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Joshua Martes
Codename None
Birthdate October 27, 1990
Species Mutant
Affiliation X-Men, Prometheus
Alignment None
Powers Mutation mimicry
Occupation Paramedic

xxxxxAn X-Man for many years now and an invaluable member of the Prometheus team, Joshua's swiss-army-knife powerset and level calm through emergencies leads a lot of people to think of him most frequently when Shit Is Hitting The Fan. It gets a little tiring being on everyone's speed dial when chaos is happening and far less frequently when they just want to, say, hang out and play basketball or watch a movie but what can you do? He's not about to stop helping clean up the frequent messes his friends find themselves in.


xxxxxMiddling tall, lean, with shaggy dark brown hair and deep tan skin. Joshua is a man of stern features and infrequent smiles.


xxxxxIt's easy to mistake Joshua for serious, but his solemn demeanor belies an extremely dry wit and sharp sense of humor. Intense but intensely grounded, he's often the voice of reason among his more impulsive friends, and tends to stay extremely level and collected in crises. Quiet and understated, he can be easy to overlook -- not always the first person folks think of when it comes to everyday life but often the first who comes to mind when emergencies crop up and people remember how reliable he is in a pinch.


xxxxxJoshua has the ability to replicate the powers of other mutants he comes in contact with. He is capable of encoding these learned abilities within himself and recalling them at a later time, although if he ceases regularly using them and has no contact with the mutant from which they originated, the stored 'memory' of the power will fade and he won't be able to use it until he encounters that mutant again. He can hang on to powers of mutants he knows well for far longer without use; the better he knows the individual / the more well versed he is in using their powers, the easier it is for him to store them long-term whether he is utilizing them or not. He is capable of using multiple powers at once, although his effectiveness with each diminishes drastically with each additional power he tries to actively utilize, generally rendering them more or less useless after the first 2-3. His power grants him a certain intuitive sense of other mutants and their abilities, allowing him to detect when there are people nearby who are using powers that he could clone as well as allowing him to observe and learn from what they are doing while they do it. It gives him a significantly faster learning curve to adopting new powers, provided he's learning them from people who are willing to demonstrate. On the downside, when he adopts powers from unfamiliar mutants, he tends to immediately acquire them at their full potential but zero knowledge of how to use them, which can be a far more sharply dangerous thing than the natural learning curve of mutants, who often manifest powers at a lower level of potentiality and grow into stronger and stronger possibilities.

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