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Only occasionally on fire (through no fault of her own) Kisha combines the mutant ability to build just about any gadget ever invented with the willingness to not only build it, but to use it without regard for the consequences.


Kisha is short and scrawny for her age, clocking in at a mere 5'1". Her muscles have been toned by frequent hard work, but it's likely she's skipping far more meals than is healthy. She has fairly short and slightly curly brown hair, roughly cut and finger length. Along with high cheekbones, lips which tend towards being pouty and dark brown eyes. Her skin is on the pale side of light, with few freckles. However both her arms from the wrist upwards, her shoulders and her back have extremely heavy scarring - both by burns and from numerous cuts. Kisha is also missing a large notch from the top of her left ear.

Clothing wise she sticks to black pants with matching black t-shirts, most of which have either a caffeine molecule or a geeky slogan such as 'Corey Doctorow is my spirit guide' on. Most of her clothing also tends to have gadgets fitted. Her coat buttons often have microphones or cameras fitted and she has a (not especially stylish looking) hat with a built in thought robot control system. When she's not out in public she'll often add a lab coat to her ensemble.


Kisha is a graduate of Xavier's and was a member of the extremely exclusive (to the point of anti-social) robotics club. Since graduation she's begun working for Stark Industries as one of their youngest and least formally qualified robotics engineers.


Born in Detroit, MI Kisha spent most of her early years as the kid who was too smart for her own good. She fell in with her older brother and his gang for a while, until her brother almost got locked up for an armed robbery. Put off gang life she threw herself into her studies and was doing well in school until her powers manifested. Then, driven a little unstable by her newly awakened power, she built something weird for her science fair project and blew herself up. She got kicked out from school while recovering for severe burns before an invitation to study at Xavier's arrived, she jumped at the opportunity.

Since then she's managed to survive the experience of being a student at Xavier's and not only graduate but successfully applied for a prestigious position working for Stark Industries.


Intuitive Invention.

Kisha's primary power allows her to comprehend every technological device ever invented by another Human being. In theory this lets her build, repair, use or even dismantle just about anything from a stone axe to a spaceship.

In practice there are certain limitations to her ability. Firstly her abilities will only interact with a single device at a time. Secondly the greater the degree of size and complexity in a device the harder it is for Kisha to 'attune' to it.

Devices can be broken down into roughly three tiers of difficulty. Devices which were invented before 2000 are relatively easy, devices created between 2000 and now are considered moderately difficult and any 'future tech' devices (like Iron Mans suit) are generally impossible unless she has physical access to the device for an extended period (except for plot purposes of course).

Something large like a submarine will generally count as the next tier up. So a cold war submarine would be as tricky to recreate as a modern smartphone.

Kisha still requires all the tools and physical effort a regular person would need. When it comes to materials Kisha requires all the raw materials a regular person would need however her ability allows her to fabricate small objects like microchips. To do this she must maintain physical contact with five times the quantity of materials for eight hours (eg five microchips will produce one different chip) and the object she is producing must be small enough to fit entirely in her closed hand. In some cases It should also be noted that while her power is active she doesn't necessarily have a conscious understanding of what she's doing. She may know she needs a part with certain properties but unless she knows from her own training and experience she'll have no idea what that part is called or what it might do.

Finally while her mutation can substitute for a skill in the use of a device it is generally no match for training and experience. Gunfire for instance would be inaccurate and for something really complex like flying a plane it's barely preferable to letting it fall out of the sky!


The changes her mutation has caused in her brain mean that Kisha is no longer capable of sleep. She's fully awake and alert 24/7. She can however black out due to drugs, exhaustion or a bump on the head.

Skills & Resources


Kisha is skilled at mechanical & electrical engineering and robotics, to college graduate levels. She has a exceptional grasp of physics, chemistry and maths for her age. While she is better at the practical applications of her skills she has made a serious effort to improve her theoretical skills over her time at Xaviers.

She can drive, having passed her test (barely), and knows how to break into and hot-wire most of the common makes of car although it's a skill she rarely uses. She tends to cheat using her power to augment her car related skills, rather than investing time in improving them.

Kisha also has some better than average self defense skills, having taken self defense classes & fencing lessons at school. She also knows several dirty fighting tricks her older brother showed her so she'd be able to look after herself when his friends visited. She could defend herself against two unarmed opponents or one armed, depending on the circumstances, skills and age/size of the opponents.

She's also pretty good at scavenging for parts and has a good knowledge of the sort of places you can find broken machinery and tech. A skill gained through long hours spent picking through junkyards and digging through dumpsters outside auto-mechanics and offices.

Kisha is a bit of a computer geek. She's experienced with hacking, cracking, AI, programming and all things computer having spent a lot of her free time during high school writing code. She's trained herself to a college graduate level in skill, but does things in a very informal manner (her coding tends to be quick and dirty with little regard for how easy it'll be for other people to work with).

She speaks both Russian and English equally well, one of the few things her father was strict about. Although she doesn't really like speaking in Russian and so rarely uses it except when speaking with her family or when she wishes to make something deliberately hard to use for other people. On occasion she'll use a little Russian to insult people to their faces without them understanding.


Kisha has access to a variety of resources both common and unusual.

On the more normal end she rents an apartment in Midtown and has access to typical consumer electronics like a television and mp3 player. She also rents a storage locker using a fake ID inside which she keeps a variety of machine tools that are too big/dirty for her apartment (such as her welding equipment and a home made microlight) and a bug out bag containing spare clothing and cash.

The more unusual devices include Bob (which stands for Built out of Bits) a home-made armor plated bomb disposal robot which is scaled up size and has tracks and a mechanical arm. A customized flying drone made by B that has a variety of sensors and a small holographic projector. Her portable computer device which has an augmented reality display and is controlled by a brain scanning system. A webshooter pistol, based on the webshooter technology used by Spiderdude, which is configured to fire webbing in a net-like burst.

Through work she also has access to all sorts of military grade weapons and robotics technology however there are likely to be severe consequences to taking these devices out from Stark Industries without permission.



  • Bob the robot.


  • Lyric

And everyone in between

  • Pretty much everyone.

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Full Name
Codename None
Birthdate 2nd January 1999
Species Mutant
Affiliation Herself
Alignment Neutral
Powers Intuitive Invention & Never Sleeps
Occupation Military Robotics Engineer
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