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Je ne regrette rien

xxxxxWho in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.


xxxxxA very light-skinned white man with dark brown hair and unusually vivid green eyes, Matt stands 5'10" and tends not to look particularly bulky even when he is healthy and fit. He is, however, often not terribly healthy or fit. At present he is recovering from chemotherapy for recurrent non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which has left him frightfully thin and often tired and pale, not to mention mostly bald. He does have a fantastic collection of wigs, however.


xxxxxIn general, most in his social circles know him as a warm, friendly, outgoing nerd with a penchant for tea, books, chess, puns, and cancer. To Xavier's student body, he is known as that gay witch teacher (he is not in fact gay but is a queer witch) who's been dying of cancer for a while, grades laxly, and is very easily to steer toward entertaining tangents in class. Also he's the sponsor for the school's championship chess team, but who cares about that? Nerds, probably. Also, it is common knowledge that he is Xavier's student Gaétan's older brother--often to Gaétan's considerable embarrassment. To Xavier's staff he's known as one of the go-to troubleshooters when trying to help students with difficult or dangerous powers, and otherwise as a generally friendly coworker. Among the X-Men he's known to be immensely useful in the skill with which he wields his metamutant ability to augment and manage the powers of his teammates, a similar role to that which he fills on Jax and Ryan's Prometheus raid team.


xxxxxThe eldest of the five Tessier siblings, Matt had a fairly unstable childhood, varying from unpleasant to truly awful depending on their mother's partner of the moment. Transplanted to New York during his teens, he did not find his circumstances much improved by the change. When Lucien's abilities manifested, the brothers fled from home and supported each other--and as much as they could as homeless runaway teens, their younger siblings.

xxxxxThough they both graduated high school and entered college, academic and professional aspirations were put on hold when Matt was diagnosed with lymphoma, a recurrence of a childhood illness that has only grown more difficult to treat each time it returns. Years of grueling chemotherapy on and off did not cure him, but Prometheus did, after kidnapping him from his hospital bed and falsifying his death. During his stay, the researchers used his CSF to develop a mutant power suppression serum. He was eventually rescued in a raid led by Jax and Ryan, but his experiences in Prometheus left him with deep scars and a fierce determination to help free others from a similar fate.

xxxxxReturned to his siblings with a new lease on life, Matt became an instructor at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngers, and in time an X-Man, as well. The death of their mother Elie Tessier had left the custody of the younger siblings to Lucien and Matt, something they had been fighting her over for years. Things seemed to finally be looking up for the Tessiers, except that the early-manifested power of their youngest sister Sera was causing progressively more damage to her health, eventually relying on Matt and Lucien's powers to keep her alive. When another recurrence of Matt's cancer diminished his ability to maintain Sera's treatment, her health deteriorated until she died, shortly before her 10th birthday.

xxxxxStill grappling with that tragedy through yet another bout of cancer, Matt was devastated anew by the loss of Dawson, one of his closest friends, to police violence. It may not have been the *beginning* of his long spiral down, but in 2021 that spiral landed him in a relapse not of lymphoma this time but of an addiction to heroin that he thought he had overcome a decade ago. His new/old chaotic drug use and attendant neglect of his family--which, admittedly, had been ongoing if subtler--brought the rest of his troubles crashing down around him. Now, juggling grief, sobriety, work, and raids, he is also struggling to repair the relationships he has damaged and address the harmful effects of his long-hidden neurodivergence.


xxxxxMatt's powers only work on other mutants. He has the ability to detect mutants and manipulate the expression of the X-Gene, whether to suppress its expression entirely or in parts, augment it to heighten its expression, or even take control of it himself. The range of this ability extends about 30 feet in every direction around him, but it varies somewhat with the difficulty of the task: he can detect people from farther off, while isolating one mutant among many and heightening some part of their powers while suppressing others would require more proximity.

xxxxxHe does need to intentionally maintain his power manipulation (and thus cannot do it while unconscious or asleep), but it takes him very little effort to uniformly augment or suppress in a bubble around him. Singling out one mutant to augment or suppress takes more effort, and affecting several (but not all) mutants takes yet more, such that breaks in his concentration will disrupt the effect. Heightening some aspects of a mutant's powers while suppressing others is even more difficulty. Familiarity with a given set of powers may make it easier, but this kind of complex manipulation is taxing all the same.

