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Avengers, assemble!

xxxxxEarth's Mightiest Heroes. The somewhat unofficial brainchild of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, the Avengers is not an official S.H.I.E.L.D. project but a team that is called in when the Earth is facing serious threat that Conventional Means can't handle.


xxxxxThe Avengers, in universe, are very new. They are also the first public superhero team in-universe. Superhero Teams writ large are not a widespread phenomenon (yet); though several of these people had been working together to deal with smaller-scale dangers for a few years, the Avengers as a team was officially assembled in May of 2024, when the first-ever alien threat made contact with Earth.


xxxxxWhat does the internal structure of the group look like. For example, do they have a strict hierarchy with a lot of rules? Are they more just a loose-knit affiliation bound by some kind of ethos? Are they literally a corporate office with a handbook to follow? Is there One Charismatic Leader at the top who makes all the rules?


xxxxxAre there any actual physical locations that belong to this faction, and if so, what are those like? Do they have a clubhouse? Secret island somewhere? Swanky boarding school? Underground sewer lair? Network of safehouses? What are those locations used for in the group? Are those locations restricted in access, or can outsiders get in?


xxxxxThe Avengers are a brand new project, both OOCly and ICly still experimenting! Because this team has been entirely put together in the course of recent on-camera RP, its structure is still evolving. If you would like to play an Avengers character, please let us know OOCly before you app and we can help brainstorm a route that makes sense.


xxxxxAny interesting trivia or miscellany that seems fitting can go here.

Important Events
  • Are there particular things that have happened,
  • either historically or during scenes,
  • that would be important for the members of the faction to be aware of?
  • List them here!