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xxxxxPolaris might have been the quintessential rebel without a cause, except that she keeps finding causes.


xxxxxPolaris is a striking young woman, lightly curvy, 5'7", and extremely pale-skinned, with an angular face, wide-set hazel eyes, and long, wavy leaf-green hair. She is intense and highly emotive in both facial expression and body language. Whenever possible, she favors punk/industrial fashion in black, green, and silver, especially clothing and accessories with integral or decorative ferrous components.


xxxxxAmong fellow Prometheus subjects, she is known to be kind of a loose cannon, though oddly biddable to her best friend Wendy. Probably the researchers have noticed this, as well, which might explain why the two have been kept together through several transfers.

xxxxxGarnered some limited fame in the anarchist community a few years ago for a series of highly effective ecoterrist attacks before she and Wendy were arrested and disappeared. Achieved further leftist legend through the subsequent "Justice for the Keystone Duo" campaign put on by their comrades, though it's likely faded from most memories by now.


xxxxxLorna Dane was born of an extramarital affair between Suzanna Dane and Erik Lensherr, the infamous leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, better known as Magneto. After Suzanna and her husband Arnold discussed and reconciled over her infidelity, the two decided they should not inform Lorna of her parentage until she was an adult.

xxxxxThat decision became harder and harder for Arnold to honor when Lorna's powers manifested in her twelfth year. She reveled in her abilities and practiced rigorously even as she grew more interested in mutant community issues. When she injured a bully at school using her powers a year later, Arnold in a fit of rage revealed the truth and exhorted her not to end up like her biological father.

xxxxxThis did not prove the kind of deterrent he'd hoped. Lorna wholly embraced her newfound relation to a mutant freedom fighter she already admired. Despite multiple failed attempts to contact Magneto, her fascination with him grew as she herself radicalized. She even attempted to convert to Judaism, but her parents refused to grant their permission. This interest in her heritage still led her to befriend Wendy Ho, one of the few Jewish students at the Institute of Notre Dame.

xxxxxShe went on to attend Mount Holyoke College, but during a manic episode in the spring of her sophomore year she decided that dropping out was easier than picking a major. Falling in with some young anarchists, she wended down the East Coast hopping from one activist project to another. Lorna started calling herself "Polaris", and during her travels recruited Wendy into joining Greenpeace with her. After a few uneventful banner drops, the two decided they needed even more direct action, and set off across the country on a journey of ecoterrorism.

xxxxxThe two girls, often but not always with the help of others, sabotaged oil and gas pipeline construction, spiked trees, tore down fences, and liberated animals. During Polaris started toying with the idea of becoming involved with mutant activism, as well. That got thrown off-track when she and Wendy were arrested after a particularly ambitious pipeline sabotage, and handed over to Prometheus custody.


xxxxxUnder ideal conditions, Polaris can sense and manipulate electromagnetic fields (/not/ radiation) as well as ferrous materials within a range of about 100 meters. Those circumstances are quite rare, however, and the amount of electromagnetic shielding and interference in most modern urban environments can cut that down to half or even less. The sensory component of her power is passive and operates continuously, though how much information she actually receives through it varies based on her level of attention.

xxxxxThe efficacy of her manipulation diminishes steadily with distance, and the rate of that weakening also increases with shielding/interference. This applies to both finesse and force, her respective capacities for which are also inversely proportional to each other. In other words, the more force it takes to shift an object or field, the less precise her control over it; the more finicky a manipulation, the less force she is able to exert through it; everything becomes more difficult from farther away. Other factors can range from her mental state to the composition of the local geological substrate to recent solar flare activity.


xxxxxPolaris can drive both automatic and manual transmission, and she knows how to ride a motorcycle. She enjoys sculpting and is a decent hand at it (not solely with her powers, but she does enjoy working in the medium of scrap metal). She's a pretty good singer, though her voice training is strictly in the choral traditional.

xxxxxWhen she has the patience to do so, Polaris is an excellent communicator. She's also proficient at operational planning and leading small groups in covert operations. Surprisingly good at mediating minor conflicts, not-so-surprisingly good at shutting down bullshit.

xxxxxPartly due to the additional sense granted by her powers and partly due to intense personal interest in the subject, she has extensive practical knowledge of electromagnetic phenomena. She's a skilled navigator even without her powers (provided she has other means to hand for determining direction). She speaks extremely basic Spanish and can sort of read Latin.




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Lorna Dane
Codename Polaris
Birthdate 03/17/1994
Birthplace Baltimore, MD
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Magnetic
Powers Also magnetic
Occupation Labrat
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Played By Emma Dumont
RP Hooks
Fire of the Gods - Until lately under Prometheus custody, her defiance undimmed by four years of incarceration and medical research. Now she participates in community with her fellow former labrats.
Daddy Issues - Though her actual biological parentage is not public knowledge, the nature of her powers combined with Magneto's infamy means people guess/joke/ask about their relation a lot. Depending on her mood and the tone of the guessing/joking/asking, she might respond very well, or very poorly.
Crazy - Her extreme variable moods and highly emotive affect (and, really, probably her radical views) lead many casual acquaintances to call her 'crazy', either behind her back or to her face. Sometimes she seems to agree fully; sometimes this leads to a fight.
Circle-A - Just about no one is ever surprised to find that Polaris is a raging anarchist who wants to burn down Capitalism and the government, but they are often surprised that she applies the philosophy behind her anger to things like group decision-making and sharing of resources.
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