xxxxxAlso quite difficult and potentially dangerous is outright hijacking the expression of another mutant's power. While he can automatically detect mutants, he has no automatic insight into what their abilities actually do. He must observe the power in action in order to learn how it actually works, and while he /can/ in theory control of a power blind, the consequences could be catastrophic if it turns out to be destructive. If he is working with a willing subject able to explain and demonstrate the use of their powers, however, Matt's ability to learn their use is significantly accelerated.

xxxxxIt is possible for him to overexert himself through the use of his powers, especially by fine-tuning and hijacking for extended periods of time. Milder cases may present as weariness, disorientation, or irritability. On the more severe end, it can cause nausea, seizures, and loss of consciousness.


xxxxxDespite his disrupted higher education, he is knowledgeable about history (mainly western, especially classical and early European) and keen to the ways that history is told askew. Though still not, perhaps, the most competent of teachers, he has in his years on the job at XS learned how to counsel young people in academic matters as well as the management of their powers. Natively bilingual in French and English, Matt is also versed in a number of dead languages. He is proficient in knitting, socializing, and swing dancing. He loves tabletop games and has formidable skill in several, most notably chess and Scrabble (even if he tries to sneak in words that aren't in the dictionary). He has in recent years learned how to fight even without his powers (or, more to the point, those of others around him that he can hijack), and though a fairly good shot he is still not exceptionally adept at close-quarters combat. Not has huge a disadvantage in New York as it might be elsewhere in the vastness of the US, though nevertheless sometimes inconvenient, he does not know how to drive.



  • Lucien - The question is, whether you can make words mean so many different things.
  • Desi - We are but older children, dear, who fret to find our bedtime near.
  • Gaétan - If you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you.
  • Sera - In a Wonderland they lie, dreaming as the days go by, dreaming as the summers die.


  • Dusk - Twinkle twinkle little bat! How I wonder what you're at!
  • Dawson - Finding meaning, like losing meaning, involves pleasure as well as pain.
  • Hive - But then losing meaning, like finding it, does too, as the best nonsense reminds us.
  • Isra - I always thought they were fabulous monsters!
  • Ion -
  • Jax - "If I wasn't real," Alice said — half-laughing through her tears, it all seemed so ridiculous — "I shouldn't be able to cry."
  • Rasheed -
  • Ryan - Yes, you're mad, bonkers, off the top of your head...but...I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.
  • B - Consider what a great girl you are.
  • Shane - Consider what a long way you've come to-day.
  • Spencer -
  • Steve - Why, sometimes, I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Foes? Does he even have those? What nonsense

And everything in between

  • DJ - Begin at the beginning.
  • ...Sera - The dream-child moving through the land of wonders wild and new.
  • He's a witch! He probably won't turn you into a newt. Probably.
  • The only obvious jewelry he wears is a plain black titanium ring.
  • He has a succession of (tongue-in-cheek) secondary "superpowers" ranging from infinite cancer to knowing what people want to eat.

Ianharding1.png Matthieu.jpg Ianharding2.png

Matthieu Tessier
Birthdate February 13, 1991
Birthplace Montreal
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Warm-hearted/cold-blooded
Powers Manipulation of other mutants' powers
Occupation Teacher
Registration Status Not registered
Played By Ian Harding
RP Hooks
Lots of Books! - An avid reader, Matt is rarely seen without a book, and often gravitates toward libraries and bookstores.
Game on! - He loves tabletop games, and possesses formidable skill at several. He particularly enjoys playing chess, whether tucked away at home with his siblings or out in a park with total strangers.
Big Brother - The eldest of the Tessier siblings, Matt cares deeply about his family and can often be found in their company.
Rumors of my Death - Prometheus kidnapped him and faked his death to cover it, cured him of terminal cancer (though at the cost of another subject's life), and performed a lot of experiments on him. He was rescued by Jax and Ryan's team and, like quite a few ex-Prometheans, joined in subsequent raids.'
Tea Aficionado - He will talk tea with anyone who seems remotely interested, though he would still rather drink it.
I'm Guided by the Beauty of our Weapons - He makes no secret of his powers and regularly assists other mutants--not only Xavier's students--in exploring, controlling, and honing their own abilities. He also applies his formidable augmentation and suppression to supporting others in the X-Men and the Prometheus raid team.
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