Jackson's tone skews just a shade more puzzled, just a shade more reserved. "-- Right, what -- what's up?"

"I need to identify some ashes," Murphy replies. "It's a stupid goddamn hunch and I just want to make /sure/ that I'm wrong. If you come across somebody who can do things like that -- psychometry, or telemetry, or whatever -- and they're willing. Would pay 'em."

"-- Ashes?" Jackson hesitates. "Whose -- okay. Um. I --" He stops again, considering. A little wryly, "-- what's the going rate for that kind of thing, I wonder." He draws in a breath, offers uncertainly: "I know a woman. Not real well, I don't even know for-sure if I can still get in touch with her. But I can try."

"Dunno," Murphy says. "Guess I'll find out. It's --" A little grunt, here, slightly strained. "--for an investigation. T'make sure something -- nasty ain't going on. I'll tell you about it later. /If/ it pans out. But, alright. If you can, then yeah, that'd help. Gonna ask a few other folks. Thanks."

"Alright. I'll try to get in touch with her. Um -- good -- luck." There's a brief pause, before: "S'that -- all? Can I help you with -- did you need anything else?" comes before a more cautious: "-- You doing okay?"

"Nope." Murphy's reply is sharp and to-the-point. "But I'll manage. Stay breathing, Jackson." Click.