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xxxxxBe kind. Help others. Refuse bullshit.


xxxxxNoah was born to parents Helen and Wyatt, 16 and 17 respectively in rural Georgia. They had only been dating a few months when Helen discovered she was pregnant--it wasn't long after that they were married and Wyatt had signed up for the Army. His mother raised Noah by herself on her father's land for the first few years of his life, in the same survivalist way she had been raised, with visits from his father when the United States allowed. When Wyatt's four years were up, the family reunited for good, built a small house, and started a small farm.

Noah led a relatively normal country life though it was somewhat sheltered in the way growing up in a small, spread-out farming town can be. After high school, he chose not to go to college, not having the money and unwilling to borrow it and burden himself with debt. He instead chose to take farmhand jobs when they came up, and worked on his family's farm otherwise. As it does though, everything changed when he met Joy. After a couple of months of dating, they decided a long-distance relationship was worth a try when Joy continued on her way. After that, when Joy moved to nearby Savannah, Noah was the one who always drove to see her. And four years later, when she wanted to move back to New York, well... Long distance once had been enough.

He and Joy have been living in New York for about eight months. They are engaged and currently expecting a child. Noah works two and a half jobs: one in construction, one in landscaping, and he occasionally picks up a shift to work as a bouncer at whatever club Joy currently works at.


xxxxxFirearm Proficiency - While Noah does not own any guns (he sold his hunting rifles before moving to New York) he was trained by his parents--both the children of military men and hunters in their own right--on the safe upkeep and use of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. He is not a crack shot by any means (that would be his mother) but he can certainly sight and hit a moving target.

General Handyman - Any time something broke on his family's property while growing up, it was up to them to fix it. As such, Noah is pretty handy at fixing what's broken, as long as it's something around the house.



  • Joy - Fiance; love of his life.


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  • New York rent prices.

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Noah Hunter
Codename None
Birthdate 08/26/1995
Birthplace Waynesville, Georgia
Species Human
Affiliation None
Alignment Neutral Good
Powers None
Occupation Construction/Landscaping/Bouncer
Registration Status None
Played By Norman Reedus
RP Hooks
Fish Out of Water - Noah has a clear southern Georgia drawl, and is still adapting to City Rules.
RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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