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xxxxxHaving joined the Morlocks in order to escape too much notice from the world, he is nervous when on the surface but underground, he is a friendly and (aggressively) helpful presence. While he stays in contact with his family, he also considers the Morlocks to be family. You can never have enough!


xxxxxBorn in Guadalajara, a sickly child and an obvious mutant, Alejandro's parents took him across the border when he was three in order to get medical assistance, having heard that doctors in the US (and NYC in particular) may have more insight on how to help their ailing child (who by that time appeared larvae inside of him eating away at his body). When they got help, they were informed that the larvae were not actually parasitic, just part of his body, and the reason he was so sickly was that he needed to live primarily on sugars. In order to have continued access to mutant specialists, Bug's parents stayed in the city and worked in a relative's restaurant.

xxxxxThis continued until Alejandro, who had taken to call himself ‘Bug’ after a childhood nickname, turned thirteen where his abilities more fully manifested. What were once larvae inside of him had burrowed a hole through his abdomen and hollowed out most of his internal organs and they had transformed into what seemed like some kind of hymenoptera, not quite resembling any living species. He also had an increased drive to expand his hives, which was a problem since he started by trying to build one inside the home of the relatives he and his parents were staying with. His mother encouraged him to instead create the hives in parks.

xxxxxWhen he was seventeen, increasingly worried about the state of politics, especially because he was an undocumented immigrant, and worried he's be targeted even more for being a mutant (putting his family at risk), he ran away from home in a panic. Bug nearly froze outside before being taken in by the Morlocks, who he rapidly felt kinship with while staying with them. He still meets up with his parents in the parks where his hives live, but is content with the underground life.


xxxxxBug has segmented eyes, and not much in the way of internal organs. The organs had to be moved out of the way so that he could have space to store all the wasp-or-bee-like bugs that he keeps inside of himself (and that are a part of him), giving his skin an unnerving crawling quality. He also has hives all over the city that he shares a mental link with.

xxxxxThe bugs that he is also produce a reddish honey-like substance. It's delicious!


xxxxx-Since he was not able to be particularly active for much of the time, Bug grew a love for reading both fiction and non-fiction. He enjoys learning about both humanities and sciences through the use of any books that he can get his hands on, which affords him eclectic knowledge. In particular, though, his knowledge of entomology is something that he focuses a fair bit, since it allows him more insight into how his own body works over human biology. He also has a particular interest in horticulture, if only because of the benefits it affords to his hives.

xxxxx-Bug keeps up with current affairs, and usually seems to have a good idea of what’s going on in the world, even if sometimes that is not always healthy for his mental well-being. Given the opportunity, he will argue on the internet endlessly.

xxxxx-Bug speaks fluently both in English and in Spanish. His component bugs can also do a pretty convincing waggle dance.

xxxxx-He is a natural organizer and planner, and given an end goal, can usually figure a way to get to it or who he would need to ask in order to get it done.


xxxxxA young man in either his early twenties or late teens who has black hair that is cut short and spiked slightly. The entirety of his eyes appear to be an inky black, though at closer examination, it's evident that they are segmented. Even more notably, wherever it's exposed, his bronze skin appears to be crawling, like there is something just below the surface moving around. A smile frequently graces his face, the top row of crooked white teeth exposed. He often has a few red and black insects on the surface of his skin or resting on his clothes.

xxxxxBug tends to wear heavy, well-worn clothing, covering himself up except for his hands and his face. Sometimes, if one listens closely, there is a vague buzzing that comes from his body.


xxxxxHe is very friendly, outgoing and energetic and wants to spend as much time as he can around other people. He can get pretty stuck on his idea of the right way to do things and can sometimes be a bit overbearing or clingy.



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And everything in between

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  • His component bugs would probably class as a three on the Schmidt sting pain index.
  • While his component bugs are hymenoptera-like, sharing traits with bees, wasps and ants.
  • He loves sweets! He cares very little for any other flavours, but fortunately for him, he can thrive almost entirely on sugars.

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Alejandro Juan Garcia Flores
Codename Bug
Birthdate 2000-06-14
Birthplace Guadalajara, Mexico
Species Mutant
Affiliation Morlocks
Alignment Swarm
Powers Is bugs
Occupation Bugkeeper
Registration Status Unregistered
Played By None
RP Hooks
"I'm a pollinator!" - Bug likes to visit gardens, especially the Guerrilla Gardens. Even though he doesn't do a lot of gardening proper, he insists he is helping in his own way.
"I'll go get my clipboard!" - If you need help with a project, he will help. If you do not need help with a project, he will want to help. He prides himself on his ability to plan and organize.
"Hold up, I'll come with!" - He is almost always excited to come along on a field trip, and doesn't like venturing out of the tunnels on his own.
"I'm a bit all over the place!" - Bug is like a million bees. His body is spread out all over the city, but the most recognizable part of him has to go and travel to check on hives. They are usually constructed in parks or other places where there is plenty of plants. Bonus if you're the kind of person who may want investigate strange, unfamiliar insects.
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