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You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

xxxxxSoft-spoken and mild-mannered, Bruce Banner fits many a stereotype of the shy genius. Those who know him better tend to class him more as a quietly mad scientist.


xxxxxThough reasonably fit with average height and build, he often leaves people with the impression of a smaller and weaker man. He has light olive skin tone that shows a five o’clock shadow by noon, and wavy black hair that falls just short of collar-length in the back. He has glasses that seem to spend more time in his hands than on his face, and likes to wear button-up shirts and slacks in neutral or dark earth tones.


xxxxxKnown among researchers in oncology as a brilliant but unstable luminary in the field, sadly given to interest in fantastical ideas. Widely admired or criticized among transhumanists for his highly rigorous empirical approach to the fantastical ideas of that field. Stark employees know him as a fairly recent arrival who heads his own team in the R&D division. Many believe he was hired to the position solely on his merits as Tony Stark's personal friend, but whose who have worked alongside him generally acknowledge both his brilliance and his work ethic, along with his extreme social ineptitude. He is often seen at local Buddhist venues, notable less for being a white guy who actually knows what he is doing than one who does not make a huge deal of knowing what he is doing.


xxxxxBruce rarely speaks of his early life, though the sufficiently nosy can discover with some modicum of research the lurid tale of how his father murdered his mother in front of him when he was only five years old. All he will typically volunteer about the years following that is that his Aunt Susan loved him and cared for him as well as any parent, and that he wanted for nothing. Smart, small of stature, and socially withdrawn, young Bruce suffered a great deal of bullying up through adolescence. He went on to attend CalTech, receiving Ph.Ds in biochemistry and particle physics, and later an M.D. from Stanford.

xxxxxHis adult life consisted of periods of brilliant research and publication interspersed with unexplained disappearances. Motivated by the loss of his beloved aunt to cancer, his medical focus was in oncology, and he contributed to the development of several cutting-edge therapies. Through this, he also gained an interest in transhumanism, and has remained one of the least speculative and most hands-on researchers in that field. He met and (somehow) befriended Tony Stark at a futurist expo, and even collaborated with the famous industrialist for a time to create a type of advanced radiation shielding.

xxxxxHis most recent and most promising ambition, dubbed Project Ouroboros by himself and his two fellow researchers, aimed to improve the human body's ability to recover from devastating chemotherapy. Shortly after they found a promising formula, a string of glaring failures ended the project's funding. Unwilling to abandon his work when he believed the goal so near, Banner forged on alone in his home lab. Shortly after subjecting himself to the experimental treatment, however, he blacked out and woke to find his work--along with much of his apartment--destroyed. Evicted, destitute, and despondent, he set out for New York City.


xxxxxBruce Banner himself has no superhuman capabilities, but extreme emotion or injury can trigger the emergence of the decidedly superhuman Hulk. Neither Banner nor the Hulk can control this transformation (which does not occur predictably or consistently), and neither retains memories of what happened to the other.


xxxxxSuperbly intelligent and highly educated, his greatest strength lies in biochemical research and development. He utilizes both dogged methodical testing and daring leaps of insight in his work, and peers regard him as a rogue genius sadly given to quixotic pursuits and periods of mysterious absence. He does not possess a very good grasp of practical everyday skills, however, and has spent the majority of his adult life underemployed and impoverished. In addition to his native English, he speaks French (with a strong Quebecois accent), Russian, and Mandarin Chinese.




  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • He's a pretty decent tap dancer.
  • Also, a vegan.
  • He sings baritone.

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Robert Bruce Banner
Mark Ruffalo.jpg
Codename Hulk
Birthdate 1975-05-23
Birthplace Dayton, Ohio
Species Human
Affiliation Stark Industries
Alignment Compassionate
Powers Science!
Occupation Mad scientist
Registration Status N/A
Played By Mark Ruffalo
RP Hooks
The Credible Hulk - Though many regard his transhumanist views as somewhat extreme, he does practice rather methodical science, documenting all procedures and citing all research.
Abstinent - Bruce does not engage in sexual activities, and avoids most mind-altering substances.
Taking Refuge - A devout Theravadin Buddhist of many years, Bruce meditates daily and visits temples or zendos on a regular basis.
Stark Contrast - A personal friend of Tony Stark despite their extremely disparate personalities, Bruce has recently joined the ranks of Stark Industries' R&D division.
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